The 7th of They : Integrated Love

31 Levels of Consciousness and finally, Romantic Love begins.

I have been looking for this one 20 Perspective Shifts ago.

“Where is Romance? Where is Love? When does Romantic Love and Coupling enter into it?”

I was certain it did, but had no idea when or where.


When I first built the Philosopher’s Compass and I laid out the I of I, the You of I, and the They of I — That is wrong. It should have been called The I of I, the They of I, the Us of I — I had thought it was going to be Self Love, Romantic Love, Community Love. This is wrong.

It is Self Love, Friendship/Community Love, Romantic Love.

All of these happened at the 7th, 8th, and 9th Perspectives of each round of 12.

I cannot begin to explain the last 24 hours.

Romantic Love came with understanding Parenting. And boy… did we all miss the point.

It does not matter the gender of the… “Parents.” That… That word no longer matches my Logical Comprehension. A person does not have two parents. They have one Parent. This…

I Integrated with my Partner yesterday. There is no other word for it. I could feel it happening. I have felt it since I met him, but had no words for it. We were Integrating. It felt like his frequency was so aligned with mine that we, together, represent the twines of a tuning fork and, together, the tone that came out of us is a Perfect Tone.

A Perfect Tone is when multiple frequencies are so aligned that they Integrate and become 1+1+Synergy +>// A Greater Whole. And that is when you realize that the two of you are stronger together than apart.

We are both Independent and we also have Synergy. We are a Perfect Tone, so perfectly in Sync that we move around each other like a Mastered ship, each playing their part aligned with the other.

This is what we are all looking for when we say, “We are One.” Together, he and I became One Parent now running the Garden as if we are a Single Entity. This is why a Single Parent is far more healthy for a child that two parents who fight. Two parents who fight and cannot align are horribly toxic for the child. The most toxic. You have failed to teach your child Team Work.

True Team Work is seen in Theater when the performance is so perfect, it’s seemless. Team Work to the point of Peace and Synchronicity is the point, people. And boy, did we miss the boat on this one.

If my Partner and I did have children together, the purpose would be to show them what “Integrated Love” is so they too would know it when they see it. Gender does not matter. Gender… is the least relevant… Gender has been irrelevant since the 7th Ethical Perspective of the I of I. 24 Levels of Consciousness ago, gender stopped existing in my mindset.

The purpose of Coupling for Parenting and Teaching, is to set an example of what Integrated Love is. And it is something you don’t touch until you both are 31 Levels of Consciousness in.

“I am finally ready to have a relationship,” I said yesterday. “I finally… feel like I am prepared and like I know enough to permit someone this close to me, and also I know I will not hurt them.”

I’m still in disbelief.

Integrated Love. I hear it now. “Parents” in my mind, means “We haven’t Integrated and we’re still trying to figure out how to get along and work as a team… oh, but we’re having children now…” I was one of them. Bad parenting is the problem. But also, the Contradiction in Leadership is also as big a problem.

The argument, “Well they have to see how to work things out and how to work out conflict together.” That is what is done at Integration, however, how it is done at 31 Levels is very different than how someone at the 4th level or the 8th level would do it.

Integration is not at all Codependence. Integration is Self-Preservation and also includes the other person in your Self-Preservation. It is to Value and Preserve your partner and their Power of Choice so strongly that to Self-Preserve them is to Self-Preserve you. It is exactly like you both are standing on the Plane of Equal Footing, naked and raw, maskless and real, and you both are vulnerable. The Plane of Equal Footing sits balancing on a ball and you both have synchronized your movements so well that the Plane is stable.

Every action to help each other balance supports the other and makes them stronger, making you stronger, adding Synergy to the Environment. It is 1+1+Synergy+>//The Integrated Greater Whole.

Codependence deteriorates the Self. There is no Synergy. There is Enabling Dependence, which Disables the Power of Choice, Responsibility, and Freedom. Codependency is Slavery.

Integration is when both Independent and Free, Healthy Minds work together so succinctly, that a three “Energy” appears, nurturing you both until you form a single Unit with its own life.

This is what I have felt with my Partner since meeting him July 2021. The tone was Perfect, though we weren’t in sync yet. That only took a matter of weeks. We can go months without seeing each other, and we do, and when we come back together, the dance resumes, we immediately fall into place, and she shift and move in time with the other exactly as if there were a mirror between us and we were reflecting the other’s movements.

There is no emotion.

What there is is peace. A calm ripple-free surface of water so undisturbed it looks like glass. And a permanent hum of “smiling” contentment vibrates from my chest.

This is Love.


Some people will walk away from this saying, “Okay… I will not have children until I reach the 31 Level of Consciousness.”

I won’t say this is “good” or “bad,” but for me, if I had it to do over again, Oh! I so would have worked on nothing but the progression through these 31 Levels with the intent and the plan to become a parent at the 31 Level.

I am currently observing my 14 month-old… She is the daughter of my best-friend and soul sister. And this child… She and I are of the same Ilk. Her mother is raising her on the 12 Ethics.

“I hypothesize that every Ethic is for every year so that 1st Ethic is 1, 2nd Ethic is 2 years old, 3rd Ethic is 3… However, I hypothesize, I STRONGLY hypothesize, that Synergy will enter into it as a factor and I believe as children grow under the Ethics, they will grow faster than 1 Ethic per year.”

“Oh, I know she will,” my Best Friend said. “I’ve already seen…”

And I agree. I’ve seen it too.

What we have seen is, at 14 Months old, she displays Courage, Vulnerability, and Self-Regulation already with more mastery than the majority of all of us.

In fact, I am putting together a Parenting Class for the 12 Ethics. If you want to be part of this and receive the same instruction that my BFF is getting, I am looking for Parents who are expecting and who’s children are less than 2 years old.

I am also doing another Parenting Class for the 12 Ethics for Parents who have children between 2 and 5 years old.

The Classes will be on Zoom and do not require your attendance as they will be mailed to you.

Go here if you wish to sign up.

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