The Emperor Is Naked

You do not have to “Unlearn to Learn.” This is a Lie told by False-Authorities. You just have to break the Delusion painted by False-Authorities who lied to you.

If an Authority fails to deliver, then the People have the right to de-throne that False-Authority. If an Authority fails to deliver, they are in fact Bullies who Prey on the Disadvantageous. It is a violation of the Ethics of the Highest Degree and it disgusts me. They are predators disguised as “Authorities,” and the uneducated who they control, who trust them, are oblivious of this fact.

Educators and Psychologists have failed with flying colors to deliver on their Responsibilities. Google Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Logic is the Cold Hard Bitch of Truth.

You do not have to “Unlearn to Learn.” You just need to break the Delusion.

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Returning The Lost Science of Human Propagation and Prosperity, Power Economics, and Pythagorean Psychology to The People and The World

I wrote these words today.

There are many people who do not want me to take this approach. They want me to preserve the Delusion that holds up Society… only… The Delusion is Breaking. The Emperor is Naked. The Society is falling all on its own, hence the shrinking middle class.

I decided to sit down and talk about this.

In truth, these people want me to Preserve the Delusion while also “Fixing the Symptoms” so they can proceed to Preserve the Delusion, which is the Line of Poison that feeds the Lie.

But the Delusion is the Cause of the Symptoms.

You cannot be Healed and have the Catalyst of the Problem at the same time.

The Delusion has to come down.

This is me taking out the Poison IV.

Let’s reflect on this.



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