Making Comparisons, Internet Garbage, The AIDNS Introduction

Imagination is your DeLorian – Anna Imagination

1st Dimension – Earth : Sun

2nd Dimension  РTime : Big Bang

3rd Dimension – Abstract Depth : Point of Origin

That leads to Premature Dimension Walking into the Abstract.

AIDNS is your Flux Capacitor

Schizophrenia is your Metaphysical Transformation (6th through the 10th)

Perspective = Dimension


On Your Belief

Logical Health : The Formation of Premise

A Premise is an Accepted Logical Truth that is COMPATIBLE with YOUR Logical Truth. (Subjective)

A Premise is either compatible with YOUR Logical Truth or it is not.

A Premise that is NOT COMPATIBLE with your Logical Truth is called a FALSE PREMISE.

If A Premise is NOT compatible with your Logical Truth then it WILL NOT, CANNOT go into your AIDNS.


Trauma occurs when the False Premise IS FORCED into your AIDNS.

The MORE False Premise you have forced into your AIDNS is in ration to how much Mental Illness / Cognitive Dissonance you have.

3rd Law of Physics : Any and all actions result in an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore The Cognitive Dissonance you have is a direct METRIC equal to the amount of False Premise you have.

Therefore the cause of Cognitive Dissonance is False Premise. And the Cure to Cognitive Dissonance is Logic.

All Mental Illness and Trauma is a direct result of Cognitive Dissonance.

When you create a Premise, you must use certain sources.

In Most cases, and in every case where Trauma or Mental Illness is present, the AIDNS Premise are built on:

  • Past Evidential Situations
  • Emotional Memory
  • Stagnation Assumed (Incapable of Learning)
  • Past of “Proof of Concept”

“You have a learning disorder”

“People don’t change.”

HOWEVER, these statements are FALSE.

“You have a learning disorder” = The Art and science of teaching was MASTERED by Philosophers between 400 BCE and 400 CE. During that time, we have the word’s most infamous TEACHERS. Christ. Plato. Aristotle. Socrates. We are talking MASTERS of teaching.

Can you name or think of a SINGLE TEACHER since?

This is because The ART AND SCIENCE OF TEACHING was LOST in the 4th Century. Teaching is the MASTERY of transferring information from the teacher to the student in such a way that the student is passionate, inspired, ignited, and excited about LEARNING.

Today’s teachers are mostly BAD TEACHERS. Who are so incompetent in their field that most THREATEN and use TERRORISM as a method to MOTIVATE a student. Others are monotonous who put their students to sleep.

You have to KNOW about the Subconscious Mind because a teacher, A GOOD TEACHER, the Philosophers knew this, that when you teach, you are taking the student on a TOUR of the Subconscious Mind through Story and Logic.

The Magic School Bus and School House Rock. THIS is good fucking teaching.

Therefore, YOU don’t have a LEARNING DISABILITY. TEACHERS have a TEACHING DISABILITY. And then they GASLIGHT YOU and tell you that YOU have the problem. Your “School grades” do NOT reflect YOUR LEARNING. School grades reflects THEIR TEACHING COMPETENCE.

Teachers are REQUIRED to get you to WANT to learn. They are supposed to INSPIRE you to learn. They are SUPPOSED to make enjoyable.


“People don’t change” is based off of the lack of knowledge regarding the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth.


The 4th Perspective Comprehension Gap. When false information is provided or false conclusions are made BECAUSE the Common Perspectives lacks information regarding the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth.



  • Current Evidential Situation
  • Current Ethical Stage + Rate of Potential Growth (12 Ethical Stages)
  • Current Point of Origin (Defined Self) As a starting point

This is FORECASTING in Purchasing, Economics, and Supply and Demand “Psychological Economics”


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