On Teaching and Psychology

Your job as a teacher is to INSPIRE children and students to WANT to learn.

The Subconscious Mind and the AIDNS DOES the Learning FOR the student.

YOUR job is to INSPIRE EXCITEMENT and JOY in learning. Then to back out of their way.

Think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When Wonka brings the children into the first room. And then he STEPS away and allows them to PLAY.



I struggled. The more I learn about Psychological Physics, Emotional Physics, and Psychological Economics, the more I can see just how Unethical Teaching and Psychology is today. But it isn’t malicious. It’s just ignorance.

And that’s the irony.

I felt so much building anger in me, the more I studied. Yesterday, 23 January 2024, I finally realized why.

It was disgust. Disgust that became anger. Disgust is born from a violation of our Ethics. And that is when I realized just how much my recent discoveries in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Psychology, Physics, Economics, and Teaching logical added up to how little Teachers and Psychologists actually know.

And to call themselves “Psychologist” without even studying the basic requirements like Philosophy, Economics, Physics, and Dimension Theory… It was dishonest. It’s a fraudulent lie built on ignorance. They had no malicious intent. Just ignorance.

I remember the day I realized, after 30 years of study, Mastery in 7+ subjects, and 30 years of Open-Minded, Socratic Method styled, Inquisitive learning, I finally, FINALLY asked the question, “Am I finally learned enough to call myself a Philosopher?”

I pondered this. Debated it. Weighed in all of my knowledge. I sat before my Self as judge and jury and asked the question, “Have you earned the title of “Philosopher?”

Yes. Yes I have.

With teaching… I see the Catch-22 screaming at me.

If teachers were good at teaching, then there would be no bad teachers, because then they would know how to teach because their mastery and profession is knowledge. So they should know.

But they don’t.

But… they’re teachers. So they should know. But they don’t.

But… they’re teachers.

So they should know. But… THEY DON’T.


How is it even possible that “bad teachers” even exist? How is it even possible or ethical to submit grades to students, when in fact, grades reflect the teacher’s skill to teach and never the student’s ability to learn.

Every can learn! It’s BUILT INTO OUR BRAINS!

Yeah. Teachers are THAT BAD at teaching, that they interfere with out natural learning Psychology, traumatize us, and then dumb us down.

But… THEY’RE TEACHERS! They claim that KNOWLEDGE is their MASTERY! THEY HAVE ONE JOB! To pass INFORMATION to another MIND! And they can’t do it!

But… They’re teachers! So they should know. But… they don’t.

And to claim their authority on the subject, when they are so ignorant of how Knowledge is given and received in the Human Mind, that they keep “tweaking” their broken system, chasing their own tails, unable to figure out why their system is broken…

And not one of them ever thinks to stop and question THE SYSTEM or their TEACHING. But… it’s KNOWLEDGE…


When a Doctor calls themselves a Doctor, there is a sudden expectation.

Teachers and Psychologists have failed. And they should know better. Had they actually studied their field of claimed Mastery, they would know PRECISELY what the problem is and how to fix it.

But they don’t.

And we are getting dumber.

And the mental illness is raging out of control.

We live in an age where every Psychologist and Teacher needs to surrender their titles, abandon all they think they know about what they claim to be masters about, and go back to the basics.

Both need a good dose of Logic, Philosophy, Physics, Dimension Theory, and Metaphysics. For THOSE are the ACTUAL Interdisciplinary Studies of Psychologists and Teachers that both have grossly neglected.

A Teacher’s job is NOT to teach. The human mind already does that. The Teacher’s job is to INSPIRE the JOY of LEARNING. To nurture CURIOSITY and imagination.

Instead, they are doing the EXACT opposite.

They really need to stop assaulting the Subconscious Mind, using Information as a weapon with which to terrorize children. If a child utters the words “I hate school,” instant FAIL on the teacher.

The Subconscious Mind is PROGRAMMED TO LEARN all on its own without the interference of people.

Teachers interfere, fuck that all up, derail the process, and then ramrod the INFORMATION down the child’s throat with threats of FAILURE and CONSEQUENCE if they DON’T PASS!

In this last month, as my research deepens, I am more and more losing all respect for Teachers and Psychologists.

The hardest part… is they’re just ignorant.

Which is the problem.

Too ignorant to even know they’re ignorant.

And this is what it boils down to: No one wants to stomach the thought of all the time spent in college, the money and the degrees were all for jack and shit. That when they finally set aside their arrogance enough to come down off of their own unearned prestige, that they will have to immediately quit their jobs and dedicate the next 10 years of their life to study.

It’s so much easier to just blame their incompetence on Autism, raise children who think they can’t learn, and accuse “slower learning” and “shortening attention spans” for their lack of ignorance and incompetence. It only results in a Generation of people who are convinced of non-existent learning disabilities. God forbid we all look at the COMMON DENOMINATOR. That our System trains Teachers to UNLEARN our children. You’re not a Teacher. You’re an UNLEARNER. Call a duck a duck. Maybe then we can all actually DEAL with the problem and get to solving it.

It’s disgusting how much we abuse our children. And then we wonder what’s wrong with the world. Ignorance. Ignorance is what is wrong with the world.

Ignorant Parents.

Ignorant Teachers.

Ignorant Psychologists.

Everyone is listening to “professionals” who can’t do their own job.

Exactly like the Narcissist who blames the Abuser for the Narcissist’s own short comings.

Oh! But Psychologists should know that. It is their profession after all.

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