Logic vs. Illogic instead of “Truth” vs. “Lie”

Paradigm Shift: Chew On This

For centuries, people think about “Truth” vs. “Lie.” Fiction and “Nonfiction” have been explored and discussed, giving rise to common beliefs, such as “It takes more thought and Mental Discipline (Improvisation ?) to tell a lie or make up a fiction” than to tell the truth.

But what if we were thinking about this all wrong?

What if, what we were looking at was not “how hard it is to tell a lie,” but rather, “How much the brain objects to Illogic.” Another way to put this, “How incompatible the Foundational Logic Core of a person’s logical health is with Illogic and Logical Fallacy?”

What if, the “work” and “energy” we saw in the brain that we believed was “the brain working hard to make up a fiction” was, in fact, the brain”protesting” the Cognitive Dissonance and Out-of-Phase Signal of illogical and/or Logical Fallacy with Logical Health and the Cognitive Core?


As a Fiction Multi-Genre Author, A Dungeons & Dragons DM, a Public Speaker with 20+ Years in Theater and Stage, and 30+ years as a Logician, I can attest that Improvisation, Fiction, and Logical Fallacy (Cognitive Dissonance) all have vast differences and “feelings” in the brain.

For instance, fiction writing takes no effort or work at all for me. Improvisation is smooth and effortless. But… ask me to say something that contradicts my Core Cognitive Function, Game over. The contradiction in my Logic is too extraordinary to even think about.

What if “telling a lie” was not about our “nerves” or “getting caught,” but rather about the amount of stress on the body that results from damaging the Logical Health?




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