Lucid Dreams, Suppressed Energy, The Brain, Our Evolution

I just woke and am thinking back on my dreams. Recently, my dreams have taken on an entirely new structure. “Before” they were nonsensical ludicracies seemingly scripted from Alice’s Wonderland. 

Now, I can see how much they are a science and a language all on unto themselves. A kind of communication, but more of a plan, it is as if my Subconscious Mind uses Dreams to sketch the next Story or Voyage.

I can see the purpose and requirement of Dreams. There is now strategic order to my dreams. The nonsensical ludicracies are long gone, and, in their place, is a systematic process that takes my breath away, every time. 

I have no doubt that this is what an unhindered mind is meant for. Unhindered here meaning, “without Emotional Suppression” or Mental Illness with proper Growth and the allowance of Emotions.

Every night, the pattern is like this:

The REM Dream takes me through my Wants, Dreams, Desires. It is as if Identity is seated at a restaurant, browsing the menu for. She passes through Wants, Dreams, Desires, and Fears. It feels like she is evaluating the statistics and ratios of each.

The next stage, Lucid Dreaming, Intuition and Logic step in and begin breaking down my work for me. It is done in such a way where, it feels like, they are Manifesting on my behalf. I can see “the next step” in my process, as if Identity showed me the Goal and the Destination, and in Lucid Dreaming, Logic and Intuition show the next step, present a break down of what next I am to discover as I stumble onto the next step of my journey.

There is an order to my dreams. A pattern. A predictability. Lucid Dreaming almost always happens at 3:00 AM. These are the dreams, I have noticed, that come back later as “DejaVu.”

I believe DejaVu is an event that our Subconscious Mind manifested for us on our behalf without the Conscious Awareness’ participation. When we manifest with our Conscious Awareness, we are not surprised, nor do we call it “DejaVu” when the Manifestation comes around, but in the case of the Subconscious Mind, we are unaware of what dreams may come. And when the Manifestation arrives, we’re surprised.

Last night, I could see Alexandria. My University built and complete. I could see all the people I love with me. And my life dedicated to Science, Research, and Education. My Lucid Dream last night showed me Lucid Dreaming and laid out the details and steps of Dreams.

I saw the Mind Evolved in humans. That, we are very much like children. The majority of us behaving as 4 year olds. This is how grossly our minds our stunted. And aging is a direct result. I could see a world where “Genius” does not exist because the vast expanse of the mind is not a rare anomaly anymore. It is the norm.

I see our Culture choosing between two (three) sects: Those who seek and value their Mind’s Journey, those who shun it and refute it, those who seek the Mind’s Journey for Power and Profit.

I can see Alexandria. All my life, I have wanted to revive the University of Alexandria, Plato’s School back to her former glory. “Why isn’t Philosophy taught in schools!?” I never could understand this. And when I look at the evolution of the Mind, Philosophy, and how we evolve… We are at the Dawn of our next Evolution. The Human Mind is about to change.

I recall my brain. It was MRI’d back in 2022. I wasn’t sure if I had MS. I had started to stutter. At the time, I had no idea that I (Anna, the Core) had started to surface, and Anna stuttered (A side effect from living within the Subconscious Mind, a prisoner, for 32 years). And the Neuroscientist who viewed my brain with me, told me it was extraordinary. At 42 years old, my brain looked like it was 20.

I was dumbfounded for an entirely different reason.

There was my beautiful, perfect healthy brain. Quiet. Whole. And not one spot of evidence that I had any mental illnesses. I could not see the PTSD. I could not see the Multiple Personality, the Borderline, or the Narcissism. I could not see any of it.

At that time in my research, Imagination was “Out.” A part of my Core that I had mistaken as an Alter. She was very much a “Scout” to ensure “the coast was clear.” And I had evolved into the 6th Ethical Perspective. The Metaphysical Transformation had begun. My heat was through the roof. My mind was on fire. It felt like it was burning. Often, I felt the heat and “pressure” on my frontal cortex. I remember first feeling this at 8 years old.

I was in school and I remember “the headaches,” which I now know was Cognitive Growth. Between the Cognitive Growth, the Epiphanies, the stuttering from the Core surfacing, the “Visions” I had, which I now know were (and are) Mathematical Trajectories steeped in Intuitive Logic. I was afraid that “thinking” was causing damage to my brain.

That made me aware of how little we know about the mind. How absolutely little we know about Higher Thinking, the Journey and Experience of Cognitive Growth, and the experience we can expect as we grow.

I was watching Numb3rs last night, and watched the episode when Larry returned from space. “I had awakened, and I am loathe to be small. I am afraid it won’t last.”

Afraid it won’t last.

I remember feeling that way too. I went through periods of hating my growth, craving to be “simple” again, wanting to grow on for all infinity. I was afraid I would “lose” my evolution. It is my deepest desire, to take people by the hand and reassure them in the experience, the process, and what to expect.

“Perspective Sickness” took a lot to get used to. It was brutal from the 6th to the 10th of I. Now… I barely feel it. It truly was just the resistance to Emotional Energy, and the disruption to our Swinging Pendulum.

Cognitive Dissonance is the Out-Of-Phase Signals and the Illogic that harms our Mind, leading ultimately, to the stopping of our Emotional and Mental Evolution and Growth, and thus, Aging begins.

I’m still researching the full damage that results from stagnant, compressed, or resisted Energy. And what I am finding… When you resist your Emotions, it is very much like a mini-Atom Bomb going off inside of your brain.

Don’t do it.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Mother Nature must have her Equilibrium. And Mother Nature will win.

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