Summation, Integration, and Reflection: The Story of Our Stories

I’ve spent these last few days thinking.

Most people are really bad at choices and problem solving. Most people are really, REALLY bad at taking inventory of all the factors in their life that cause most of the problems. Most people are also really bad at forming complete and accurate “formulas” of our situation with which to properly form a correct conclusion to solve the problem. And most of us can’t even calculate the equation.
Most of us are working with a fraction of an equation. And then we wonder why we can’t “change our situation.” We think it’s a matter of “skill” or “choice making.” When in fact, it is a severe inadequacy and lack of education on our part to even fully identify all the components that we are dealing with.
My work is nothing but the science and study of equation building, assessment, conclusion, and solutions.
If you can problem solve, then you don’t need money. People really only ever use money to trade for Solutions. When I look at our society, I see a “ranking.” A kind of “Darwin sort” that has been done. People who can problem solve really well are the happiest. People who can’t solve problems at all, are the poorest and the most miserable. And all problem solving is, is the ability to identify all the variables, compose an accurate equation, calculate, execute, and deduce a correct solution that actually fits our problems… with the correct Order of Operations.
We don’t teach this skill.
Most people don’t even know that this skill exists.
And then I see people who hate on themselves because “they’re failures” or “losers” because they can’t do a skill they were never taught or even made aware of.
So I’m building a school that does nothing but teach this skill to others.
I’ve taken my study so far into the mind with this that, when I speak to people, I can point to my formula and identify which components are missing, when and where, and how to get them back to correct the entire equation.
I believe aging is a symptom of stunted mental growth. It’s a disruption in the brain between synapses that is caused by neurons failing to transfer data from A to B. This disruption is caused by Emotional Suppression, which is actually the interruption of data transference in the brain.
I’m writing the paper on this today.
My work allowed me to discover that humans have the Coriolis Force inside of us, and that the Coriolis Force is what is Progression and Time, propelling us through the Stages of Ethical Growth. Our society and cultures interfere with this process, however by the time we are 2, 4 years old, and we stop growing.
I wish I could just say to you, “Hey! It isn’t you at all! You’re expecting a skill from yourself you’re not educated on. Here! It’s “Want + Choice + Learn + Solve + Do” and the “Learn+Solve” part is what you are missing! Because you can’t see all the variables to define your situation accurately… “Learn+Solve” is what most people lack and it consists of another complex formula (which I have and can give you). But “Want” consists of 3 simple formulas integrated into one, (Which I can give you). But this is the formula… and it *is* complex, and people *don’t* know about it, which is why everything is so fucked up with everyone…
And if you’re lucky enough to “figure it out,” then great! But those people who figure it out… not even they know what they did. But I *did* find it. And I figured it out, and I’m giving it to people… and I just wish…
Plato had a curriculum in his school… And my education was based on Plato’s curriculum. Then I found the steps through my Healing Journey. And then I noticed that the Scientific Method was part of Plato’s Curriculum. And then I noticed that Childhood development was another part of the 12 stages. And I had data about the brain from Neuroscience, and that matched the 12 stages… And Jacob’s Ladder also described a sketch of the 12 stages… And I saw the patterns and realized all of these things are all the same thing. So I was able to use my Healing Journey and Plato’s Curriculum as the foundation to piece all the other variables together, and I found out that these things were all the same thing… The 12 Stages of Ethical Growth. And that… Most of us stopped at the 4th Ethic.
That all of our wars and conflicts, all of our fighting and politics, all of it is just us all fighting over “who’s Ethical Perspective is “right.” But no one knows about the Ethical Stages. And the answer is, “They all are right and required.” And when you learn all 12 Stages, they integrate and become the Foundation that is Self-Love. And when we learn the Emotions and the Ethics of each stage, we grow because we allow the Emotional Energy to pass from A to B and thus, synapses does not occur in our brains, and this allowance of Emotional Energy is the transference of Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy that fuels the Coriolis Force within us and thus, Time Progresses, and We grow. Ironically, “Aging” is the disruption of Growth and Evolution.
And since April 2023, all I have done is build the logical proofs on this, and then I composed the Math and Physics formulas to prove it. And… I wish you would let me teach it to you. I wish you would let me show it all to you. I wish you would be honest with yourself, just once in your life, and throw away all of your disbelief and just answer the question, “What do you want?”
Because “Want” is the Allowance of Emotional Energy to pass through via Synapses… and when you fail to do that, it greatly affects your memory. And that when a person combines “Want” with Choice, they decide their Value and their Purpose, which leads to Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Motivation.
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