Let the Children Speak

We are mirrors. And Optic Physics governs our Learning and Education.

You want to know your Truth, let your children speak. Ask them what they think of school. Of you. Of your parenting.

Watch their hesitation in answering. That is their lack of Psychological Safety talking.

Watch them taking great care to preserve your ego while they silence their own voices… for your emotional health. Look at them already practice Self-Sacrificing for the emotional preservation of others. How did that ethical practice work out for you?

Watch some of them angrily lash out and tell you precisely what they think.

Watch your mirror talk back to you.

And brace yourself for your truth as they open their Voices and show you exactly who you are.

Can you do it?

Can you listen?

Can you hear it?

Can you see it?

Or does this concept make you afraid?

Why are you afraid?

Logic is Truth.

And emotions are Highly Logical.

Does your shame and guilt rise up?

And how will you respond?

Will you be angry?

Will you lash out?

Will you punish them?

Will you listen quietly with an open mind to learn?

Will you be shaken to your core with their truth?

How will you respond?

What kind of an answer will your children give you?

Your logic already knows the answer.

Now this… this is self-honesty.

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