We Are Mirrors and We Are Batteries All Living In A Clock

But we don’t know that we are mirrors, so we wander around looking for others to “become.” And we don’t know that we are batteries and have no idea how to recharge ourselves and keep our Energy Auto-Generating, and our rhythm and timing is set to the wrong frequency that contradicts the Clock.

This is what is “wrong” with the world today. All of these three primary components.

Coming into this realization is the core to Change.

Authority, Autonomy, Responsibility…

It is the Choice to become the Master and Captain of your Mirror, your Battery, and your Clock by turning off your Automation and shifting into the role of Authoritative Self-Defined Autonomy that accepts the Responsibility of this Endeavor.

It requires a map.

It requires a compass.

It requires the Tools and the Guide to get you through this process.

And it fits, so naturally, so perfectly with Mother Nature, and your Evolution that it happens FAST, accurately, precisely and with little to no work from you. Your system CRAVES this knowledge. It wants this knowledge. Triadic Healing is your System’s Home. The work has been done for you. You just need to have the Courage to embark.

Welcome to Erosology (Perspectivology?). The Lost Science of applied Interdiversary Studies Of Mammal Mental Evolution, Behavior, Growth and Logical Health that is the Foundation for the Theory of Happiness.

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