Letter to my Daughter’s School declining their request to “talk about her graduation.”

I received a letter from my daughter’s school requesting that I bring my daughter into the school tomorrow to “discuss her education.” As if they are more qualified than I to educate my daughter. Meanwhile, upon learning about this email, my daughter had a PTSD Trauma episode. This is what I had to say and how I responded to their request.


My work in Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology is unprecedented, which permits me to see PTSD and Trauma in people that most people and professionals cannot. I have the Mastery of 7 subjects that, when combined, create something called Applied Interdiversary Studies in Human Perspective Psychology and Logical Health. THIS is my Mastery, hobbie, and Profession of 30+ years. I am a Research Scientist and the Authority in this Field. 

In short, the current structure of our Society and School Systems is equivalent to a slave system and prison that violates the consensual laws of Self-Authority that every individual has god-given rights to (according to Thomas Jefferson, which he outlined in the Declaration of Independence). In my research and scientific studies, the evidence is substantial and overwhelming that the majority of our Societal System uses the US School System to: 

  1. Remove Imagination from Children so they will be more “Obedient” (A requirement for slaves under an abusive government)
  2. “Prepare them” for the 9-5 Slave System to Serve the Government so they can continue to farm us for our resources without our knowledge or consent (I have substantial proof).
  3. Mentally Damage the People so much that they require the Pharmaceutical Products who fund the majority of “Government Programs” including, but not limited to Education. 

On 1 January 2024 and again on 2 January 2024, prior to returning to school, I watched my daughter suffer from panic attacks accompanied with multiple PTSD trauma-related behaviors due to non consensual governing and significant abuse from the teachers that caused so much anxiety in her, that, instead of learning, she was “surviving in a trauma-enslaved setting. This grossly interfered with her learning and Joy of Education, which (according to Neuroscience) significantly prevents Learning, which is the point. And then, when the trauma became so severe, your teachers abused her, openly calling her “lazy” (her PE Teacher) and failing her (55 Average). While another regularly practiced violence (her Chemistry teacher) who would strike her desk in a form of terrorism to “motivate” learning. All of them regularly submitted her to Public Humiliation as a “motivational” tool. I have a lot to say about Public Humiliation and the deep psychological effects Humiliation has on the Mind.

I wanted to report this to you, but my daughter did not feel Psychologically Safe enough to consent to me even talking to you about it. That is the ugly truth. For she knew there would be passive-aggressive backlash and “repercussions” from your teachers’ post-report. A situation I already have discussed with your staff in length who were very discouraged about the helplessness of the situation because they knew the Teacher in question (her Spanish teacher) would not change due to her close-minded refusal to learn, grow, or change, which is, I might add, the ethical Back Bone of Learning and Education.

Do I have your attention now? 

The situation in today’s schools is DIRE. And we are all getting more Ignorant, which worsens this SEVERE situation on a National Level. Please. Feel free to forward this email to your superiors.  

Your system and school and teachers have caused so much Mental Damage to my daughter that, every day, I watched her pass out for up to 4 hours following school. In Psychology we call this Trauma-Induced Sleep and is a common symptom of slaves. I lived for 40 years as a slave. Believe me. My work in Societal Slavery is 1st hand as well as my Mastery. It took all of my work in Philosophy, Logic, Sociology, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, and Dimension Theory just to overcome the Symptoms and cure, which I did.

Most professionals and teachers are so carefully groomed by the Government-Regulated Systems that most professionals are unaware of these practices, which have been normalized and “swept under the rug,” or trivialized, while the severity of the situation goes unseen.

As far as I am concerned, I have nothing more to talk to you about regarding my daughter. For her to step foot into your school (or any school), would be to cause her to have a significant PTSD trigger and cause her unnecessary significant Mental Damage. Just at the mention of this letter, she said, “I am not going back!” and she visibly started crying and shaking. 

Oh, yes. I am angry. Not at you, but at your Government. 

Sociology. I am well aware of the Psychology of Fear-Induced Conditioning Practices for “Obedient” purposes as they have been in practice for thousands of years and most people today are oblivious to them, and believe me, this was done on purpose. There is a reason why Philosophy and Art were “phased out” of our Educational system.  

Above else, I value the Mental Health of People, Myself and my Daughter most of all. 

I appreciate how difficult this information may be to you. Believe me, I understand how disturbing it all is to hear initially.  

I am available to discuss my knowledge, insights, research, the evidence, and my work. But not my daughter’s return to any US Regulated Government System. According to the Websites and the Information provided by the NYC schools, I have followed the protocol. I have taken over my daughter’s education, which is being governed by the same system that I studied under and was designed by Pythagoras and Plato, and was instituted in the Ancient University of Alexandria. I am telling you that no one can do better for education than Pythagoras and Plato for they were and are my Masters and Instructors.   

And believe me, they far surpass the quality and Psychology of the US Government, while surpassing your graduation requirements.

On a personal note, I respect you and hold you in the highest of my regards. 

Thank you for reaching out. 

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