Self-Preservation : How Our Cognitive Core Manages our Mental Health and How You Can Learn To Govern It



The Components of the AIDNS by Anna Imagination

  • The 7 Parts of the Mental System
  • The Philosopher’s Compass
  • The Cognitive Core


The Cognitive Core Positive (Old Model)



Stabilized Energy between two Entities (Human People) (The Hadron Collider comes to mind here) … The Emotional Transactions of Human Connection is to Relations what the stabilized Particle is in Physics. 

Particles = A minute portion of matter

Matter = Mass and occupies space

Energy = Power produced from Fuel or X … Energy comes from a Power Source (Authority + Power + Control)

Authority is the… Action produces Energy… Want. Want produces Energy.

Authority = Freedom and Desire/Want > Drive and Potential Energy > Transfers into Kinetic Energy (Communication, Action, Creation, Art, Education…)

Energy is always converted and/or transferred from Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy (Measured in Joules).

Build of Stored Potential Energy, which results in Pain and Boredom. Suppressed Potential Energy causes us pain. 

Emotional Energy is the Production and/or Creation/Birth of Potential Energy within Human People. How we manage and maintain our Feelings and Emotions determines:

  1. The Levels of Stored Potential Energy (Not acting on what we feel)
  2. The conversion of Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy by our Choices through either reaction (spontaneous and explosive due to a surplus of storage and poor management) or action (strategic plot, problem solving, and knowledgeable maintenance).

Emotional Energy is faster than Light Energy.

Just as Light Energy can be transformed into Chemical Energy, Chemical Energy in our brains is converted into Emotional Energy. For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And the total energy of a system (a Human Person) must remain constant, therefore, when we receive abuse, that abuse results in an equal and opposite build up of Potential Energy, which is then stored until and unless, the Human Person chooses to convert it. Failure to do so will result in _____

When we “Want,” we have X amount of choices: 

  1. Explore / Learn / Grow
  2. Maintenance (Eat / Clean / Sleep)
  3. Enjoy / Play / 
  4. Communicate
  5. Create

Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It is 100% recycled. 

Note: Sex is the Building up and Release to the point of Combustion of Energy (Orgasm) = The Creation of Energy

The Philosopher’s Compass : The I of I

The Philosopher’s Compass : The You of I




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