Upcoming – The Core of Why We Need To Learn

Philosophy and Education is about learning how to look at a single Point from all angles and facets to determine all possible conclusions that can result from every single decision made.

Problem Solving

Naming is identifying the problem so you can determine the solution.

Final stage is the Integration


How to use your brain

A – Autonomy and Authority

B – Belief in your Brain

C – Conclusion


Convert this over to DIY

Red Flag the emotions :

Guilt = You’re supposed to be a slave

Feeling bad about being is = red flag “Oh you’re supposed to let them abuse you and be happy about it!”

Self-Taught = “You’re not supposed to use your brain without the government’s permission!”

Strong Emotions = How much you have neglected your AIDNS

Misplaced = You’re taking responsibility for my responsibility –

Empathy vs. Internalization the lines of responsibility =

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