Triadic Healing vs. Modern Psychology

I believe that all of Mental Health is based on three parts:

  • The Defined Self
  • Our Logical Health
  • Our Story Health

I also believe that Psychology today does a lot to contribute to the overall problem. It focuses too much on the Red Herrings, the Symptoms, and the “Gentle Handling” of the Patient that encourages and nurtures vulnerability, weakness, and an inability to save one’s Self. It cripples an Individuals’ Authority.

I am not sure if the majority of Psychologists are aware and do this deliberately to placate the demands and profits of the Pharmaceutical Companies and Insurance Companies, or if they are just ignorant in their own Profession. I believe both cases are applied. I still struggle to understand how the entire field of Psychology could exist without Philosophy. For me, that is just an illogic I will never be able to comprehend. To study Psychology without Philosophy is like an Astronaut who studies Astrophysics without Mathematics.

Being able to determine the difference between a Symptom, a Distraction, and a Catalyst is vital in any and all Problem Solving whether it be in Medical, Psychological, Mathematical, or Life. I have spent the last 30 years of my life logically analyzing and discerning the differences between Catalysts and Reactions.

Another common denominator I noticed in my work, was that all Mental Healing was the result of two constants:

  • Understanding
  • Remembering

Or, in my preferred Philosophical terms:

  • Ignorance
  • The Undefined Self

The Emotion “Epiphany” played a huge part in my Healing and my Research.

In fact, it was the core to all of my Healing. Prior to Defining my Self, which always led to a release of Trauma, a lack of confusion, and a restored feeling of confidence and Self, there always was a point of Epiphany. I spent ten years mastering Epiphany.

Achieving Epiphany on purpose is easy, once you know the logical steps you need to take to achieve Epiphany. But, in order to achieve Epiphany, one cannot problem solve at the end of a False Conclusion. This is often the case with Talk Therapy. Epiphany must be achieved prior to the Logical Fallacy, within the Defined Self, prior to the Present.

And, for many of us, that takes us back to early childhood, usually between the ages of Infancy to 4 Years old when most of us received a Logical Fallacy from our Parents that contradicted our Self-Love and Logical Truth. 100% of all Mental Illness and Trauma results from this point.

100% of all trauma and Mental Illness that results after that First Point of Logical Fallacy is a Consequence, Symptom, or Distraction from the Point of Initial Logical Fallacy and Cognitive Dissonance: The event that disrupted the Internalization of the 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth that contradicted our Logical Truth, which resulted in a Choice that had to be made: The Love of Self or The Love of Others.

And in that moment, The Love of Others for the sake of Belonging and Survival was Chosen.

“I cannot Save myself. Therefore, I need another to survive. I must prioritize the desires of others over my Self so that I can survive.”

That is the First Law of the Self that must be learned.

How we learn it, How severe we learn it, or don’t, the consequences that follow are all the many styles, types, and flavors of all Mental Illnesses that follow. But the First Law of Self: To survive and save one’s Self so that an Individual does not have to choose between Self Love and External Love is the Core Program within every Mind. This is a Defined Psychological Constant as Defined by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras when these four Philosophers dissected the Definition of Self and Love.

In fact, Pythagoras invented the Phrase “Philosophy,” which many people have translated as “The Lover of Wisdom” or “Love of Wisdom.” I believe this is incorrect. When a Philosopher Masters the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth as outlined by Plato in his Symposium, one comes into the Knowledge that Philosophy is the Study and Mastery of Self Love.

Platonic Love and Romantic Love are two types of Love we often pursue throughout our lives. But Plato never actually used the word “Platonic. This word came into Invention in the late 15th Century. Romantic Love, following my research into Narcissism, I believe is actually the First Stage of Narcissism.

But Pythagoras explored a Third Type of love that I believe he called “Wisdom Love.”

Now. I say again. “Philosophy.”

I believe this word, when translated as Pythagoras meant it, means “Wisdom Love” or “Wise Love” and is the Third, unexplored and forgotten Study and Mastery of Loving the Self, loving others while preserving the Self, and also loving the Community all with intent to nourish and Empower the Self. This is the Love Style I live by and am currently, eagerly, under exploration.

Upon my completion of the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth, I learned that, when one Integrates these 12 Stages, what they have is the 12 “Ingredients” for Self Love. And thus, the Defined Self. I will say again, how can Psychology exist without Philosophy?

Our Logical Health is the Defined Premise composed of our Qualities, Values, Ethics, Desires, Dreams, Wishes, and Hopes. And these elements, when combined, give us our Name. Logical Fallacies are False Premise that have been embedded into our Logical Health because our Safety was once so compromised that, upon being forced to choose between Self-Love and the Belonging and External Love, our Behavior required altering in order to keep us safe.

Imagine, our Logical Health resulting so definitively into our Behavioral Perspective, that it requires an entirely new and different Perspective to override our Base Program of Love the Self. Extraordinary.

And our Story Health, the series of Logical Events that compose our Past or, our Backstory, our Present, and our Future, that, we must Know the Defined Self so well that our Imagination is dependent upon this logic. For how can an Imagination provide an accurate forecast or trajectory of our most-likely future without having the events of the past and present clearly defined?

Upon my discovery of Defined Self and Self-Love, Logical Health, and Story Health, I built Triadic Healing around the restoration of the Self. Healing is the act of Recovering from an Injury. Mental Health does not require “Healing.” It requires Education to reach Epiphany so that the Individual can restore the Logical Health, so that they can Remember who they are and Know the Defined Self.

Mental Illness is not Trauma-Based.

Mental Illness is The Loss of the Defined Self due to Ignorance.

Nothing more. Nothing Less.

The next stage in my research led me to review and analyze Mental Illnesses and how each one of them correlates with Triadic Healing and Pythagoras’ “Wisdom Love.”

PTSD – Story Sickness where the Individual attempts to “Understand” by toggling between the Past and The Present Dimensions.

Story Sickness – where the Individual attempts to “Keep themselves Safe” by spending more time in the Future Dimension to “prevent” further pain and abuse.

Paranoia – Distrust and Panic matched with PTSD because the sufferer cannot Define the Self, their You of I, or their Story. They have lost their Story.

Narcissism – Stage #3 and Stage #4 of Romance-Narcissism, which I call “Identity Displacement Disorder.” The belief that we cannot save ourselves. The Projection of the Undefined Self and Self-Love onto Another in pursuit of The Self.

Borderline Personality Disorder – Stage #2 of Romance-Narcissism, which I call “Post Enslavement Displacement Disorder.” The belief that we cannot save ourselves. The Projection of the Undefined Self and Self-Love onto Another in pursuit of The Self while also nurturing the projecting to Save One’s Self onto another.

BiPolar – I don’t believe BiPolar exists at all and is just the overlooked and misdiagnosed compound of Depression and ADHD.

Depression – The pining and/or Grieving over Loss of the Self. A belief that we cannot have The Self. Usually Dreams, Hopes, Wishes, or Love.

Suicidal Ideation – The Point of Despair that an Individual reaches when they believe that no hope for change is possible. Often seen among Individuals who believe they require others to Save them. A complete absence of Authority, which results in a desperation to end the pain that they see no end to.

Addiction – A Symptom that results from a lack of Control due to a belief that “They cannot save themselves.” So they never confront their Fears to get what they Love. Often results in Depression due to loss of Self-Love.

Eating Disorders – A Symptom that results from a lack of Control due to a belief that “They cannot save themselves.” So they never confront their Fears to get what they Love. Often results in Depression due to loss of Self-Love. To Eat is to not be worthy of Love from others, leaving the Sufferer incapable of Projecting their Self-Love onto others.

Self-Harm/Mutilation – A Symptom that results from a lack of Control due to a belief that “They cannot save themselves.” So they never confront their Fears to get what they Love. Often results in Depression due to loss of Self-Love. This particular Condition is Self-Punishment due to Self-Loathing for not being able to Save the Self.

Pedophilia – This is actually an Addiction. A Symptom that results from a lack of Control due to a belief that “They cannot save themselves.” So they never confront their Fears to get what they Love. Often results in Depression due to loss of Self-Love. They project their Self and Identity onto their Victims. Their Self is defined by their own Sexuality and their inability to Save the Self. Stage #3 and Stage #4 of Narcissism with Sexual Addiction.

Murder – Stage #4 of Narcissism where the need to Displace another person’s Story with their own Projected Self pushes them into a Fear so strong that they eliminate what they cannot control.

Schizophrenia – Not at all a Mental Illness, but a lack of Knowing that the Mind has activated the 6th Stage of Ethical Perspective Growth, which begins Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Without proper understanding, education, care, and guidance into Metaphysics, an Individual becomes plagued with fear of the Mind. 100% a result of Ignorance on the potential and operation of the Human Mind. Symptoms dissipate in the 11th Perspective. Van Gogh and Lois Wang are fantastic examples of this. And yes. You can feel Electricity, which has vast side-effects on The Imagination, Disorientation, and Loss of Self. Welcome to Metaphysics.

Dissociation – Complete absence of All Emotions to avoid the Pain resulting in Cognitive Dissonance due to a lack of Self-Discipline because the Individual believes they cannot save themselves, so they fail to overcome their emotions and fears believing they will fail to save themselves.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) – Stage #3 of Trauma. When the Invasive Perspectives and Behavioral Defenses fail to keep an individual safe who has not learned how to save themselves, the Conscious Mind begins to compartmentalize the Self in an attempt to keep the vulnerable Self safe on the inside as the Projected Self of Others invades the Perspective.

Social Anxiety – Association of Pain with People due to an inability to safely navigate Social Situations without Internalizing the Stories and Perspectives of others. Failure to use Boundaries to preserve an individual’s Story from being hi-jacked by others.

Phobias – Severe Aversion and Avoidance from the Fear System to prevent exposure to something one cannot save themselves from.

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