The Summit

I trust love.

I trust him.

I know he will come back.

I no longer need all of the tactics I once used to lure him, use him, control him.

This is love.

Trusting Love.

That is what Narcissism targets. It doubts Love. It doubts the Self. Find Love and you find the Self. Trusting Love is the final stage of learning about The Self. And it opens the door for the Journey. It is the Adventure. The Not Knowing that is now excitement and Joy.

This is Wisdom Love.

The Love that flourishes under Trust.

I can feel it. There is so much more that will flow from this discovery. But for now, I am wallowing in the beauty that is love. This breath taking view.

“Climb Everest with me,” I had said to him once.

And… despite it all, this is it. Here I am at the top of Everest, taking in the view. Either he will join me here, or he won’t.

And… I don’t care. One way or another, all I cared about was that I got to see this view. And it was the Self. A journey of discovering the Self all on my own.

Love perseveres.

Only time will tell.

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