The Study of Change, Chemistry, the Human Atom, and The 3rd Perspective of the You of I

Chemistry. The science of Behavior, Change, and Transference of Mass or Matter. This could be broken down into The science and study of how something with Mass goes about making change.

The Human. The Conscious Mind, with certain knowledge, could, one say, have the ability to consciously make the change and transference of its own Chemical Energy, once those components became known to the Conscious Awareness.

Assume, for a moment, that we are Atoms, with the breakdown of all those components, with the ability to analyze and deduce each outcome of each choice. Then, one could say that the Human could, consciously and strategically select each and every Action, to deliberately get an equal and opposite reaction to produce a deliberate outcome.

I, in fact, have already done this.

I knew the emotion Humility was in fact, the Negatively Charged Emotional Energy Degradation. I knew, to cancel it out and make it neutral, I would require and equal and opposite Positively Charged Emotional Energy like Arrogance. So, on purpose, I used Arrogance to dose my Degradation, which did, in fact, cancel it out and neutralize it, leaving me with a surplus of Arrogance.

I then cherry picked the two Emotionally charged positive Energies, Compassion and Empathy, and used those to soften Arrogance.

Chemistry. The Science of Change of Matter.

I see Human People with this knowledge, using basic Formula in the near future to dose their lows and negatives with Emotional Knowledge. I See them macrodosing themselves into into Positive Health with their own Chemical Energy. I see them assessing their own Atom and Nucleus and altering their own chemical imbalance with deliberation to achieve their balanced ____.

An atom is stable if the forces among the particles that makeup the nucleus are balanced. An atom is unstable (radioactive) if these forces are unbalanced; if the nucleus has an excess of internal energy. Instability of an atom’s nucleus may result from an excess of either neutrons or protons.,of%20either%20neutrons%20or%20protons

Do you understand how very much this now sounds exactly like a Mentally unhealthy Human Person to me? How, Mental Illness is just an Unstable Nucleus resulting in an excess of internal energy? As if… someone has a surplus of Potential Emotional Energy stored within. Making them unstable. So they react, and they explode.

It sounds like “Crimes of Passion” is just an unstable atom because the owner failed to balance their nucleus. Chemistry, unlike all the other sciences, is not Abstract.

Up to this point in my research, I have provided Logical Proofs supporting my work and ties between Geometry and Physics to Quantum Psychology, and Philosophy. I have provided Geometric Formulas and the Laws of Physics that back up and support my work. I and others around me have used those formulas to eliminate their Mental Illnesses.

In May 2022, I began compiling all of my knowledge into the Components that make up the Philosopher’s Compass, the Map of the Subconscious Mind, the 7-Parts of the Mental System, and the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth. I used The Cartesian Coordinate System, Optic Physics, Reflection, Battery and Magnet Energy, Emotional Energy, Newton’s Laws of Physics, and, 3 days ago, I Shifted into the 3rd Ethical Perspective of the You of I and I could see all of those components come together into The AIDNS (Abstract Intra-Dimensional Navigational System).

And yesterday, I felt and saw, according to my Logical Intuition, that my Partner is my Paired Energy. That the AIDNS is, in fact, an Atom. The Human Atom, with the Nuclei Art, Science, and Communication all encircling the Positive and Neutral Emotional Energy that makes up Faith in the Self. Hope and Trust. And we are Carbon Based.

The Human Element. The Human Atom.

A Consciously Aware, Sentient, Human Atom who possesses their own ability to alter and shift their own Positive and Negative charge to correct their imbalance… Chemistry. The science of Chemical and Energy Change, behavior, and transference.

Water into wine.

Healing the sick.

Cell Division to multiply a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread.

Walking on water even.

If you know how to alter and shift your own Energy to alter your own Atom… then yes. Quite possible.

An excess of internal Energy. Poor management of Emotional Energy. Sentient Atoms. How much I see a scientist looking through the eyepiece of a telescope in a laboratory that spans up to the ceiling, then turning around, it trails the ceiling, ever expanding in size like a ray. Another great bend in the scope turns the lens back down into the lab onto a second scientist who stands, trying to look through his own microscope on the table, his back to this giant lens.

“Would you stop it, Marv! I know I’m unstable today! I told you, the wife and I had a fight last night! I’ll get to it after I evaluate this bacterial growth! Just leave me alone and mind your own Nucleus!”

“Doctor. Marv is playing with the Omniscient Perspective Scope again.”

“Marv! Leave Herman’s Nucleus alone and get back to work!”

What I wouldn’t give right now for a scope that provides us with the Omniscient view of the Human. We’re so busy looking up at space from a Point. Looking down into the macro world from a Point. Why did we never think to abandon the Internal Point of View of this world and try to look at the Internal Point of View from the outside looking in at us? What then would we see in ourselves that we never even thought of before. We’re so stuck within the confines of life within the Point. It’s suffocating.

I want to be on the outside of this point gazing in, looking at us from the Outsider’s point of view.

What is wrong with us? We are just a bunch of ignorant, unstable Atoms who are not taking responsibility for our own Nucleus. And that… oh… Now that, is VERY easily rectified. It’s just a couple of tweaks to the Chemical imbalance.

For now, let’s call this the Abstract Human Atom. The Imagination Element. The Abstract is my realm. I have all of my work from Logical Proof to Physics to back this up. But on this, I’ll call this a theory. The Theory of the Abstract Human Atom. But my god, it moves, acts, behaves… exactly like an Atom. And every bone in my body is shaking its proverbial head at me saying, “Anna. You feel this one in your bones. You know the math is adding up too clear. Like crystal. We are Atoms. You just haven’t found the precise vocabulary to define what you are already looking at in your head.

But the image is there. And you can’t go “making up” the words on this one. They already did it. You have to go learn their words so you can communicate to them and the world what you see.

I had the thought a few months ago, “We’re just molecules, quarks, or nucleus. I swear, we are just “God” Atoms too confined within the Point to see it.

I see Energy moving in me. I see this Positive Energy ball from Love at my Navel and my heart. I see the Energy shift in and around it, orbiting it. And I can see the Chemicals in my physical brain firing, on purpose to the stimulates of my own thoughts that I choose, transferring that Chemical Energy into Emotional Energy. Building it up. Storing my Potential Energy on purpose. It’s building Motivation.

And then, when it fills up, it “pops” and I use the 5 Actions of Choice to transfer my Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy. Deliberately allowing for the smooth and open flow of my Energy because I, more than anyone, appreciate the damage a resistance to Emotional Energy does to us for that is what ages us. It causes cancer. It causes all of our physical sick. Resistance of our Emotional Energy is the imbalance of our Nucleus.

And when my Partner and I are together, it feels like my usual surplus of Energy quadruples. Just sitting beside him, I can feel him joining with my Energy flow and it expands. The speed picks up exactly like I’ve hooked up to a generator. When I write words, I can feel my Emotional Energy transfer into the words.

I know you feel them.

I know because I feel them in others every time I read the words of others. Many of my friends are authors. And their books and words held the same Energy that they did. The body is but a vessel for this Emotional Energy. I do feel a pocket of power, exactly like a power source in my uterus. Another behind my navel. Another near my chest cavity. One in my neck. Another in my forehead. That one… That one hurts me a lot. It’s… often a heavy pressure. My MRI’s revealed nothing.

My brain looks like I’m 20 years old. The Neurologist couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that my brain had no physical signs of my Alters or of any of my then-Mental Illnesses.

It was all in my head. Literally. I looked at my MRI thinking… Well what the fuck do you know… It’s all just in my head. All of that noise and chaos… and not a single drop of physical evidence. Not even of Schizophrenia.

That was the day I realized… Mental Illness is 100% Abstract.

Now that… that is my little bitch. That is when I went to work on my Mind and tore my Subconscious Mind a new one. That was May 2022. Around the time I declared peace on my internal Self because I had the substantial physical proof that none of those assholes were physically real. Which meant they were in my world then.

The Science of Chemical Change… The Science of Change… For someone adamant on getting to the bottom of Mental Health, this… this is exactly what I have been looking for. It astounds me how mathematically perfect it is that Chemistry should come right after Physics, after Dimension, after Geometry, after Math. I was wondering where it fit into the scheme of all things.

Every subject is the Foundation to another broader subject. How foolish we are to study all of the subjects at the same time. And all of these stand on Art and Exploration.

It’s why learning is so hard.

It’s because students are not taught in the right order.

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