Paired Energy and The Education and Psychological Solution

How We Learn :

  • Learning : Take in to Receive Data “Expand to Capture” or Open to Receive (2nd Perspective)
  • Teaching : Summary >  Translation > Transference of Information to another Source
  • Understand : Philosophy : Integrated Perspective Diversity (Omniscience) with which to view and understand All Perspectives for full Comprehension of a single Point. The ability to see things “Multi-Faceted” so you can Problem Solve.

When you want to learn, understand, or teach in order to solve a problem, you must have full comprehension, discipline, and mastery of these three fields : Learning, Teaching, and Understanding.

Process of Learning and Internal Self-Exploration regarding Quantum Psychology (Learning HOW to become Self-Aware)


The Three Stages of Creation

From Conceptualization to Realization

Your Primary Invention is The Self and Life.

Part #1 (1980 to Present) – The Birth (The Idea Forms) 

Examples : Story Health > Art, Music, Song Dance, Theater, Stage, Writing (Unconscious Competence)

Establishes and Defines the Self.

This is the Mastery of learning the Self, Teaching, Perspectives, and Learning.

Imagination and Creativity are the Inventor’s Play Room where Machination and Concepts are Birthed.

Part #2 (1995 to Present) – Giving Shape and Definition


  • Logic
  • Communication and Interpretation
  • Language
  • Math
  • Etymology
  • Linguistics
  • Self-Expression

Names, Defines, and allows the Transference of Information between The Self and Other Selves.


This is the Mastery of learning the Self of Others, Communication, Transactions, Economics, Relationships, and Connection.

Part #3 (2015 to Present) – Realizing

Examples : Order of Operations

  • Feel (Art and Part #1)
  • Define (Part #2)
  • Words (Part #2)
  • Logic (Part #2 and Part #3)
    • Define
    • Build
    • Shape
    • Prove
  • Argument
  • Math (Part #2)
  • Geometry (Part #3)
  • Physics (Part #3)
  • Chemistry (Part #3)

Purpose : Understand, Define, Give Shape and Evidence to, and Realize from Within the Abstract to the Material Plane.

This is the Mastery of Shaping and Building into a Realized Concept.

The Triadic Healing Plugin : Parent+Teacher+Healer

DIY Triadic Healing

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