The Road Into The 3rd Dimension and The Abstract World

My days as a Researcher and Pioneer into the Abstract did not just fall into my lap in all aspects. It is the Intuition and Curiosity that guides the Pioneer.

In talking with a colleague yesterday, we explored the driving force behind our curiosity. How one thing would intrigue and draw us in, while other things did not. What determines if something is “interesting” or not? For me, that was the whole of the Eastern Empire and Civilizations.

It’s simple. Anything East of the Danube River had (and still has) no interest for me, Japan being the only exception. In fact, in writing this, I had to check. I paused and looked at a map.

5 Minutes ago, if you had asked me to draw a map of Europe, I would have drawn Spain, France, and a Germany pushed right up against Russian, which an Italy, Greece and Turkey down below. The whole of Eastern Europe did not even register in my memory bank. I knew there were some Eastern Orthodox countries “mushed” between Russia and Germany down to Italy, but…

“Wow! There is a whole other Europe there!” I thought. I pondered, thinking about studying this region and moving into Russia and China. No ignition. No curiosity. No spark. Why?

The Middle East, Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, Japan “made the cut”… but dipping my toes into China? Nothing. Russia even got my attention for all of 200 years while I studied the rise, fall, and revolt of the people against the monarch. But no more.

I am curious about Curiosity.

The closest hypothesis I can come, at this time, is that it simple is unrelated to me. It is so outside of my frequency that I can’t even see a connection to the Roman Empire, but even that doesn’t make sense as I studied Scandinavia and Native Tribes from nearly every continent (save China and Russia).

Even in my linguistic studies, in delving deep into PIE (The Proto-Indo-European chart that maps the evolution of Language), It is divided between Latin and European…


It is not even recognized on the map.

I may have found my answer.

PIE excludes the Eastern Languages from China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam…

I have the answer.

The PIE Chart is divided into the Left Side (Latin based Languages and Anglo-Germanic Languages and Old Norse) and the Right Side (India, Middle Eastern/Arabic, Hebrew Languages, and Slavic).

I only studied the Left Side of the PIE Chart.

I barely touched the Right Side, getting as far down as the Middle East and then stopped.

That is the core of my Curiosity.

I am a Musician and Physicist first.

But a Linguist and Historian Second.

A Writer Third.

100% of my Curiosity branched off of the Language.

I wanted to follow the Evolution and Development of Language. Etymology and Word Evolution is my forte.

Words always follow the Feelings.


We forget that.

People prioritize the words (Conclusion) over the Feelings (Catalyst/Premise), then they try to conform and force their Feelings to fit the words.

We have a phrase for that in Logic.

Confirmation Bias.

When a word is given to us, we prioritize the Word over the Feeling.

“Friend” is a perfect example of this.

I do not use the word “Friend.” It is too highly abused in our culture and is a common weapon of Narcissists. For me, this is a very dangerous word because my loyalty to anyone holding this title binds me to my honor toward them. For most people, the word “Friend” is linked to the Dopamine hormone that floods our minds with excitement over the “promise” (possibility) of a new Human Connection.

And so many people today introduce themselves as “Friend.”

I feel the Emotional bond immediately conform to my obligation toward the Title long before I’ve even had the chance to assess the Stranger’s Safety.

My Subconscious Mind registers “Friend” immediately into my data banks, and loyalty bonds are formed.

The words “Friend” is a dangerous Trojan Horse.

I was able to condition myself to identify the word as a “red flag” now so when I hear it, instead of an Honor Bond, “Friend” means “Danger.” But alas, too much emotional damage has been done toward me because of this very problem.

Confirmation Bias is something that occurs in our logic at lightning speed that we don’t even know it is being done. The argument goes like this:

“Hello, Friend.”

“Friend? Oh! This person wants to connect!” Bypassing how this person makes me feel, how I am behaving around this person, ignoring the fact that I am so uncomfortable that I am wearing a mask, I invite them into my Circle of Trust. We exchange phone numbers. Although they never answer my texts, I still count them as “friend.”

6 months pass and I meet them at a party.

“There is my Friend!” I think. We hang out. We laugh. Three years pass like this, and what do I know about them? Nothing. In most cases, not even their real name.

We do this also with the word “Mother.”

We do this with the word “Father.”

We do this with the word “Sister,” “Brother,” and “Family.” “Son” and “Daughter.”

Prioritizing the Label, the Title, and our Honor and Responsibility to the Word regardless of their actions and treatment toward us.

Confirmation Bias prioritizes the Conclusion over and above the Premise, the Catalyst, and the Logic.

In Logic, however, the Logic and Premise are prioritized above the Conclusion.

This subtlety is buried deep in and between our Words, Feelings, and Logic within our Cognitive Core. Unaware by so many of us, and yet this is the Core, the Mother, the Heart that pulses within all abuse.

Words. Feelings. Logic.

When you translate the word “Word” from Greek into Latin, the word translates directly as “Logic.”

Logic = Word

This is true in Math, in Physics, and in Linguistics.

This is true in Psychology and our Subconscious Mind.

The only one who is unaware of this connection is the Conscious Awareness of the Masses.

When I sorted through my Mental Illnesses, I found this formula at the core of all of my Cognitive Dissonance.

Words + Feelings = Logical Fallacy leads to Cognitive Dissonance

To correct it, I did this.

Feelings + Words = Logical Truth leads to Cognitive Harmony

All I did was Prioritize “Feelings” over “Words.”

In so doing, I turned “Words” into the Consequence and Name of the Feelings instead of trying to force the Feelings to fit the Words.

Again. When the Words are prioritized or Named before the Feelings, you force the Feelings to fit the Words.

By Feeling first and prioritizing the Feelings above the Words, and then by using words to Describe the Feelings, the Feelings were no longer being forced to fit into a Defined (often poorly defined) Word that did not fit me.

A great example of this are the terms “Monogamous” and “Polyamorous.”

I identify as neither.

I am neither Monogamous nor Polyamorous.

Likewise, “Single” and “Coupled” also are great examples of this for me.

I identify as neither.

It caused me great mental Cognitive Dissonance to try and force my Emotions, and thus my behavior, into these Binary “Either/Or’s.”

It was not until I abandoned the words, focused on the Feelings, and then composed my own words to fit my Feelings.

I’m going to say that again.

I had to compose my own words to fit my own Feelings.

Only then did I have peace.

People often ask me how…

Many of our words were and are products of the Material Plane.

I live, grew, and exist almost completely in the Abstract Plane. And within the Abstract, Binary Categories do not, cannot apply.

Once I realized that the Binary constructs of the Material Plane were the problem for my Feelings, I had to compose entirely new words to fit the Abstract, 3rd Dimensional Plane of Existence.


It is illogical to think we are in the 3rd Dimension currently trying to break into the 4th, when we live, exist, and function in a 2 Dimensional saturated Culture.

Dimension is Location.

Place and Time.

That is 2 Dimension. Which is why everything is Binary. Everything is Either Or. Everything is Black and White.

3rd Dimension requires a 3rd Location.

If you can name that 3rd Dimension to be referenced as a point of Location, then please, by all means, do so.

Until now, the 3rd Dimension has not been defined.

I am a firm believer that they 3rd Dimension is the Abstract World, measured AND Defined by the Perspectives. And, ironically, or Logically actually, that is when and where the Binary Mindset and Language ends, and when and where everything becomes a 3rd Dimensionally spectrum that provides you with a precise, 4th Point, which are your Defined Coordinates.

For example: I am in Brooklyn, NY at 8:41 AM in the morning in the 2nd Perspective of the You of I.

And here within the 2nd Perspective of the You of I, I am without Gender, Sexual Preference, Age, the passing of time as it is used by 2nd Dimension Thinkers… These concepts confuse me within the Abstract World. I have been long since confused by them since the 7th Perspective of the I of I.

Binary concepts simply do not exist here within the Abstract. The Perspectives take you outside of the confines of time. Which is why… I can’t keep a schedule or predict “When” by the measurements of the 2nd Dimension.

Welcome to the 3rd Dimension.

Hypothesis: More than 25% of the people currently on this planet have already crossed over into the Abstract World of the 3rd Dimension and they don’t even know it. But they lack the words used within the 2nd Dimension.

All they know is that the 2nd Dimension Words “feel” wrong to them and they don’t know why. And the 2nd Dimension Dwellers don’t understand 3rd Dimension Dwellers and lash out because they are scared by this.

“Something is going on.”

Oh, yes. Yes it is. We are starting to move into the Unknown and Undefined 3rd Dimension… and no one yet knows it. No one yet has come forward to say, “This is what is happening. We are moving as a Race into the 3rd Dimension. And many of us are already 3rd Dimension Dwellers, and we don’t know it.”

Not yet anyway.

But this is what is happening. We are moving as a Race into the 3rd Dimension. And many of us are already 3rd Dimension Dwellers and we don’t know it.

Here. I’ve written the language for you already and have drawn up the Ethical Laws of Evolution. I have written the Math, the Logic, and the Physics to prove it. And here. I’ve provided the path and the map to show you where you were in the 2nd Dimension, how you came to be here, see who all have been here before you, and how to get here on your own.

Welcome to the 3rd Dimension.

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