Learning How To Learn

“Treat others how you want to be treated…” For we are mirrors, and how you treat others will always come back to you. The Self.

I’m sitting in this meeting with some of the greatest minds I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and…

Here, among them, I am a student.

“What does this mean?” I ponder.

I am fascinated with their minds. I feel they too are fascinated by mine. We are curious. We seek to explore and delve into the Perspectives of others.

How intimate it is to walk into the Perspective of others. It truly is the greatest form of Intimacy.

One of these minds asked, “May I provide you with a Very Different Perspective?”

My favorite words: A Very Different Perspective


He asked for my consent to learn and allow him to be my teacher. His respect for me (combined with those magic words), inspired me to allow him access to my mind.

The Emotional Transaction of Human Connection and the Consensual/Nonconsensual Exchange of Authority, Power, and Control. This is Emotional Economics.

I became his audience, surrendering my Control of Conversation over to him and allowed him to gift me with his information.

I consented to the Vulnerability (Openness) that would be required of me to receive and therefore, to learn.

I consented to the Vulnerability… because he asked.

How rarely Consent for our Vulnerability is asked. And we wonder what is wrong with the world today.

This Pause for Consent, allowed me the time I needed to shift myself from “Internalization” into “Objectiveness” so that I might hear his story without integrating it into mine. It allowed me to allow and permit the control over my Vulnerability.

This is the Psychology of Learning.

I felt myself, through his story, feel the excitement to comment.

“Wait,” I thought. You have consented to Receive. But he has not consented to receive your reciprocation. He asked only to give.

I thought of his feelings, his Mental Health, his Logical Line. How much his Mental Health and Comprehension is dependent upon the Information he gifted to me.

I felt myself prioritize his Mental Health and Logical Comprehension more than my excitement of Sharing.

I am a Visitor in his Perspective.

The Ethical Law of Consensual Trade… To Gift Information without Debt.

The Ethical Laws of Nonconsensual Trade.

This is the Consent of Learning. This is everything buried within the Psychology that takes place under and within the Learning Process.

How much, how often do we violate this in the simple act of Conversation from day to day.

We are too careless, too often with the Perspectives of others.

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