The Power of Hope

“Imagination is the pulsing heart of All.” – Anna Imagination; Philosophical Coffee 1:36

Where Hope Comes from. What happens when we don’t have it. How to get it back.

Hope is Belief. It is a very special type of Belief.

We have Beliefs on the Present, Beliefs on the Past, and Beliefs of the Future.

Hope is a Belief of the Future.

There is “Wishing,” which is often mistaken as Hope, which is in fact, worry. “I hope my boyfriend comes back to me.” This type of a “Hope” is saturated in Fear.

“The Problem with Schools and Education today is that they are run like the Military.” – Anna Imagination; Philosophical Coffee 1:36

“I have hope for the future because people do want to learn.” This is True hope.

True Hope is something you have because you DO believe. Your Logic does work and did deduce. Having Hope is Logical Hope.

“Wishing Hope” is not Hope at all, but pining and wishing.

Logical Hope is based on Love and not Fear.

Daily Assignment : Your Forbidden Fruit

“So many women were banned from Science. And the same men who banned them from Science for the Gender-Stigma, later called us “Stupid” and “Emotional.” Because they denied us the Science that would make us Logical.” – Anna Imagination

  • Your Brain
  • Logic, Math, Science
  • Voice
  • Opinion
  • Ethics
  • Want
  • Dreams
  • Job
  • Location
  • Sex
  • Kink

“The horrible things you hear in your head about yourself… You know they’re not You, right? Are the Voices saying “I am” or “You are?” Mine always said, “You are.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t talk about myself in the 3rd Person. Ever. Only “They” speak in the 3rd. If it were YOU, it would be in the 1st Person.” – Anna Imagination; Philosophical Coffee 1:36

List your “Forbidden Fruit.” What are the things that others told you that you couldn’t have. What Forbidden Fruits did you have taken away from you.

“Deny yourself nothing. That is when you get Balanced Satiation.” – Anna Imagination; Philosophical Coffee 1:36

Introducing Quantum Psychology (More on this later)

The Three Levels of Exploration

The Omniscient Telescopic Point of View

Omniscient Point of View and “The Big Picture” or “Overview”

Common “Face Value” Point of View

The Material Plane

Quantum Point of View (Telescope)


“Put your mind in the mind of the very first person to feel. What words would you use

The Degrees of Intimacy Within the Self : Trust balanced with Vulnerability (The Private Chambers of the Self)

Intimacy = Exposure

Material Relationships

1st Degree of Intimacy

  • 1 – Strangers, Friends, Acquaintances, (Non-Sexual)

2nd Degree of Intimacy

  • 2 – Partner / Husband (Sexual)

Emotional Intimacy Begins

3rd Degree of Intimacy

  • 3 – When you finally feel comfortable enough to talk about Sexual Fantasy

4th Degree of Intimacy

  • 4 – Finally feel comfortable enough to talk about Deep Fear

THIS… is where Energy Relationships BEGIN

5th Degree of Intimacy

  • 5 – Finally feel comfortable enough to talk about your Dreams.

The Subject We Never Talk About

At 44:12 I say “I eat animals,” and I blinked and “glitched.” This is because I said words that contradicted my Core Ethics. I had a brief “Cognitive Dissonance,” that instantly led me to think, “It’s an example,” which was my Logical Line countering and “curing” the Cognitive Dissonance with a “Logical Clause” that corrected the Contradiction. This is why I paused shortly after the statement “I eat animals.”

And this ALL happened in a BLINK of an eye.

Welcome to The Cognitive Core at work.

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