The Philosopher’s Compass : The Life Vitals

All Mental Health is based solely on our ability to build, manage, and navigate our Perception of Reality. How well or how poorly we are at this skill determines the state of our Mental Health. The study, comprehension, and understanding of Being and Reality is the sole subject of study in Ontology, which consists of Metaphysics, Physics, Etymology-Linguistic, and Philosophy. Specifically, the study and Discipline of Post-Modernism: The Philosophical Science and Discipline of Defining and Forming One’s own Reality from Logical Truth.

Based on my 30+ years of research and studies in Ontology and Post-Modernism, and my own 25+ years’ personal battle, Suicidal Ideation and attempts in Suicide occurs when the three Life Vitals, Love, Value, and Purpose, become compromised.

Ideally, all three of these Life Vitals must be securely Defined and Stable.

Having only two of these Life Vitals Defined and stable, significantly weakens the overall Life Vitals, and leaves the Individual susceptible, but functioning.

Having only one of these Life Vitals however, leads to Suicidal Ideation, and the Individual will begin to question their existence: The extreme consequence of an Existential Crisis, which is heavily studied in Existentialism in Philosophy.

When all three Life Vitals are lost, Suicide is attempted.


  • Love is measured by who and what we love as much as who and what loves us.
  • Value is the defined Self-Worth. What we do to define and increase our own Value of the Self, and how we convert it into a Resource.
  • Purpose is our Mission, Goal, and Dream. Our “Why” in Life. What we live for.

Family, Friends, Lovers, Children, Spouses, etc. This is why Empty-Nesters (Mothers whose children just left the home) are the leading victims of Suicide. Their Value (Mothering), their Love (Children), and their Purpose (Nurturing their Children), are all suddenly absent when the youngest of their children leaves the home. Veterans who are trained by the Government to Define their Value (Role in the Core) and Purpose (Mission in the Core) on their Service to their country are another leading Victim of Suicide.

Having one of these three things missing requires significant Energy to sustain the Absent or Depleted Vital.

If you struggle with Suicide, help is available. PDF Worksheets are available soon.

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