Counting All The Ways That You Consent To Your Own Abuse

The School Of Hard Knocks : We are responsible for 100% of the abuse we suffer from because, at the core of that abuse, we Choose to Value and Prioritize our Abuser(s) above our Self to gain something from our Abuser. Sacrificing the Self all in the name of the Abuser(s) access to us, desires, and feelings.

Everyone who heals from Abuse and Trauma admits this truth, accepts it, and decides to change it by shifting their Priorities from Abuser to Self. “Awareness” is not the first step to Healing. “Accountability” is the First Step of healing.

Only then do they Heal.

This is the First “Unspoken Law” of Healing that no one ever talks about, but ask anyone who healed from abuse, and this Accountability of Consenting to our own Abuse is the difference between continued abuse and ending abuse.

And if you’re serious about wanting to end your abuse, this is the real truth you will have to face.

No eggshell walking here. This is the Truth that no one actually tells you about, which is why so many people don’t succeed in healing. Because this Truth is so Dark and Cold of a reality, that no one, not even Professionals, talk about it.

Here, In this video and in all my work, I not only talk about it, but I give it name, I show it to you, and I walk you through how to cope with the recovery of this truth.

“grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


The biggest bull shit is “The Serenity to Accept.” That phrase is the epitome of “lie down and be a victim.” Problem Solving to overcome the things I cannot change never enters into the mind of those who “Accept Serenity” to be helpless.

“The Serenity to accept” renders you powerless. Instead problem solve to Overcome.

Find a Solution vs. “Giving up and “accepting” = Victimization


The Courage to Change the things I can.

The Sense to Problem Solve what you can’t. Problem Solve an Alternate route.

This changes you from being a hapless victim to taking action without giving up.


Choice is the Core of Self-Authority

100% of everything that happens to you, you consent to. You consent to letting those people in your lives. You consent to not learning. You consent to not sharpening your logic and educational skills. You consent to not growing or learning from past situations.

When you accept just how much you do consent to, everything in your life changes.

You consent to being helpless.

You consent to being disabled (Look at Stephen Hawking).

You consent to surrender your power every time you surrender your power

You consent to value abusers

You consent to not fight back

You consent to Value the feelings of your Abusers more than your own authority.

Every time you focus on what you “Can’t Do,” you consent to lay down and be a victim. You chose it.



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