The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth (You of I)

The 1st Perspective : You of I

1 December 2023 is when I “graduated” from the 12th Perspective to the 1st Perspective of the You of I. That is when I realized “Love is to Value without Profit or Gain.”

It was 16 December 2023 that I “cured” Narcissism and have thus spent the last few days removing Narcissism from my Mindset. This has been done alongside my entering the 1st Perspective of The You of I.

It is a clock. All of it and the whole of everything. We are just living and existing on a single cog inside a watch. Physics, Chemistry, Logic, Mathematics, Biology, Art, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology, Psychology… these are all but layers of the clock all moving in a 12-Part system harmonically with all the parts, moving as one, melodically, and harmonically with each other while also existing as a single named note. This is Music. This is Dance. This is Story. This is Time. This is Math. This is Physics. This is Us.

The Identity is the Coordinates within the Clock. To know the Self is to know our Coordinates. The Defined Self.

Today is 23 December 2023

My Authority is The Self

My Priority has shifted to Respecting and Preserving his I of I.

Patience is the current lesson.

Today is the first day I feel “love” return for my partner. This time it is without the contamination of Narcissism. It feels warm and strong. Pure and gentle. Patient. Without chase, desire, pursuit, or need. It just is.

To love without need.

Without Purpose other than to simply Enjoy. No need even to tell him, declare, or share my emotional state. I love him. For no other reason that I value him because I love him. And I only enjoy this love. Very powerful. To love like this is like a celebration of the Self. It is as if Self Love is the Foundation of Partnership and Love.

Much to think about.

To savor is to enjoy is to celebrate with indulgence. This is love void of fear, possession, or desperation. To savor is to love without urgency for fear of it fleeing. This is the state one reaches when they love with freedom.

The 2nd Perspective : You of I

1 January 2024

I shifted into the 2nd Ethical Perspective Stage of the You of I on 31 December 2023.

Unidentified Emotion X = Joy (Joy toward my Partner) Joy 2.0

I can feel the affects.

I am entering into a very curious state of mind of simple observation. Quiet, Curious, Observation. This very much reminds me of what a toddler in the 2nd Perspective would experience following the mastered skill of Dominating Self-Fear using Courage.

I feel my language already shifting. In the last 12 hours alone, I have finally been able to articulate things and ideas that I have not been able to say since all of my life.

I felt the emotions “Joy” and “Happiness” for the first time yesterday.

Prior to these two emotions, I underwent a series of epiphanies that began with identifying the Ethical 3rd Perspective : Vulnerability. Followed by a sudden “Need” to Define my Personal Laws (Boundaries), which solidified my 4th Perspective Comprehension. This shortly led to my understanding of the 1st Ethical Perspective : Courage.

I hypothesis that the feeling of Safety resulting from the Acceptance and Naming of my Vulnerability followed by my Personal Laws finally allowed me the COURAGE to ACCEPT the Emotion “Empathy” from the 9th Perspective.

This sequence CORRECTED the 1st Sequence of the 12 Perspectives, solidified them so that I could identify the 4 additional segments : Truth, Justice, Sharing, Love which then led to the Additional Segment : SELF – LOVE that Unlocked the 2nd Sequence of 12 Perspectives : Wisdom Love and the Pairing within the You of I. Applying my just-internalized Ethic COURAGE, Closed the 1st Ethical Perspective of the You of I, and triggered my graduation into the 2nd Ethical Perspective of the You of I.

Shortly after, I finally wrote a letter to my Partner, not realizing the Psychological Significance of what I wrote : That I finally gave to him my Vulnerability that showed him, truly, who I am, what I am, and extended him an invitation into my world.

Today, I feel vulnerable. I feel… Exposed. I have felt the significance of “choosing to embark on this journey of Ethical Perspective Discovery with another” and I am waiting for him to accept my Invitation. I cannot proceed (hypothetically) without a pairing. And I am pointing a big, fat, giant finger at him and saying, “HIM! I want HIM! I want to connect with HIM.”

His current Growth Stage is currently Undefined. I will have to wait an indefinite amount of time before I can proceed from here, perhaps? This is wait to be seen.

Patience is in order. Frustration is directly linked to the level of my Patience.

Silence, Quiet, Observation has set in deep. Depression and exhaustion. Slept most the day.

Perspective Sickness began at 6:32 AM EST on 1 January 2024.

Symptoms include : A significant rise in body temperature due to increased frequencies in the Internal Energy System as the “next Dimension” sets in. Clearer articulation. The ability to translate and “see” the 4 Points of View in addition to the 12 Ethical Perspective Views.

Physical Symptoms is Disorientation, Weakness, Tired, Dizziness, crying, emotional insecurity (Low Levels depending upon the Defined Self)

Symptoms are most severe in the first 24 hours following a shift. The more DEFINED an individual is, the less “disorienting” the Symptoms are.

Schizophrenia is Perspective Sickness and vastly reflects 100% of the experience and Individual undergoes from the the 6th to the 10th Perspective.

2 January 2024

I’m feeling very low today. I guess the right word is humbled, but I don’t like that word. It often means “to have no self-esteem” and that is not at all what I feel. Subdued. That is the word. I feel Subdued today. That’s it. 

I learned and realized yesterday that an abuser is a version of our future self who didn’t learn to forgive. And that if I don’t “forgive” and release my resentment and bitterness, then I will most likely become like my abusers… And then I realized what forgiveness is. That it is mercy. It is the giving of tolerance and understanding and putting my abuser into a position of teacher so I can learn from them. 

And instantly, I saw how I abused others and how I was becoming like my abusers. 

I woke up this morning without any bitterness and all the resentment that was growing in me was gone. And now I feel flat and “humbled.” Subdued. I feel free of everything. So I’m reflecting on this and absorbing everything. 

I started my new program yesterday. It’s the Radical Healing Plan that I designed last year. I set it into motion yesterday. I wrote you a letter yesterday, but did not send it. I’m not sure what is best for your mental health at this time. So I decided to keep my thoughts to myself on certain things. I struggled with that a lot before because I value honesty and truth. Now, with the empathy, I’m learning how to balance the honesty and truth and transparency with the empathy. 

Maybe, the empathy is also about *how* something is said. It most definitely is the priority of others. Consent. That an individual has the right to consent to information. And to decline it. 

But again, we’re back to your mental health, and I’m not sure what is best for you. So until I can determine this, I will stay silent on certain matters even though it does not feel honest to me. I also see now how much my private matters are my own. And need to be handled quietly and in private. It isn’t “importance” or my “value” that I lost. And it isn’t my self-esteem that is affected with my realization, which is why the word “humility” is such a poor word choice for this. 

It is… realizing my own… guilt. Realizing and accepting my own responsibility… it is realizing my own misuse of my Authority and Power on others. Realizing my own misuse of my Influence and how it affected others. And realizing that I acted and chose the things I did because I saw my past self in those I caused harm to. And, at that time, I did not believe I had the value, the worth, the power, or the importance to have any kind of an effect on others. “So why should my words or actions matter” if they couldn’t harm others. Ii have since learned, very deeply, that I do matter. My words, actions, and choices are important. They do have value and importance and therefore, they do affect others… very greatly in fact. It’s realizing I did become the abusers who hurt me. Realizing how I turned into the things I hated the most. 

And after that stage, there is the point of choice where I let it go and decided… okay… I’m going to choose differently. I’m going to use my abusers as my teachers and do what they didn’t do. I’m going to acknowledge the similarities between my abusers and my victims and choose something differently from now on. I’m going to be wiser. I’m going to be consciously aware of the power I wield and I’m going to prioritize all others to ensure I handle everyone with great care from now on because I do have the value, power, and importance to harm others. And I have been careless of others in the past.  

It’s not quite being ashamed of my actions as much as it is regret. But it’s genuine regret and ownership and responsibility and the acceptance of my consequences. And the choice going forward to do better. That… that is what I feel today and right now. 

And everything in my life feels much less… important now. Like the only ones who really matter are the people. Just the people. All of them. And very much you. 

I woke this morning feeling free of everything in me that ever bothered me and it is still gone. I am in no mood at this time to celebrate. But I am very happy with my progress. And… You are important to me. I value you. I enjoy sharing my world and my mind and views and thoughts with you. It feels very good to be able to share with you my progress and to let you into this part of me.  

It feels good to finally show you and share with you who I really am. It feels best of all to finally have the courage to open up to you and let you in. 

I’m sorry it took me so long to finally let you in so you could know me. I hope you have a beautiful day. 


That is where I am. That is what I have found.

I don’t know if this is part of the Healing or the Perspective Shift. I am not sure.

I feel like I was standing at the world, pointing my gun at everyone, and they all are pointing their guns at me… And I just… stopped. I suddenly realized… I was in a room of mirrors and I was pointing a gun into the mirrors and they all were pointing a gun at me. And so… I stopped and lowered my gun. And I took a knee. And I… surrendered so they wouldn’t feel threatened.

The first thing I did was to write to my Partner. My King and my You of I. My first Mirror. That is what he is. That is the You of I. It is our First Mirror. And so I… Told him in my own language, finally, all that I have ever wanted to say to him.

“I walk with you because that is my Belonging.”

I said:

I walk with you. 

I trust you. 

You are my King. 

You are my You of I, my chosen mirror. 

I surrender to you. 

I give you Unconditional Belonging. 

You have time and space to grow always from me. 

I give you patience from me. 

I receive you always, exactly as you are. 

This is my speech. This is how I talk in my world and in my cultural perspective. 

These are the vulnerabilities I give to you.

You do not have to receive them. 

They are a gift. 

You have them regardless of what you choose. 

Because you are my King and my You of I. 

And I walk with you because that is my Belonging. 

And I surrender to you. 

Because I trust you completely. 

And I want you to see me as I am. 

Because I love you without profit or gain. 

Sometimes, I write to you from my Cultural Perspective, and sometimes, I write to you from yours. And sometimes, I write to you in Common Perspective.

This one is in mine. And this time, I wanted to share my growth with you. 

But for that, you have to come into my Cultural Perspective to know me.


And that is when I realized… I know what I have to do. My Channel is now called “Unbreaking You.”

It is the Swinging Pendulum:

  • 1 Perspective : Indulgence in Comfort – Leads to Courage to become VULNERABLE – Sick of the Comfort… SHIFT priorities to value the Adventure, the Danger, the Exposure, The Vulnerability… Which is ONLY achieved through the Emotional Transaction of Surrender.
  • 2 Perspective Indulgence in Exposure (Vulnerability) and LEAVING the Comfort to indulge in the adventure and Exposure of Vulnerability = Exposure / Adventure = CRAVE the RISK…
  • 3 Perspective Integration of Vulnerability with X… Comfort with Adventure must be balanced…

I can feel the relinquishing of all control while I sit completely exposed.

New Emotion : Curious 2.0

Cautious Curiousness… apprehension? Explorative…

Emotional Flavors ! Wahoo!

Excitement… Curiosity, Caution… Excitements! Excited. Eager. Wise…

2nd Perspective : The Learning Perspective –

Open / Vulnerable to Receive…

“It isn’t safe to learn” = Trauma at this Perspective imbeds the Logical Fallacy into us that “It isn’t safe to learn.”

“Learning is Dangerous” = And now you have a bunch of children begin forced to attend school… but it isn’t safe to learn… So the children are being exposed to their trauma every day when they go to school…

“I hate school.”

Therefore, the aversion and low priority of learning and education is this culture of ours is a trauma response to traumatization endured in the 2nd Perspective.

Triadic Healing is FREE to any and all TEACHERS and SCHOOL SYSTEMS. Just Contact Anna for details.

2 January 2023 at 2:30 PM EST

I am in the full surge of the Perspective Shift. I’m finally learning to get comfortable with the changes and talking about them. I respect the courage of early Scientists. The fear Galileo must have gone through… and in the name of Education and Knowledge. I understand. A Scientist risks death, imprisonment, and the threat of aggression due to Fear of Change and Fear of the Unknown from others.

They are too quickly labelled “insane” and imprisoned.

Fear of “Insanity” is something I never experienced. I was raised with the label. In fact, for me, the scientific evidence, logic, geometry, and physics… these sciences are my ticket out of “insanity” and prove that my “madness” was never madness. I eagerly run toward them now. I can very easily see how time travel is possible with the changing of frequencies within the mind, but… I see us just… walking forward through time. Without the machine. I see us, and I have already begun to do this, using energy to reverse energy (it’s why I look so young). Because I know how to shift my cells and repair them with frequency.

I can see how it’s done. Though… I still lack the science terms to explain how I’m doing it. I just use my emotions to “think” of it and I know the emotional Energy is “doing” it. Cell regeneration through frequency and energy. And when I realized Emotions were Energy…

I’ve been seeing this world since I was 4. At 4, I played with it. They hated me so… I was never hindered by thoughts of being… unwanted. I wasn’t. I knew that. I loved me so much. I loved my Imagination most of all. I loved all the art I had to allow me to escape. I protected me. Removing the science and the Imagination and the math… I wasn’t mentally ill until my brother tortured those animals and I had to lock myself in my room to keep me safe. And then… the screaming of all of those men at 8 that caused my multiple personalities.

I can feel myself switching Dimensions. If we think hard enough on it, we can shift back in time. The body… Not so much. The body… is a shell that… It’s like clothes we choose to wear because “we think therefore we are…” Sometimes, I look at me and I can see my face change to a masculine, man’s face to a woman’s face, old and then child… Genderless then man again.

I know the reality is only limited to what we believe is real… because belief opens the mind to explore within… And fear closes the mind. I’m still cooking. I feel like the Doctor just regenerating… And I am so tired… I am going to smoke weed and sleep now. I’m so tired. And I’m so happy. *snaps my fingers….*

9 January 2024

I received love for the first time today. It came through the form of “Kindness.” And it filled my heart with a warmth I have never known before. It was like my Bitterness and Resentful monsters drank deep and it changed their red fur coats to soothing greens and blues. And they purred. I have never felt anything like this before.

My partner had sent me multiple acts of kindness in the past, put they always went right through me. I said the words “I appreciate that” and “thank you,” but they were always empty. This was not empty. It filled me with such a depth of soothing… love… that I am still stunned. And then I found Patience. The Savory, Appreciation, and Anticipation of the next serving of kindness he may give to me.

Such a feeling of… Just patience. It satisfies. Satisfaction. Another emotion. Satisfaction. I never felt… The stages of receiving love… It came through as Kindness.

  • Soothing
  • Patience
    • Enjoyment
    • Savory
    • Appreciation
    • Anticipation
    • Satisfaction
  • Reward now… I feel the reward internalizing and… There it is… the incentive to want to do good toward him to receive more. But not yet. I want to savor this. And enjoy the last “meal.”

This is the Emotional Pathway only experienced through Consensual Human Connection… No wonder so many people are forcing it. You can’t force this. It is a gift. It must be a gift. I understand. Oh, I understand. So much. I understand so much…

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