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The 5th Ethical Perspective of the You of I

14 February 2024

12th* Stage (Hypothesis)

The Apex

Description: Epiphany of Learned Ethic “Choice”

14 February 2024

12th* Stage : Vision

The Components of the “Next” Perspective : Vision

Description : When you can see the Components of the Ethical Stage and the Formation of the Next Greater Whole

15 February 2024; 9:30 AM EST

1st* Ethical Stage : Processing

*Here I will say I shifted into the 1st Stage of the 5th Ethical Perspective of the You of I.

Description : Silent processing. Feeling of Withdrawn. Quiet Contemplation. Inability to Converse, Talk, or Engage (Much like the 1st* Ethical Perspective…)

Son of a bitch… What if this is the 1st* Ethic? And so, the 2nd* is next…? The “Talking” with New Idea…

Why wouldn’t it be the 12 Lesser Ethics within the 12 Greater Ethics…? That would only be Logical.

So that I am currently in the 1st* Stage of the 5th* Ethical Perspective of the You of I

Captain’s Log… I will leave this up all day and for the duration of the 5th Ethical Perspective to Log my passage through the Ethical Stages.

I can see the Ethical stages within the Ethical Stages… But they are not aligned… which allows for the Spiral. One can simply deduce an infinite Ethical Stages of Integrated and Divided Stages, spanning out in both Directions. Micro Stages within micro stages and Macro Stages within Macro Stages…

More Epiphany. More “Vision” of Greater and Lesser Components as I process and take in more Comprehension of the Internal Expanse. I will be in Silent Observation (The 1st* or 7th* Ethical Stage) until I’ve crossed over into the 2nd* or 8th* Stage. This, technically, is the “Crossing Over.”

I am going to eat.

Or the 1st. The 1st is much like the 7th? Quiet Contemplation. And you did just “Shift.” Not the “10th” Stage. the End of the 12th.

Yes. That is more logical.

*Indicates that I went back and edited the document to reflect my updated hypothesis.

I don’t yet have my “new” priority,” which I had counted as “Official Day #1.”

Private Journals: 

I live on a Metric that is unaligned with the rest of the world. I find this existence to be very lonely. I toggle between three types of days: Discovery Center / Adventure Learning, Silent Self-Nurturing Comfort Learning, and Silent, Withdrawn Isolation. Oh… LOL… The I of I, The You of I, and the They of I. lol… Today, I am in the “I of I.” I understand. We live on a metric of 3… or 4. Integration of all 3… I am still looking for that.

I think we live on 3 of 4. 3 Metrics of 4 Integrations… Why does 4 of 4 suddenly mean something? No. That is illogical and it causes Cognitive Dissonance in my logical. It is definitely not 4 of 4, but is 3 of 4.

The 1st Ethic is the I of I

The 2nd Ethic is the You of I

The 3rd Ethic is the They of I

Is the 4th Ethic the All of I? (Yes. Says Intuition)


The 5th Ethic is I of I

6th Ethic is You of I

7th Ethic is I of I (See what I mean? The math is off).

8th is… I, You, They… When do we see All?

All only occurs once every 12, Anna. 1 X 12 X Infinity…

11:02 AM EST

It is as if the 1st and the 5th have combined to make a base recipe or a cocktail. It has been a long time since I have been this deep into retrospection.

The 1st if the 7th was intense. This is that intense. It is only my Stability in Love + Value + Purpose that I know my coordinates. Likewise, it is my Choice+Authority+Power that allows me to Control the situation at present. I have no fear. I have only knowledge.

And I still have so much to learn.

It is my Defined Philosopher’s Compass that gives me direction. I know which way leads out. I know which way is deeper. I can see now how the 7th of the 10th leads to another base recipe. The 2nd of the 4th is another base recipe. The 12th of the 3rd is another base recipe. I can see how everyone is just a cocktail.

However, I don’t know if the Paired “ingredients” are because I am in the You of I. And that, within the 3rd Point of View of the They of I, I will have 3 “ingredients” as base ingredients for the Recipe.

Thus, by the All of I, It will be 4 Stages… The 1st of 4th of 6th of 2nd that awaits our future? Like “Time” counted down by Stages. I see these 12 Stages…

There is a Ratio of Comprehension : Articulation : Definition that is the Definition of Insanity. we must always be sure that our Definition, Articulation, and Comprehension remain Aligned and Balanced. To not do so is to become “Insane.” Which is only ever an “Imbalance of Logic.”

I desire love with a Partner. I miss mine. And I often wonder how ever I could have a Partner with the undertaking of my work. Right now, I very much wish my Partner was near. It is the Grounding I seek in the You of I. The reminder of Who I am. So I seek “The Mirror” of the You of I to remember who I am. The Abstract is VAST. The Infinity of the Self… is greater than all of External Space.

The Cartesian Coordinate System, The Point of Origin, the Point of Relativity. The You of I points the Self Compass back to “Home.” And I think, right now… I need to go “Home.”


15 February 2024 – 4:33 PM EST

The 2nd Stage of the 5th Ethic of the You of I.

CHOICE! Choose as much as POSSIBLE. Indulge on CHOICE.

Empower the Self through Choice.

The last time I was here was August and September 2020. When I indulged on Choice for the first time in my life.


16 February 11:00 AM EST

I have all my memory of 2020 and 2021 now to compare to this Stage. I have finally come full circle.

3rd Stage of Integration of the 5th Perspective of the You of I.

You are a Self System, “The Self Universe, which is made up of components.”

I through 4, your purpose, your goal is to explore your options for choosing your components.

In the 5th Ethic, you now have enough components, that you can choose what you want to BUILD with those components.

18 February 2024 

Holding yourself Ethically Accountable for the consequences your Buying Choices have on the Ethically Moral of the planet. How Ignorance is Dangerous, long term and short terms consequences that the highly Uneducated are oblivious to.



19 February 2024

Day #1 of the 6th Ethical Perspective Stage of the You of I

Disorientation Day – Epiphany

Big Picture : Time

20 February 2024

Season of Change

22 February 2024

Big Picture: Finance and Money vs. Time : The Abstract Metrics we’ve bastardized

23 February 2024 – 3rd Stage of the 6th

Priority of the 6th : To Integrate Self-Control with Choice (I love how Mother Nature prioritizes Self-Control first)


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