Dealing with Overwhelm


Overwhelm = A lack of not knowing how to prioritize and organize.

Overwhelm = Utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to

  • Compartmentalize
  • Use Categories
  • Prioritize
  • Narrow Down your Options through Process of Elimination

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy if you struggle with Problem Solving vs. Emotional Overwhelm

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Emotional Management


Catalyst > Electrical Energy > Chemical Energy > Emotional Energy = Stored into Potential Emotional Energy

WITH CHOICE … or… It remains stored

X amount of Storage = Suppressed Energy or RESISTANCE


Emotional surplus of Potential Emotional Energy due to poor Self-Emotional Management

Catalyst > Emotion > Short “Reaction Time” > UNSTABLE and REACTIVE or PANIC

Problem Solving

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy : Identify, Name, and Consciously Interrupt then Redirect the Emotional Reaction into a Logical Action = Self-Control


“Psychology is the practiced craft of creating a complicated and confusing mess out of something that is relatively quite simple.” – Anna Imagination



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