Ready To Heal

Getting Ready to heal requires a mindset that too many people are not prepared for. They decide to heal. They realize they are wanting something better.

I call this stage, “Coming Into Awareness.” It’s the transition from the Ignorance of Chaos seen in the Foundational Perspectives to the Realization, the Awareness that their life is shit, they are not who or what they wanted to be, and they want something different.

But Waking Up or Coming Into Awareness is only the first step. This is where people first start to Google therapists, buy self-help books, and they start to poke around. The general consensus out there is that, “Healing is arduous, life long, eternal, and personal.”

This is bull shit.

Healing is Science. It is predictable, simple (not easy), and strategic. 100% of my Case Studies are healed in less than three months. Healing is a Formula that involves Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Psychology, and Logic. But you have to know what you’re doing, what needs to be done… and you need to be aware of the Whole. ALL healing currently available in the world only “heals” 1/3rd or less of an Individual… Which is why Healing takes so long, if ever it ends.

An Individual requires the Defined Self, The Logical Health, and Story Health. Holistic methods only address the Comfort Zone and the Soothing of the 1st out of 12 Perspectives. Modern Psychology… Followers of my work know how little I respect Modern “Psychology.”

If you want to heal, if you’re serious about healing ALL of you and FAST without any of the bull shit, then you are in the right place. My people are Accountable, they Prioritize their Healing and Mental Health above all else, and they are ready for Raw Self-Honesty to accept and confront the horror of what they had to face.

The goal of healing is to get your THROUGH any and all obstacles in your life that you currently face that prevent you from achieving your dreams. Bottom line, that is what you want. That is why you are here. You want something that you can’t have because your Mental keeps getting in your way. And you’re sick of it. Welcome to the Point of Change.

People fall into two categories at this point. The Unaccountable realizing they need to make a change, but who aren’t ready to claim the Authority of their Choices that caused 99% of their problems. The Accountable who claim the Authority and who are ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to push themselves through the current Story their Perspective has them trapped in.

No one sees the full benefits of Healing until and unless they are ready to Claim their Authority and Accept Accountability for your actions.

Right off, you need to DEFINE your Value and Priority. And then you really need to sit down and work out your relationship with your Authority and Power. Because at the core of every single one of us, that is the underlying problem. Your upbringing compromised your relationship with Autonomy, Authority, and Power and no amount of Yoga or Positive Affirmations is going to correct your Logical Fallacy supplanted by Fear in your Belief System.

See if you Qualify for Anna’s Triadic Healing.

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