Obsessed Thoughts : When the Minds Seeks Its Conclusion

In the case of the “Obsessed Thoughts”

We have Obsessive Thoughts because we are “seeking” our Foundation:

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we Belong?
  • Who are our People?

Our Minds and Logical Health require Data and If/Then Clauses. If we do not have that data, our thoughts turn “obsessive” as they “search” for the missing Logic. The Mind will run forever on Logic Loops and Catch-22’s, in search of its conclusion. The problem with Logic Loops is the Conclusion is missing.

Story is a the Natural Progression of a Logical Proof. And our Mind’s run on Story (Logic).

To lose any of pieces of our Story, creates loss, confusion, and an undefined self. An emotional Prosthetic Results and Conditional Loving/Belonging results. 


Who are we?

(Components and the Order of Operation)

  1. These are what you love.
  2. What your chosen qualities are.
  3. What actions and choices you make
  4. What skills you have chosen to develop
  5. What you can do
  6. Your skill level… What you can do well.
  7. What you plan to do with those skills and how to put them into a purpose.


What we choose to do and what we can do is not the same thing as the quality in which we can do something. Everything takes practice and learning, and too many people expect Mastery without Apprenticeship. Mastery without Practice. Mastery on the first try. This is “Perfectionism.” And when they are not a Master on the first try, they execute themselves and/or quit. 

Every skill requires time, trade, study, and practice. When you choose to do a skill, you need to ask “What skill am I willing to dedicate time and study into it for Mastery?” 


Where do we Belong?

  • The Belonging is home.
  • It is the place where you belong. 
  • The place that you have chosen (Not the place that accepts you)
  • Chosen Belonging is not the same thing as accepted belonging

Who are our People?

  • Community
  • Clan
  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Relationships/Lovers
  • These are your people. 

They are the chosen people who qualify to enter your Circle of Trust and also, who remind you who you are. 

Most people “Take what they can get.” And this puts them “at the mercy” of conditions, settling, and 

Your people and Belonging are dependent upon who you are. If you don’t define your core self, the belonging and your community will suffer. 


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