What is Wrong With the World Today?


Why do I say Education? Because if people were more educated then they would have this answer, they would have the solution, and they would have the application in place to correct it. But we don’t. The inability to even answer this question is a reflection of our lack of Education. These led me to ask why and how Education is so much of a problem in our society.

I did not have to look far.

I raised myself on the Free Form Hierarchical Learning System outlined by Plato, which was based on Pythagoras’ work. Ladder Learning and “Free Form” Branched Learning. I spent many hours comparing my Learning System to Traditional Learning Systems and the results are staggering.

The Hierarchal Learning was Art + Communication + Science + Maps. The Arts were mastered first, and then communication, and then the Sciences. Maps were last, which fascinated me. I would put the Internal Expanse in after Physics and Dimension Theory, but before Chemistry and Astronomy. Astronomy though… definitely. For I believe that our answers for Astronomy and the Great Expanse are found in the unknown and Unexplored Internal Expanse.

Philosophy was the integration that took place at the 8th Perspective (8 years old) to bridge the gap between the Arts and the Sciences using Communication. But Science is Abstract. And the only door into the Abstract is Imagination. Hence the need for Art and Creativity.

I am feeling the weight of multiple Dimensions today. There is no going forth into this Mastery without the Philosopher’s Compass, otherwise you lose yourself to the Existential Divide of the Undefined Self. And today, this moment, I need to nurture my Philosopher’s Compass.

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