The Teacher Delusion

This one was rough.

In 1984, I caught teachers in their first logical fallacy (lie?).

By 1992, after catching them in 3 Logical Fallacies (lies?) I fired the Government and turned to the Ancient Greek Educational System.

In 1998, I confronted my first teacher about the problem with Education. I had already written a 300 page essay on the inadequacy on Education in the US. The Essay was cancelled despite it being worth 80% of the grade.

In 2007, when my oldest started school, it continued.

In 2020, School teachers locked up my son and had a teacher stand guard. The incident was so traumatic that he quit school.

In 2023, I confronted my youngest’s Teachers due to the PTSD Symptoms showing up in my daughter’s behavior. Teachers (not students) had been abusing her.

In 2024, January, I decided to homeschool my youngest.

June 2024, I went into an online chat room and finally, FINALLY, confronted the entire room of teachers to explain the Educational System.

All, but 2 teachers attacked me. One, politely agreed and explained the situation, how I could best make changes to the System, and what needed to change.

I was met with abuse, slander, condescension, and aggression.

And not one of them had any clue that what they were teaching was not at all relevant to Adults in the Real World. It was like they lived in a bubble. Oblivious to life outside of Highschool.

I remember all the things my Teachers told me in high school, how they inflated the importance of their own Academic Disciplines. Yet no one could even answer what their subject did or was for. It was like the teachers never left school.

Which gives me an idea.

I will be teaching my own teachers. Cultivators. Real World Cultivators. Not Teachers.

This kind gentleman answered my questions. I explained how thorough my studies had been and how much I had covered in 30 years. I explained how in the hundreds of teachers that I had tried to talk to about this, he was the only one to actually talk about it.

One teacher, in 30 years, was willing to learn.

I wanted to cry. I still am in shock.

I will be training Real World Cultivators. That is final. I know how to proceed with this.


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