The Stages of Perspective Change

“The Stages of Grief” always bothered me. “Why grief?” I always asked. Grief is only one Emotional Pathway within the Stages of Change. “The Stages of Grief” however, were a fraction to a greater whole. The Stages of Perspective Change reveal the “Whole” and provides explanation to how it fits into The Cognitive Core and Perspective Development.

In the Second Diagram (Coming Soon), I will zoom in and focus on “The Abuser’s Door” as that element completely alters the Cognitive Core.

What you see in this diagram is what occurs during Optimum Mental Wealth where the Individual is Aligned, Balanced, and Operating at ideal Health (And yes. This is very possible to achieve. Triadic Healing does nothing, but clean up and correct this).

Below is a Comprehensive Video that breaks down The Cognitive Core : The Stages of Perspective Change

Natural Beliefs vs. External Beliefs (Coming Soon)

“Limiting Belief” = Logical Fallacy (This is actually a “Fear” in disguise as a “Belief”… Limiting Beliefs must be addressed with The Fear System)

1 – External Data In (Information)

2 –

3a –

3b –



6a –

6b –

6c –


“Realist” is condescending and inaccurate. Accurate Forecasting is a LIFE SKILL that is a result from Practice. A “realist” is a pompous term the boasts their Forecasting Skills due to insecurity. Accurate Forecasting can be learned.

Inventory + Forecast + Perspective = Must be aligned

8a –

8b –

8c –


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