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“Step into my world with me. I will show you what I see.”

Providing Story Stones for Bigger-Than-Life Mermaids trapped in small lives whose Golden Voices were Silenced through “Shrinking,” Trauma, and Social Anxiety.

Anna Imagination

Philosopher Bard + Oralstorian + Podcaster


Anna is an Award-Nominated Multi-Genre Author with 30 years in Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. She is a freed Domesticated Slave who overcame being raped on 9/11 and who survived animal abuse, physical abuse, pedophilia, sexual enslavement and torture, domestic terrorism, and forced prostitution. She countered her abuse with education as a means to escape.

Anna’s passion is Story Telling, Stage, and Networking. Story Stones are the markers Anna used in life to overcome her trauma through Life lessons that led her to the next Story Stone and were the key to keeping her alive as she built herself a path out of Trauma. Today, she gives these Story Stones to Bigger-Than-Life People who, like Little Mermaids, have lost their Voice to “Shrinking,” Trauma, and Social Anxiety.


Naming is a big part of Healing. During Trauma, it is the Self, The Voice, and The Name that is taken from us. I don’t believe we heal. I believe we simply “Revive the Self” and find our Name. A Name is the summation of the Self defined by the Self. I became my most completed Self when I found my Name: Oralstorian.

What is an Oralstorian you say? An Actor repeats the lines of a Playwrite. A Public Speaker talks to an Audience via a Speech. An Oralstorian is a Story Teller who presents a lesson through Theatrical presentation and Story. An Oralstorian plays with the Audience and Improvises.

Founder of Triadic Healing™ and The Philosopher’s Compass™ Leading Authority on Perspective Psychology

Keynote, Interviews, Stages, Virtual, Podcasts, Seminars, Workshops

Story Topics

  • “I was raped on 9/11” … A Forced Perspective
  • As I Am : The Power of Self, Imagination, Emotions, and The Beauty of Imperfect Authenticity
  • Imagination : Ambassador of Play, Creativity, and Curiosity : Learn to Learn
  • Finding Voice After Trauma and Taking Back Your Authority. The Voice of the Voiceless.
  • Our Storybook Stories and Dreams and How We Learn through Story
  • The “Shrinking” Mindset vs. The Growth Mindset : Prison Break Redemption. Your Mind : The Real Warden
  • The Lost Subjects : Shifting Perspectives, Learn to Learn, Teaching Through Story
  • Stone Soup : When The Ingredients Go To War (Community: The Forgotten Connection)
  • The Subconscious Dialogues : The Voices In My Head “Living with too much noise on the inside and not enough noise on outside.” Anna talks on what it was like living with Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Authority + Power + Control : The Role of Student to Teacher and The Forward Giving Exchange™
  • The Fae Goddess and Her Imp king : When Love Conquers Fear and Trauma Despite the Odds


Anna’s 2024 Calendar and Upcoming Events


“Anna is a an intuitive,  ferocious speaker,  keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.  If you think that’s impressive, wait until the question and answer period. It’s transforming.” 

– Richard (Stunned audience member)

Breaking Delusion (Podcast)

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