The Science of Dream and Time

The Science of Dream and Time


14 March 2024

Desire / Want / Fear = Identity Communicates via Dream

In this dream someone I cared about ignored me. Like he wanted to talk to me, but didn’t, couldn’t. So he tried to make me jealous. 

Then I looked at the Spiral and the Pendulum and I saw the Clock.

But then I saw Past separate from Present and Future and “Time” was not part Past at all. Past was separate from Present and Future. 

It was like a dream, but not. It was Intuition and Imagination merging to “Show Me” … something as if I was making logical deduction in my sleep. 

This second “Dream” was lucid Dreaming, which was more like Logical Deduction and it came from my “logical Belief System” or my Learning System. Not, my Identity with wants, Dreams, and Desires. 

It was as if… “Past” is not time at all. For it is not part of the spiral, the clock, the swinging pendulum. 

Time is the Progression. The growth. 

The Past breaks away from Time and becomes a Memory and a Record. But past does not MOVE. There is no progression with “Past.”

And I thought about all the “Dreams” that were in the Bible. Not “Dreams” at all… “Lucid Dreams.” Intuition + Imagination. 

It feels like Identity can dream, Imagination and Intuition both Dream. And when Identity Dreams, it’s worry, fear, desire… It’s like she’s… Plotting a new course.


I see a treasure map. I know this is redundant for my love of ships and pirates. But I see a treasure map.


And Identity has to set the heading. But Time is actually The Point of Choice, The X-Axis, and the Y-Axis. And when we hit an obstacle, mid-journey we have to set a new course. This is when broken heart happens. When you have to abandon a current Course, Mid-Journey, and plot a new one. 


And life becomes a series of Journeys, Plotted Courses that are abandoned, altered, changed… throughout our lives. Logged away into the Past. 


And when we have an obstacle, we have to plot a new course even when we don’t want to. That is what Choice is, plotting a new course. Abandoning the old one… This is time. The Choice, The journey, and the arrival of the Destination and/or the New Choice to reset the course. 


This is Time. 


Everything prior to Choice, stops being choice and becomes Memory. 


Time is the Process used to make Memory. 


This is the Lucid Dream I had last night. When Imagination and Intuition took over my mind for me. Well… Our mind. It’s like we all have to have our “turn” to Dream. Identity gets a turn with Imagination… Intuition gets a turn (Lucid Dreaming), and I (Conscious Awareness), I get a turn when I day Dream.


It’s like the three Norns, it is exactly like the Three Norns… All taking turns… But isn’t “Past, Present, and Future.” No.. That is not right. 


It’s “Dream, Desire, Point of Choice, Future.” It is Want + Present (Choice) + Future Heading.”


Past is not part of the Progression of Time. For it has become Memory.








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