The Point of Comprehension And Authority

Anger dissipates when you stand at the Point of Comprehension and you realize, no one stands above you.

No one.

People like to say that “Every one is equal.” But in true application, no one stands above you. Not the Law. Not the “Professionals.”

No one.

And when you see people “above you” who behave unethically, you are angry because you feel Powerless to change that. People who stand with no one above them are not Powerless. And so they don’t feel angry. In fact, they know exactly what to do and how to “cast stones” to get the precise actions that result in the positive change they desire.

Every thing is different at the Point of Comprehension.

I have spent all of my life trying to reach this Point. It’s quiet. Next on my agenda is to Master the Skill of The Perspective Scope.

I have no idea how to monetize this yet, but… Perhaps… The Nature will provide.


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