The Logical Construct of The Subconscious Mind

All Subconscious Minds are built on pure and complex logic compilations of If/Then Clauses.

The more logical the person, the more intricate and highly complex the If/Then Clause Compilation is. The Subconscious Mind uses If/Then Clauses as red herrings and armor, defense, as well as security and self-defense.

The more educated and highly logical the person, the more complex the logical construct, the more difficult to unravel all of it to get to the core Logical Fallacy, which the entire construct is built on.

If you want to heal, you need to unravel all of the If/Then Clauses in precise sequencing of logical order. You’ll need to Reverse Engineer your own logic, disproving all of your Logical Fallacy to yourself, out-logicizing your Subconscious Mind, while also out-smarting your Subconscious Mind, which will work harder to keep you distracted from this work via amnesia.

This is the purpose of Talk Therapy only… Psychologists have no idea about any of this. They just noticed that “sometimes it works.” Psychologists are about as useless as Bad Teachers.

This is what I think every night and forget. If Psychologists want to help people, they need to become Masters at Logic and Mathematics. Psychology is insanely complex logic.

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