The Inside Look Into Beliefs

My dreams are extraordinary.

I realized a few weeks ago that my lucid dreaming was walking me through the Dimensions, into the Quantum world of the Subconscious Mind. I was going into Identity.

Breaking down the Cognitive Core further.

When I made this connection, I started to manifest in my lucid dreaming state, where to go, as if steering the ship of my own dream that I used as a microscope into the Abstract.

Seeing what I see, knowing what I’m seeing, and feeling what I’m seeing is much different than putting it into words.

I remember the dreams upon waking and it very much furthers my research, but to put it into words… I store the information until the vocabulary comes to me.

Last night, while Quantum-Focusing on Beliefs within the Cognitive Core, it came to me.

I thought the 5 parts of the Cognitive Core were equal.

While they are equal in importance, they are not equal in Authority. I thought Logic and Ethics were the Authority. Turns out, it is Identity who runs the show. Freedom is what we experience when Identity exercises her Authority. Logic and Ethics must submit to her. While they strongly guide her with their moral and logical compass, they are just compasses. Identity is the Captain.

Last night, I dove into Beliefs.

What are Beliefs? Where do they come from? What are they for?

“Show me the next step,” I said as I fell asleep.

Beliefs are the macro-logical proofs formed from our interaction with the outside world that, when influenced by our Emotional Mental Environment (Positive or Negative charged Emotional Mindset), we form Beliefs that are then used as Premise to form our Perspective.

A Negative Charged Emotional Mental Environment produces Skepticism, Pessimism, and Hopelessness.

A Positive Charged Emotional Mental Environment produces Optimism, Determination, and Hope.


The one emotion I overlooked.

I spoke to a friend of mine a few weeks ago and he presented a logical argument as to why we should abandon all belief and never get attached to our beliefs.

I took this logical conclusion of his and decided to apply it and threw all of my beliefs out the window… not realizing that Hope went with them. Over the next few weeks, I saw my Mental Health decline. Last night, prior to bed, it was so bad, that I had to return to the Philosopher’s Compass.


The 6-Part Mental System?


The Cognitive Core?

I evaluated Identity who piped right up. “I love him! He STAYS!”

In all my 43 years, I have never seen Identity raise her voice or be adamant about anything. On this, she was… ANGRY, which confirmed that the Defense System (Anger) is very much part of Identity… along with Sad. At some point, post-healing, Identity Integrated my Defense System back into her.

Healing is just the Integration of all the Parts of the Self back into itself.

Over the last week, my Logical and Ethical Chambers assumed the role of Authority and had started to make some changes, which included, severing all ties with my Partner, which, apparently, she seriously had a problem with.

“Why would we do that?” I inquired last night and looked to…

The Logic System.

Honestly, it felt like a grand moment of me, The Conscious Awareness, standing before Identity, Ethics, and Logic, all going, “What is going on here!?”

Logic points a finger at Beliefs.

“Well, she told me to.”

“Beliefs…” I say looking at her all suspicious like.

“I don’t believe he’ll come back.”

Hopelessness. Oh. That’s why we need beliefs. How else will we have Hope if not for some positive belief that we can have better, do better, change, grow, and learn?

“What are you anyway?” I asked her.

Hence, my dream.

Within my Lucid Dreaming, I could see the Positive and Negative charges swelling like mystical battery juice around Beliefs as Logic calculates all the data I observe and feel from moment to moment into little logical Premises to be used for my Perspective.

I feel like my lucid dreams are The Magic School Bus for the Psyche.

“So,” I said while observing this Mystical Battery Juice of Positive and Negative charge that fuels the overall Energy Charge of each and every Belief. “It’s the Optimism and Pessimism that dictates the Energy Charge of our Beliefs.”

Which means, don’t change the Beliefs.

Change the Negative Thinking over to Positive Thinking.

So today, in Philosophical Coffee, we are talking about Beliefs and I will be reverse-engineering mine to show you how you can revere-engineer yours.

Breaking down The Defined and Balanced Self

PDF – The Carousel Scale if The Self

Perspective : The Defined Reality of the Self based on Personal Logic

Point of View is the Depth and Relative relation to a Defined Primary and Root or Base Coordinate.

The Point of Relativity : The Defined Base Reference Point with which to measure Location, Identity, Self, Depth, or Time. The Point of Comparison.

The “You of I” is the Point of Origin (as defined in the Cartesian Coordinate System)

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