The AIDNS : The Mathematical Equation that is the Human Being.

Math is just Logic Short Hand. In other words, Logic, when written in Short Hand, is what people refer to as Mathematics.

To study Logic is to study Math… without the Short Hand.

I never studied Math beyond Proof Building. I did study Logic. Gaining this knowledge this morning gifted me with the words to finally say what I’ve been trying to say.

Everything in life runs on a predictable, Mathematical Equation.

Either the Equation is known or it is undefined.

The most complex equation are composed of multiple variables.

The most complex of these is The Human Being’s Evolution, Growth, and Behavior.


I identified and defined all the components and variables that make up the Human Being, and condensed them into a single Mathematical Equation called the AIDNS.

Then, I created an Algorithm with which to diagnose your AIDNS to correct the imbalance, adjust your frequency, and solidify your components.

I found the Mathematical Equation that is the Human Being.


At this time, 28 February 2024, I am working on condensing it all into Short Hand (Mathematics).

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