The Pre-Abstract : The AIDNS and The Defined Components In Summation

 I built the AIDNS to be 100% compatible with the Subconscious Mind’s Natural Learning System, Self-Preservation System, and Logical Comprehension. The Mind will just consume it and spread it via the Law of Reflection. The AIDNS is a  Healing Virus that restores the Self-Equilibrium of Alignment and Balance to our Subconscious Mind and its Natural Function.

The Mind wants this, needs this, is starved for it, which is why everyone who receives it experiences a deep, logical sense of relief as Order is restored to their Logical Comprehension. It is 100% built on Consent. It is 100% Holistic. No one who will take in the AIDNS will do so without their Knowing and their Consent, which restores their Power and Self-Authority, which is the Catalyst for Initiating Healing. All you have to do is read or watch the Story and Understand. The Subconscious Mind does the rest. – Anna Imagination

The AIDNS are the Mental Components and Scientific-Method based on Physics and Logic that make up Internal Peace, Confidence, and Optimum Mental Wealth. It is the Equilibrium of the Self that, when misaligned and imbalanced, causes Mental Illness. I am currently preparing my Abstract on the AIDNS and the Emotional Transaction of Human Connection with the Process of Connecting an AIDNS to others.

  • Unconditional Love
  • Unconditional Belonging
  • Unconditional Happiness

These variables are too important to have them be contingent upon Conditions. The wanting of these three variables is sufficient cause to obtain them without Condition. Using “If/Then” clauses to make them dependent on situations out of our Control is illogical and self-destructive.

The AIDNS is the Integrated Components and Order of Operations to Achieve Optimum Mental Wealth.

The Goal of the AIDNS is to achieve Aligned Balance that preserves the Natural Equilibrium of the Self-System (A closed System and micro universe). Upon completion, you will be able to Restore your Self-System Function and Connect your AIDNS to another to achieve Healthy Human Connections and Relationships. This is how you achieve Mental and Internal Peace.

The AIDNS is 100% Holistic and based on Ethical Law of Natural Order per Mother Nature, Logic, and Physics. Estimated time of completion and full integration is between 2 to 12 Weeks depending upon the Formula: Suffering + ROI > Risk + Work required for Change

The AIDNS is the Accumulation of the Components : Learning for Growth + Order of Operations for Alignment and Balance + Conscious Awareness of Strategic Choice

Which is the Accumulation of the Components : The Life Vitals : Love + Value + Purpose (The Accumulation of the Components)

The AIDNS and the Defined Components of The Self, which are the Components of Internal Peace, built from Logic, Physics, Geometry, Ontology, and Science.

  1. Authority > Power > Control (Ending Hierarchical Authority within the Self with Priority) Boosting Confidence, Self-Esteem, and eliminating Fear.
  2. Logical Choice + Fear Equilibrium (Fear Based System vs. a Logic Based System) with Beliefs as the Center of Balance
  3. Emotional Mental Environment of Positive and Negative Emotional Energy
  4. The Cognitive Core (Operates with a Base of Identity and Choice/Self-Authority) Identity + Ethics + Beliefs + Defined Integrated Whole > Perspective/Reality/Truth (Imbalance when Perceived Reality Supplants Identity)
    1. 7 Parts of the Mental System
    2. The Map of the Subconscious Mind
    3. Emotional Management
  5. The Philosopher’s Compass:
    1. The 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth (Measuring the Abstract and Growth via Perceived Time) to Eliminate Identity Displacement, Re-activate Nature’s Learning Pendulum, and Restore the Defined Self to the Conscious Self
    2. The Rate of Growth and Learning Center of the Mind : Natural Order of Evolution (Comfort + Adventure + Processing AKA Indulge + Avoid + Integrate)
    3. Self-Care Regimen

The Emotional Transaction of Human Connection is the Connecting of one AIDNS to another AIDNS. Ideal connection occurs when two or more AIDNS’s are at Optimum Mental Wealth. Being Seen, Being Visible, and Being Known to Others is Vulnerability and the Act of Connecting with Others Through the Conscious and Strategic Practice of Vulnerability.

The Stages of Integrating the AIDNS into your System is:

  1. Knowing
  2. Belonging
  3. Authority
  4. Naming
  5. Owning

And the Integration of these Five Stages, which are the Integrated Components of Self-Love.

You will require the Tools of Expansive Thinking, Understanding, and the Resolve to do it.

14 February 2024


  • Pain is Cognitive Dissonance due to an imbalance of Self-Equilibrium in relation to the Ethical Law of Natural Order
  • Pain is the negligence of not Choosing, resulting in feelings of Fear and Helplessness
  • Pain is Poor Management of Emotional Energy resulting in a surplus of Stored Emotional Potential Energy not being transferred to Kinetic Energy
  • Pain is Wants, Dreams, and Desires that the Individual fails to Pursue due to a False Belief that they Can Choose
  • Pain is an absence of Love, Value, and Purpose with which to direct the Life-Story Path of the Self
  • Pain is living with the Phase Differences between the Fear System and the Ethical System of the Self
  • Pain is the Divide of the Self and the Collapse of the Integrated Whole of the Self
  • Pain is the Displaced Identity of the Self either in a 3rd Party or a 3rd Party usurping the Self

Pain is 100% Always Internal due to Poor Self-Regulation, Knowledge, and Management.

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