The 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth: The Math (AKA “Jacob’s Ladder”)

I finally sat down today and wrote out all the math as I see it as of the 10th Ethical Perspective of the You of I (11 March 2024). This is the “B Group” Ethics in the Cognitive Core.

These are the Components of the Cognitive Core:

  • A = POO + Y-Axis = Past
  • B = //1+> 12 +> Infinity)
  • C = Logic + Beliefs = X-Axis or Present
  • D = Name
  • E Perspective Summation = Reality

A + B + C = D => E where Resistance > Interference


[(POO + Y-Axis = Past) + (//1+> 12 +> Infinity)] + (Logic + Beliefs = X-Axis or Present) = (Name) => Perspective Summation = Reality where Resistance > Interference

The majority of our Culture is between 1st and 4th Ethical Perspective. Very few make it beyond the 6th where Mental Illness prevents the Individual from going further into the Abstract Plane.

The Abstract Plane begins at the 7th Ethical Perspective.

In short, no “Parrots” are permitted past the 6th Ethical Perspective. The 7th+ Perspective of the I of I is where “Author” and the “Master” begin. No one who Parrots the work of others make it past the 6th.

Below depict the Formula Depicting Human Ethical Evolution and Perspective Growth for “//1+> 12 +> Infinity”

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