Narcissism : The Perfect Psychological Weapon of Warfare

It is important to note that “Psychology” in this Abstract refers only to Philosophical-Psychology as practiced, taught, and mastered by Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, and Angela B. Chrysler, and has no affiliation at all with “Traditional Psychology” practiced today.

“Why did Rome kill Socrates?”

“Because he became too powerful.” is what I was told except… there are no stories about how Socrates rose to power… There was no following, no uprising, no mass groups plotting uprising against Rome… In fact, Socrates was excited to die because he wanted to go on to the next adventure…

So why did Rome kill Socrates?

I believe Rome killed Socrates because he invented Romanticism-Narcissism as a Psychological Weapon of Warfare, and Rome could not risk letting that information leak out. Socrates’ death, which he went to happily, would ensure the success of Romanticism-Narcissism as a Psychological Weapon.

Socrates was killed in 366 BCE, and 60 years later, Alexander The Great secured all of the Roman Empire for Rome at the age of 18 years.

Narcissism is how he did it.

Narcissism is a Psychological Infection.

  • Infiltrate through Kindness like a Psychological Trojan Horse
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Highly Contagious and spreads unchecked

If that isn’t a Strategic War Tactic, I don’t know what is.

Military has used geniuses, scientists, and philosophers to invent weapons for war for centuries. Millennia, even.

We see this in the atom bomb.

Almost every invention of mass destruction was due to military intelligence approaching a genius or a person of science to invent a new way of conquering an enemy.

Narcissism was one of the earliest forms of psychological warfare approached by the Roman militia to the genius philosophers of its day, to invent a psychological weapon to take down an enemy flawlessly.

After defeat that resulted in the Roman empire, losing control over Rome, and forcing her to retreat to the Byzantium where she took refuge in Persia, later Constantinople, the Roman Empire plotted its vengeance and uprising.

In the third century, it succeeded.

Behind closed doors for 60 years, the Council of Nicaea, built and plotted what we thought was the Christian Story as they determined, which creeds which aspects which pieces would be pulled and brought together.

Constantinople was credited as being the first Christian Roman Emperor, and he erected the first church and legalized Christianity.

I do not believe Constantine the first was a Christian.

I believe Constantine the first was a Roman emperor.

And the psychology of the Roman emperors is very much identical to the mindset displayed in Nero.

If we change the way we think about Constantine the first, and we evaluate the fact that Rome spent 60 years doctoring the Christian Story prior to its legalization…

When you couple and accumulate all of the data in the information of what we know Narcissism to be, and also the psychology of warfare with the psychology of the Roman Empire, and also the actual Christian Story taught by Christ versus the behavior of the Christian Church, you will see entirely contradicting stories.

But what is not known to many people is the information that was taught within the University of Alexandria. That information is vital to understanding how all of this connects together, and how it was executed, how it later was used to infiltrate our entire culture leading to the mess that we have today.

My life work is spent identifying and connecting each and every one of these dots to show you how these incidences over 2,000 years were strategically built around the information invented by Pythagoras that were used for Psychological warfare, and then embedded in the Christian Story to infiltrate and infect civilians.


We are logical.

But at some point, there was that first moment of illogic and deceit.

And that first moment of logic and deceit was the catalyst for setting off this massive, psychological infection, known as Narcissism.

There must be a Starting point.

And in all of my work, I was able to track down the starting point to Alexander the Great, Socrates, and Pythagoras.

This information about where and how Narcissism was invented as a Psychological warfare tool, leads to my being able to break down how Narcissism works, and the functions of it, as well as the cure.

There are three parts to The Absent Enemy:

  • Infiltrate
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Spread

A perfect, invisible virus.

It truly required the mind of Socrates to invent this thing.

The first requirement is ignorance.

Ignorance is 100% the first requirement of any victim.

If they are not aware of this strategy, Narcissism cannot be used against them.

Their ignorance is vital to its success.

As a result, education is absolutely targeted, which is why, in the fourth century after the completion of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, the Roman Empire destroyed all of Alexandria. Caracalla, the Roman Emperor at that time, ordered every citizen slaughtered in 380 CE.

For those of you who do not know Alexandria was not just a trade city.

It was the education and knowledge epicenter of the Ancient World. The city revolved around a the University of Alexandria, Plato’s University, which consisted of the infamous Library of Alexandria and The Museum or Serapeum. And, at its port, was one of the Seven Wonders, the Lighthouse of Pharos, literally the universal symbol of knowledge and education.

There is one fact about Alexander that most people do not know. It is the knowledge of precisely what was contained at the library of Alexandria.

Alexandria had a very unusual Law. 100% of all written document that passed through Alexandria was confiscated by “soldiers” from the Library.

Grocery list and love letters.

Political documents and certificates.

Bookkeeping and tax records.

Inventory and Manifests.

No matter how petty or how important, every document was confiscated.

The owner of the document was given a number, and the document was taken to the Library of Alexandria, where there were scribes. The scribes proceeded to write down and make a copy of everything that was brought to them.

If you wanted your document back, you had to take your number to the Library of Alexandria, turn in your number, and they would give you the copy of your document. They kept the original.

It’s really important to know that, at this moment in history, Alexandria also was the largest trade and Seaport in the Ancient World. All Silk Trade roads, all trade roads met at Alexandria.

No one had access to more documentation than Alexandria.

Alexandria was equivalent to Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, and Cairo all wrapped up in one.

The other thing about Alexandria that was really fascinating was how the University was run.

Plato was the one who designed Alexandria.

The University had a series of subjects, most of which were art based, inspired from the Muses in Greek Culture.

There was also Astronomy and Physics, Medical, Biology, and something that I like to call “Plato’s Astrology.” Not to be confused with today’s Astrology.

There were three other topics as well that were taught in Alexandria’s University, but that did not have names because it is literally the study of philosophy:

The first subject is the study of learning.

More specifically, the mastery of learning.

The mastery of teaching was subject number two.

And the mastery of perspective was the third subject.

In order to study and master perspective, you must study and master multiple subjects.

After a certain level of education was reached, the scholars realized, and regularly practiced, the art of “Knowledge-Cocktails.”

Knowledge-Cocktails are my forte.

When you combine three or more subjects of Mastery, a new subject emerges.

If you combine Physics with Astronomy and Plato’s astrology, you get something called Metaphysics.

When you master Art, Writing, and Theater, you get something called Story-Telling, which, when combined with Comedy and History, you get the Mastery of Teaching.

And when you combine History and Psychology and War with Sociology and Economics, you get the Mastery of Perspective.

At the Mayo Clinic, there is a panel of doctors, each one with their own field of mastery.

The flaw in this is that each individual has only one mastery.

This is due to our significantly limited belief, that if an individual is a “Jack of all trades, then he is a Master of none,” and therefore, it is often believed that it is not possible to master more than one subject in a lifetime, which is why, today, one person often studies one subject for 10 years and then no more. But in Alexandria the Philosophers and their Discipuli were Masters of All the Subjects.

In Alexandria, they approached education very differently.

Because they knew how to unlock thinking, which is actually just the study and mastery of learning how to learn.

8 and 12-year-olds were able to master most of these subjects by the time they were 12 years old.

So, by the time a human person was 15 to 20 years old, they had the ability to master the Knowledge-Cocktails.

One person at Alexandria was equivalent to the entire board of the Mayo Clinic.

And that is just one example of the subject of medicine.

By making these cocktails of education and knowledge, an individual has the ability to see perspectives and relationships to things on such a level…

And they knew this, and they mastered it in Alexandria. The teachers and the philosophers in Alexandria created new subjects, different perspectives, and explored the universe on such a level… One thing that strongly amuses me is that Metaphysics is, according to Aristotle, referred to as The First Philosophy.

I can’t help but ask the question, “What is the second and the third Philosophy?”

After Alexandria was destroyed in 380 CE, the very first thing Rome did, that same year, was issue the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 CE, established the Holy Roman Christian Empire. By this time, Plato’s Astrology, which was part of the Knowledge-Cocktail with Astronomy and Physics, was made illegal.

I want to know what’s so dangerous about Plato’s Astrology that it was made illegal immediately in the 4th Century.

Plato’s Astrology is not the Astrology we have today due to its absence of Physics and, in most cases, Astronomy.

Plato’s Astrology did not survive, and it is currently a dead and extinct subject.

In several Christian sects, it is made very clear that Philosophy is banned and violates the Church Doctrine and Creed.

And then the United States Government removed art and music, theater and painting from the schools in the 1990’s and 2010.

After the destruction of the University of Alexandria, and the annihilation of the entire city, immediately, Western Culture was plunged into the Dark Ages.

This was on purpose.

The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth

The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth as outlined and detailed throughout my studies, Philosophy, and Psychology, have many functions.

Upon the completion of each Ethical Perspective Stage, the Ethical Perspective Stages can then be merged to create a new Knowledge-Cocktail and Perspective, creating something new.

The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth are the building blocks and the foundation of the Self, which are the building blocks and the foundation of romantic relationships, all relationships, which are the building blocks and the ingredients for family and community, and then society and culture.

You cannot have the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth and a manipulative government.

The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth are the security system of the Mind that protects an individual’s perspective from any and all manipulation and abuse, and the Philosophers of Alexandria knew this.

When, Socrates invented Narcissism, it was done deliberately and strategically to infiltrate and tear down the first three ethics of an enemy’s mind: The Foundation of the Self.

I thought it was quite interesting to see that there were no mental illnesses past the fourth perspective. It’s almost as if this was deliberate.

One of the things that we learn in Philosophical Psychology is what is natural and what is not. We call this Natural Law. And the way the Subconscious Mind is designed, is its natural ability to evolve, expand, and grow.

The more I studied mental illness the more I realized that mental illness violates the law against nature herself.

Between Darwin and Natural Law, evolution and medicine — and every biological law known to human people — mental illness, should not exist. It is a contradiction, an abomination.

It isn’t possible.

According to Natural Law and the behavior of the Subconscious Mind, it is as if we have our very own emergency failsafe inside of our mind.

Why would Mother Nature ever create a Self-Destruct button inside of the Subconscious Mind?

Now we have nuclear weapons which are self-destruct weapons created by military personal with motives of warfare. When you look at the Psychology of the Cold War and do evaluate the concept of total and complete species extinction, every little bit of Psychology says that “Nuclear Weapons should not exist,” but they do.

The existence of Nuclear Weapons completely contradicts the concept of Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” embedded within our evolution designed, by Mother Nature, to keep our species alive. And yet they exist.

When a person is Mentally Ill to the point of suicide, that individual reaches a level of despair where, in many cases, natural instinct of self-preservation kicks in. This is why the fail rate of attempted suicide is so high. According to NIMH in 2023, there is one suicide for every 12 attempts. According to The American Association of Suicidology, only 1 of 26 succeeds. Self-Preservation is one of the oldest and strongest pieces of our Subconscious Mind that is hardwired to keep us alive.

Our need to procreate and our desire to survive, surpasses, and exceeds everything else known to man.

Our need to continue as a species is embedded into our Natural Law. Suicide and Mental Illness contradicts that programming, which confirms more and more that mental illness is a Man-Made invention exactly like the atomic bomb.

When I broke down Narcissism, and I saw that the three pieces, the three stages of Narcissism were literally infiltration, divide and conquer, and then spread within a community like a virus… well, I have studied a lot on the Psychology of warfare, including reading the Art of War, and Narcissism plays out and reads exactly like a military handbook.

The Psychology of Narcissism is identical to the Strategic Psychology of War that encompasses the same Mindset that funded the invention of the Nuclear Weapon.

But the name is what bothered me more than anything because it literally contradicts everything that is the Greek story of Narcissus. And… I also studied Homer’s Ulysses, and I am very familiar with the Psychology of Rome, and their love and passion of the Trojan Horse as depicted in many Greek Performances during the retelling of Helen of Troy.

What better weapon than an actual Psychological War Tactic presenting itself as an Abstract Trojan Horse. It is as if the inventor said, “Let’s call this Narcissism, a new Psychological Potion, designed to boost Self-Love and Confidence among Generals and Kings. Let’s present it as a gift in peace. Wait for them to be vulnerable so we can infiltrate, and then we divide and conquer.”

“Let’s take it up a notch,” says Socrates. “Let’s take the story of Homer and amplify this. Let’s go one step forward,” says Socrates. Actually, I think the Roman generals did this. “What if we have it so it’s self-infectious, and, while we’re at it, it would be great if we didn’t have to be there in the process losing our own soldiers… As if we poison the water, turning them against each other, so all we have to do is sit back, watch, and wait.”

This is the Psychology of War, and after the civilians took down the Roman Empire I can very easily see the Romans going, “Hey! We need to teach them a lesson. We need to make sure that they never do that again.” We see this from the English Crown following the Battle of Culloden. We see this in the United States of America following the American Revolution. We see this in the French and in the Russian Monarchs, following their Revolutions and the uprising of its people vs. its Governments.

You want to know how to keep the civilians obedient? Let’s feed them Narcissism because now it’s the Roman Empire versus the people.

Let’s take their money and tell them that money is the root of all evil.

Let’s make them ignorant by removing and banning education.

They love story because that’s what we do, and we know that from Perspective Psychology, compliments of Philosophy.

“All we have to do is give them a good story and have them go “tell it on a mountain.”

Have them prioritize a superior, single entity that we set above their own family and Kin, husbands and wives, children and clans.

And then have the Priests in place, 100% financially sponsored by the Kings who funded them, so that when that king announces an edict from a Roman Emperor disguised as a Roman Priest, the people obey “The Word of God” without question.

Let’s also add the Tithing Tradition that you are supposed to give as much as you possibly can because, after all, money is the root of all evil. You’ve made them poor. You’ve made them terrified of money and wealth. That’s one power down.

Let’s create the Confessional System so that you’re not supposed to talk to your partners and everybody in your clan about your problems. No… that’s private and that is between you and God. What better way to divide and conquer a people?

You’ve taken away their communication now that they’re not talking to each other. They’re talking instead to the Confessional who’s taking that information directly to God. That’s two powers down.

And you’re doing all of this, while you prioritize the Feudal Lord above your clan.

And you’ve taken their education, so they can’t figure out what’s being done to them. That’s Three Powers down.

There’s five things that an abuser requires from their victims:

  • Cooperation
  • Ignorance
  • Trust
  • Value
  • Availability

Beckett figured this out and decided to actually do what Christ said, and the King had Beckett killed.

Martin Luther figured this shit out. “I’m gonna do what Christ actually said,” and Martin Luther was killed.

Tindale decided that the people needed to actually have access to an English Bible instead of a Latin Bible they couldn’t read. He translated the Bible from Latin, and the Roman Empire had him killed.

I cannot begin to list all of the names of the Scientist who started to figure shit out and who were all killed or sentenced to life in prison.

And then, in the ninth century during the Islamic Golden Age, when Islam started to revive Alexandria and created the Arabic Numbers we use to this day, they were also taken out by the First Crusades.

Now this is interesting.

Because my first question was, how did the information from Alexandria survive?

There was a leak somewhere.

When I started to break all of this down, one of the things that I noticed was the Triangle System that I call, the Philosopher’s Compass.

The infinite repetition of a triangle.

Hence Triadic Healing.

The Philosopher’s Compass 100% relates to and begins with Socrates’ philosophy. The four questions Socrates asked:

  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Where are we going?
  • Why are we here?

Each one of these questions is a point of the triangle plus a singular point in the center of the triangle, which, upon the completion of the fourth Point, births and gives creation to the next triangle. The Philosopher’s Compass is The Creation Code.

Each Triangle is made up of 12 Points total.

And the 12 points of that triangle, the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth, when they come together, the next Triangle is Born.

For all infinity.

I call this formula 1 x 12 x Infinity.

And I noticed that there was one other culture, only one, that was just as fond of the Triangle as Socrates and I.


Trinity Church. Trinity College in Dublin.

The Holy Trinity, invented by Roman Emperors, was derived directly from Socrates’ work and hides the Philosopher’s Compass.

Now, I am very familiar with the history of Ireland, and I noticed that the way Saint Patrick imperialized Ireland was absolutely in contradiction to all of the Psychology of Imperialization, War, the Holy Roman Empire, and or the Roman Empire.

Anomalies in history light up in my brain like a big red flashing button.

So when I saw what Patrick did, it stopped the world in my mind, and I zoomed in and dissected.

At this point my study, I had reviewed more than six thousand years of warfare and psychological imperialization

And Saint Patrick broke the mold.

Instead of imperializing the Irish, he preserved them. I thought this was odd.

His backstory is also very interesting. He was English who was imprisoned, abducted, and enslaved by the Irish. And yet he sought to save them. Now… I am a 12 Perspective. I know the “Forgiveness” Ethic when I see it. St. Patrick was a 12th Perspective.

I have studied the Subconscious Mind of hundreds of imperial lords, and Saint Patrick does not fit that Psychology.

Saint Patrick was a nobody. Now this is interesting. Ireland, the Celts never were capable of being imperialized by the Romans. They couldn’t do it.

The Germanic Tribes, the Celtic Tribes, and Norway were all exempt from Roman Rule. Norway’s terrain protected them until the 10th Century. In 995 CE, Olaf Tryggavson did to the Norsemen in 5 years, what all of the Roman Empire would do in 2,500 years. By the 4th Century, the Germanic Tribes joined forces with the Roman Empire.

But not the Irish.

The Irish had (have) a long history of resistance.

There’s a little bit of my Irish pride in that comment.

I am a firm believer that Patrick got his hands on the Narcissist-Roman WarFare Plan, The Philosopher’s Compass AKA The Creation Code, and I believe he carried it to Ireland, told the Priests and the Druids the truth, and preserved them and their culture with the information.

I believe that Trinity Church, the Druids, and the Irish priests who decorated The Illuminated Manuscripts, were actually charged with the responsibility of holding, hiding, and preserving Plato’s curriculum of Alexandria that contains the Philosopher’s Compass, the 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth, the cure to Narcissism, as well as the Narcissist-Roman WarFare Plan. I believe Ireland became the Hidden and Secret University Alexandria, until the late 1600’s. The number of books and illuminated scripts that were destroyed during that time…

I do not know how much of the information was lost, preserved, and how much of it made it out of Ireland in the 17th Century. I believe that Saint Patrick very strongly imparted on Ireland, the severity and dire need to resist the Roman Empire.

And, my God, how they have paid for that resistance.

During my research, I noticed that some swords surfaced during the Viking age in Scandinavia, which defy logic.

I will say again, that anomaly very much attracts my attention, and I noticed that there were some swords that were being produced by the name of “Ulfberht” from the 9th to the 11th Century.

Ulfberht Swords were a type of manufactured sword in Norway as well as other areas of Scandinavia, that exceeded technological possibility. These swords were 500 years ahead of their time. It is also known that, between the 6th and the 9th centuries, Islam was very much connected to Norway and Scandinavia due to an explorer and educator by the name of Ibn Fadlan. Ibn Fadlan was Islamic who lived with the Vikings for years around the same time as the Islamic Golden Age.

By the way, fun fact. There was so much trade, raids, and exchange going on between Ireland, Norway, and Scandinavia, that, during the 7th Century, the High Kings of Ireland were Norwegian Vikings.

Needless to say, between Ireland and Scandinavia and Islam, they all had access to the Philosopher’s Compass and Alexandria’s Curriculum that was passed by Saint Patrick to Ireland from Alexandria when he went into Ireland to imperialize.

The First Crusades were launched, and the Holy Roman Empire, determined to keep their Narcissist-Roman WarFare Plan a secret, and also to preserve their monopoly on The Creation Code, declared Holy War on Islam, putting an end to the Islamic Golden Era.

Around that same time, someone within the Holy Roman Empire said, “Let’s build a bunch of amazing, architectural cathedrals.”

I also studied Architecture.

I love Architecture. Its Geometry in Real Life.

And I could not help but notice that, despite the significant lack of education and funds, the Notre Dame Cathedral was being constructed. One of many 10th Century, Gothic cathedrals.

Now the money is not a mystery.

But the education was.

Or it would be if you don’t know about the University of Alexandria and the information that was being monopolized by the Roman Empire.

Over the next 500 years, the world would see more scientists and geniuses, artists and Visionaries being killed. Each one of them having figured out and gaining access to The Creation Code. Or… The God Code.

But DaVinci attracted my attention.

I realized that DaVinci got his hands on what I now refer to as The God Code. I know DaVinci’s sense of humor.

DaVinci had an amazing sense of humor.

And when I pulled up The Vitruvian Man, the first thing I asked myself was, “Why Vitruvius?”

He could’ve drawn any man in all of history, and he chose Vitruvius.


So I researched Vitruvius.

I learned a lot about Vitruvius.

I learned that in the first century, Vitruvius invented air-conditioning for the Roman Empire, and he also invented indoor plumbing and the aqueduct.

Vitruvius was an architect, and he had The God Code.

This is the best part.

Vitruvius was very close friends with Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar hired Vitruvius for a number of little projects like the Calendar.

I feel like DaVinci was just pointing his big-ass arrow right at Vitruvius, saying, “He’s part of this. Here’s a crumb in your bread trail.”

It’s more of a stepping stone to show you the trail that The God Code carried.

I don’t know why… I really don’t remember what it was one particular day that something in my mind clicked, and I thought. “I need to look up Pythagoras.” But I pulled up Pythagoras, and I saw that he was also killed (according to one source) by the Roman Empire around 495 BCE.

Now, at this point, I realized that, anytime Rome killed anyone, it was strategic and on purpose.

Pythagoras proceeded Socrates, and when he died, Pythagoras’ philosophy was divided into two types of philosophy: Cynical Philosophy and Platonic Philosophy.

I know nothing about Cynical Philosophy (yet) because that has not been my area of study (yet). I studied Socratic and Platonic Philosophy.

I have not dealt deep (yet) into DaVinci beyond this point mainly because I’m expecting it to be an amusement park for my brain, and I want to make sure that, when I attend this theme park, I have all the resources in place to enjoy that endeavor.

I also had other priorities that commanded my attention.

I began mapping from Pythagoras on, tracking the path of The God Code, tracking how that knowledge passed on through the centuries to my brain.

It was in 1995 as I was starting to look at higher education to determine which colleges to attend, when Mr. Holland’s Opus was released, raising awareness to the new practice in the United States of removing and downsizing the art departments in schools. I was one of many artists who was highly concerned about this. I was studying Plato’s curriculum in Alexandria when I caught another anomaly.

Our genius that was the US government was cutting art departments and funding sport departments, while the University of Alexandria boasted no sport departments and nine art departments that ranged from music, dance, poetry, metric writing, reading, stage, theater, comedy, and tragedy… while there were only seven sciences: Astronomy, Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Biology, Economics, and Plato’s Astrology.

I will remind you that Alexandria was the education epicenter and knowledge capital of the world.

That Alexandria was the information passed down from Pythagoras.

I had this moment where I said, “Who is smarter? Plato? Or the United States Government?”

Because in 1995, the US Government and Plato were officially in disagreement over the importance of Art.

I examined the evidence.

Plato was responsible for the University of Alexandria as well as teaching Philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle who taught Alexander the Great. And I also believe that Jesus attended the University of Alexandria at the age of 12. Compare Christ’s Teachings to Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato.

The United States Government in 1995 was responsible for a cum stain on a dress.

I rest my case.

It was in that moment that I realized the United States Government was not intelligent.

And that Plato might be a little smarter than the United States Government.

So I decided to attend the University of Ancient Alexandria at 15 years old.

I would like to thank the Clinton Administration for making my decision an easy one to make.

My father was not impressed.

When I began to study the work of Plato, Philosophy, and Psychology in precisely the order that Plato had outlined with an emphasis on the Greek Muses, I made sure that I studied the History available to Plato at that time. So I studied Plato’s History, Late Antiquity, Ancient Greece, Classic Athens, and then I studied the Roman Empire and their political and Societal System, their trade, their agriculture, and early man.

“Let no man who has not studied geometry under these walls.”

So I trusted Plato, and I studied geometry and Music Theory, Physics, and Mathematics, and I remember the day my brain changed.

I was 15 years old, and I did not know it then, but I had just found The God Code and unlocked it. Around that time I took an IQ test, which resulted in 180.

And then I started to read The Great Books.

Narcissism attacks the language, and it provides manipulation and infiltration by corrupting first first and foremost the words we use.

The words we use are provoking an emotional response that we’ve been trained to feel most of our lives so that when we hear the word “Friend” we relax, and our defense goes down. You can use words to evoke, by force, any emotion you want out of anyone you want at any time.

So if I extend my hand to you and smile and say, “Hello friend,” you will naturally relax because you have an embedded psychological connection to the emotion and the word “friend,” so you will trust me.

This is dangerous information when it is passed onto the wrong people.

Because then, those wrong people, if they are in a position of power, can wipe out the educators so that no one else knows how powerful this information is.

Certain words could then be embedded into our system via story that teach us to trust certain people.

When I studied and mastered storytelling from Plato, what I learned was the economic transaction of authority, power and control, with our natural learning system, combined with our need for story and entertainment, and how all of that is wrapped up in stage and theatrical presentation.

Much seen by an evangelist and religious speaker.

Or an actor.

The reason why pastors and preachers are taught to present a very certain way is because because according to Plato, in theatrics and the economics of authority, power, and control with the command of speech, one understands that this is how we learn.

And it was done on purpose by the priests to lure you in, so you hear what I am saying so you believe me, and you trust me because this is how we learn.

This is the information that was taught at Alexandria.

They used our story against us.

They used our words against us.

They used our learning against us.

They used out emotions against us.

They used our mastery of teaching via theater and stage against us by purposely knowing about the economic trade of authority, power and control to gain trust and to infiltrate our minds so that while you’re learning, I’m telling you whatever it is you want to hear because you trust me because “I am speaking from God.”

Shakespeare figured this out and that is the story of Othello.

Iago was a soldier.

Our faith and our emotions were used against us.

Because they knew that we are story beings.

They knew how much we love and need story.

The Romans knew. That’s why they valued Aesop’s Fables. That’s why Christ taught in parables.

This is why the Irish had and revered their Fili and Bards.

That is why I am an Oralstorian and not a public speaker.

Because I know what Shakespeare knew, and every preacher and pastor knew, and the Roman Empire knew, and Plato knew…

That if you want to teach anybody, then you have to be an actor with a story that targets the audience’s emotions because that’s how we learn through the authority, power and control exchange, and the emotional transaction that occurs between audience and performer.

This is how marketers today manipulate us to buy their products. It isn’t the words. It’s the theatrics, the story, and the emotions with the words that brainwash us because we are ignorant of our relationship with story.

And what did Rome do?

They doctored a story embedded with Narcissism, and then passed it into the hands of actors on every stage through all of history for 2,000 years.”

And all they had to do was stand back and watch.

We all have been hoodwinked.

Welcome to the Absent Enemy.

The Psychological Infection that infiltrates through kindness, Vulnerability, The Good Samaritan, and Helplessness.

It feasts on your ignorance and lack of education. It divides and conquers, and spreads like a virus, turning brother against brother, and husband against wife, and parent against child.

It is highly contagious and spreads invisible, for all of time.

“And the best part,” says, Socrates, as he is selling the shit to Rome. “Because it feasts on ignorance and the lack of education, you’re going to have a fear of the unknown playing a massive part of this, which is going to make them panicky and turn on each other even more. Now isn’t that clever? Just give this to Alexander and you’ll have your Roman Empire in no time.”

I know how to fix it.

Timeline Of Anomalies

495 BCE – Pythagoras killed

399 BCE – Socrates killed

387 BCE – Plato’s Academia started

367 BCE – The University of Alexandria started

348 BCE – Plato died

44 BCE – Julius Ceasar died

14 BCE – Vitruvius died

14 CE – Augustus Ceasar died

33 CE – Christ Died. (It bothers me that Julius Ceasar would prioritize Christ’s “importance” and start his calendar according to the Year Christ was born, which tells me someone, much later, had the dates altered to revolve around Christ’s birth. Julius would most likely have his own birthday as Year 0.)

37 CE – Tiberius Ceasar died

216 CE – Membership to Alexandria suspended

325 CE – Edict of Milan legalizes Christianity

380 CE – The Adoption of The Nicene Chrisitianity or The Holy Roman Catholic Empire

380 CE – Alexandria Destroyed

400 CE – St Patrick

500 CE – 800 CE Ulfberht Swords Found in Scandinavia (The majority from Norway)

700 CE – 1200 CE – Islamic Golden Age

900 CE – Ibn Fadlan lives among the Norsemen

1096 CE – 1291 CE – The Crusades

1163 CE – 1345 CE – The Notre Dame Cathedral constructed

1519 CE – da Vinci dies

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