Map For Foundationals

Triadic Healing is not for Foundationals (Perspectives 1 – 4). An individual must first :

  • Be an Abstract Thinker
  • Be Logical enough to override Fear with Problem Solving
  • Embrace Self-Salvation
  • Prioritize Growth and Self-Love over Acceptance and Comfort
  • Be, at least, 100% Accountable.

All mental healing is DIY. There is no one else “saving you” for you. That is enabling and is Stage #1 of Narcissism. If you want to end your trauma and Heal, and you want a sure-fire way of healing yourself without the Bull-shit, there is a price for this Psychological Fruit. It is called Brutal Self-Honesty.

And not everyone has what it takes. However, if you want Triadic Healing, you must first meet the requirements. This is the Map For Foundationals. This map takes you from the 1st Ethical Perspective up to the 6th Perspective where Triadic Healing can heal you. These are *exactly* the same stepping stones that I took to get myself healed.


Be real about your Truth. Trauma happens because you lack Problem Solving Skills. Bottom Line. Problem Solving is a privilege only available to people who do the Educational Work to get it. There is no “cheat.” There is no “Short Cut.” Mother Nature says so. Problem Solving conquers Fear. Either Fear rules you, or Logic does. And Problem Solving is only for the Educated. Period.

If you want to change your situation and end your suffering, the only way out is to LEARN.

Suffer or Learn. That is your choice.

The first Stepping Stone is obtaining these Ethics of Growth:

  1. Self-Salvation : “No one is coming…” And you have to be happy about this. If you are bitter about this, you’re not in the right mindset and you’re not ready. You need to suffer more. True Story. Mother Nature says so. YOU need to save YOURSELF. Accept help from NO ONE.
  2. Determination : This is NOT an easy path. It will take a LOT of Determination to Envision your DREAM and STICK WITH IT. No matter what.
  3. Persevere : The Road ahead is HARD and LONG. DO NOT GIVE UP.
  4. Endure : Get Comfortable with Pain and Suffering. And push THROUGH it. “This discomfort and/or pain is what it takes to get to my destination.”
  5. Self-Honesty : Healing will take a long time, so long as you delude yourself with bull-shit and lies. The more Honest you are with yourself, the faster you will get through. Bull Shit, Delusions, and Lies will drag out your healing for YEARS (Decades even).

Stepping Stone #2 – PRIORITIZE GROWTH


Everyone is confronted with 2 choices:

  • A) A little discomfort that is prolonged over years with no change (Where you most likely are now).
  • B) A LOT of discomfort as you “rip off the bandaid” followed by the reward of Comfort.

People often negotiate at this point with, “Well, that is [Fill in the excuses].” To which I say, “Oh! You are wanting the Fictional Third Option “C,” which is “The option without any Discomfort where you get what you want AND you have no Discomfort to get there.” Yeah, that option does not exist. Mother Nature says so. Get back to Stepping Stone #1. Self-Honesty. You have Two Choices : You can stay in your discomfort forever, or you can indulge in a LOT of discomfort while you change so you can HAVE your comfort LATER.

“But… How?”

Self-Salvation and Problem Solve. That’s how. YOU have to FIX your SITUATION. NO. OTHER. OPTION.

Make a Plan to “get the hell out of dodge,” and learn how to toggle Hell with a Comfort Zone (I did it… and it took me 30 years to escape). Because the only way out of Hell is by outsmarting the Assholes.

And the only way to outsmart the Assholes is to OVERCOME Fear with Problem Solving. And the price of Problem Solving? LEARNING AND EDUCATION SO YOU CAN OVERRIDE YOUR FEAR.

Stepping Stone #3 – INDULGE IN COMFORT

So you have ripped off the bandaid! Now you are out of the Trauma Zone! Or maybe you have built a Shelter and are toggling between Hell and the Comfort Zone. Now… get your ass to your Comfort Zone and FAST. You need to mend your wounds. This is where I recommend Building your Genie Bottle.

From Trauma Zone, you Problem Solve yourself INTO your Comfort Zone…

Stepping Stone #4 – ACHIEVE BOREDOM

Indulge and Gluttony yourself on COMFORT. And expect the Guilt to hit you. Guilt is NOT your emotion. It is Obedience. Relabel that bastard. When you feel Guilt, say, “That is OBEDIENCE and they can have that bull shit back!” And then give it back to them. It is not YOURS. Seriously. Condition that word into you. Guilt = Obedience and loyalty to your abusers.

How to comfort yourself:

  • Energize Yourself – Joy (Joy Energizes) (DO ART! If you Enjoy it. CREATE!)
  • Ground Yourself – What you Love (Defines the Self) … NOT “WHO” … What.

Your mission is to get achieve a surplus of Comfort until you reach the emotion “Boredom.”

Indulge on Comfort until you get to BOREDOM. Boredom is the emotion that tells you that it is Time for Adventure!

WARNING : If you suppress your emotions, this won’t work! Because you can’t feel your Boredom if you are suppressing your emotions. Art allows you to feel your emotions.


“Boredom” is the Emotion that opens the 2nd Perspective : The Learning Perspective.

The Learning Perspective is where you feel these emotions and gain these Ethics:

  • Curiosity
  • Imagination (Obtained through Art)
  • Creativity
  • Mystery
  • Learning
  • Problem Solving
  • Adventure

NOW! … Your goal while in the 2nd Perspective is ONE GOAL : GROW YOUR HIPPOCAMPUS! Get yourself to the 6th Perspective!


Trauma SHRINKS your Hippocampus (making people dumber and increasing your Fear). Education grows your Hippocampus, which shrinks your Amygdala (Where Fear comes from). In order to Grow your Hippocampus, you need :

  • Math
  • Logic
  • Physics
  • Geometry
  • Art/Painting/Drawing
  • Reading/Writing
  • Theater/Stage
  • Music/Dance/Singing

I recommend reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner and then reading as much of the Great Books as you can. You can follow my Educational Path, which will unlock your Higher Thinking and get your Hippocampus enlarged faster.

You may be ready for Triadic Healing if you can understand this.

I recommend, which is free Education online. They offer Logic, Math, and Physics courses free. Start with Logic.


Learn to Integrate your Comfort Zone with your Learning/Adventure Zone. Avoid the Trauma Zone.

Learning cannot happen in the Trauma Zone. You *must* have consensual Education, Consensual Government, Safety, and a Surplus of Comfort in order to Activate the Learning Perspective. Failure to do so will shut down the Learning Centers in your brain and will greatly hinder your learning. This is why it took me 30 years to escape from my trauma and situation.

Also… because I was trial-and-error-ing this process to figure it out until I found out what worked.

Once you reach Cultivator Status (5th and 6th Perspective) that is when Philosophical Coffee and Triadic Healing is for you. My teaching style is 100% for Scientific Neurodivergent Nerds with Smart, Self-Honest Grit! Now… You can Heal! Start with the Narcissist Cure.

If you are ready, then The Narcissist Cure will work and you will be like “Get this the fuck out of me!”

If you are not ready, then The Narcissist Cure will most likely piss you off, and it won’t work! Yep. That simple.

Did you do that? Great! NOW… You are ready for Triadic Healing. Apply Here.

How do I know if I am in the 6th Perspective?

  • You feel Physics (without completing these pre-requisites, you’ll think you feel “The Energy” or “The Universe” or “The Holy Spirit.”)
  • You feel Energy / Electricity and you may be diagnosed with Schizophrenia
  • You struggle knowing “what is real.” (Welcome to the Abstract! You made it into the Metaphysical!)
  • You may feel “Delusional.”
  • The Mercury Retrograde HURTS you (Because you are not aligned with the Physics and the Logic, and you have Cognitive Dissonance)
  • You feel HOT. Your body temperature tends to run warm.
  • You are Neurodivergent
  • You shake a lot and/or you have to move all the time
  • You are a Vegetarian/Vegan and/or you view Animals as People to (This is a big indicator).
  • You are very conscious of the Environment and the Planet
  • You recognize all of your “wrong” doings on others and you (most likely) are overrun with a lot of guilt (This is actually *real* guilt you feel because you violated your now current Ethics. Triadic Healing walks you through this process. Be kind to yourself).
  • AND You prioritize everyone’s opinion above your own, much to the detriment of your Self (Often to overcompensate for the guilt you feel about how poorly you treated others prior to the 6th Ethic).

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