How Physics Governs Our Emotions and Mental Health

Emotions as Physical Energy.

Nothing provided me with more management skills in Mental Health than this truth. I first noticed the similarities to Emotional Energy and Physics about a year ago when certain emotions gave me a “positive” charge, and others gave me a “negative” charge.

I noticed the storing of Emotional Energy, positive or negative, which resulted in “Scarcity” mindset or “Pessimism,” or “Abundance” mindset or “Optimism.”

I noticed I felt the most internal calm when I had an evenly distributed amount of both resulting in Neutral charge.

I noticed the writing of letters, creating of poetry, composition of songs all resulted in a “release” of the stored up emotions or… a transference of Potential Emotional Energy transferred into Kinetic Energy that resulted in Momentum.

But most of all, I noticed the pain that resulted from the resistance of Emotional Energy that was not permitted to ebb and flow as the emotions came and went. And I noticed, in the 10th Ethical Perspective Stage of Growth, that the conductance of all emotions changed everything when I finally learned to allow the constant ebb and flow of Emotional Energy. That was the true beginning of my peace.

In conclusion, Emotional Management requires the Laws of Physics. Primarily Battery Physics.

This awareness inspired me…


The Awareness resulted in an Emotional SURGE of Positive Potential Energy that I converted into Kinetic Energy when I looked deeper into Newton’s Laws of Physics.

“For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.”


For every act of abuse, there is an equal and opposite reaction… or there should be. But most of us just RESIST that Emotional Energy, resulting in a surplus of stored Potential Energy, which we then harbor until we EXPLODE in direct relation to the amount of abuse we endured.

Hypothesis: What would happen to a Sentient Battery if it regularly resisted its own Energy?

The similarities between Human Psychology and Physics had only just begun. I had recently mapped the whole of the Subconscious Mind and dissected the 6 Parts of the Mental System, which led to my discovery of The Law of Reflection in Optic Physics and how much our Learning, just as our Emotions follow the Laws of Battery and Magnetic Physics to the letter, follows the Laws of Optic Physics. Specifically, Reflection and Deflection to the letter.

Mob Mentality and Mass Hysteria is only The Law of Reflection when Negative Potential Energy is transferred over into Kinetic Energy in a Hall of Mirrors. Like shining a laser into a maze of mirrors.

The entirety of Psychology just got a whole lot less mysterious and a whole lot more transparent.

Over the last 30 days, I’ve been living loyal to the Laws of Physics. Using Energy Physics to manage and direct my Emotions, Actions, and Inactions. Aligning the Learning Centers of my brain with Mirrors, documenting the entire process, and the results have been astounding.

In 2023, I pulled from Mathematics and applied my life-long passion for Logic to the Cognitive Core of the Subconscious Mind. That is when I uncovered something I call our Logical Health and, when I realized there was a second factor present that did not “fit” with Logical Health, I looked further and discovered our Story Health.

Again, the results were immediate. My Wide-Eyed Identity and Ethical Law, my Past, Present, and Future, all composed my Story Health. But my Ethical Law and Beliefs composed my Logical Health.

I noticed, just last night while writing deeper on this subject, that it is our Trust in our own Autonomy that is the heart of our Mental Health. Nothing more. Nothing less. Pure, Solid Conviction of the Self. For when that begins to unravel, the whole of the Self becomes divided.

A Union divided against itself cannot stand.

And we are very much a Divided Union within the Self.

This is when the Energy and the Mirrors within becomes unstable. I will remind you that we have an entire Electrical Wiring system threaded through our entire bodies and a Chemistry Lab sitting on top of our necks.

And a “Satellite” called the Hippocampus that grows when educated and shrinks under Trauma. My Case Studies and research has shown with 100% accuracy that upon arrival of the 6th Ethical Perspective Stage of Growth that the Hippocampus becomes so enlarged that it acts like a satellite and “picks up signal.” Oh, and in case you forgot, we are standing in an Electromagnetic Field. How can we *not* feel that?

Or… maybe… we do.

Maybe, we always have.

Maybe that is what Intuition and that “gut” instinct has always been. Our Internal “clock” composed of Math, Logic, and Physics in sync with the “World Clock.”

“I can feel electricity.” – Thomas Wain

But no one ever thought to look into Physics and Mathematics when studying Psychology and the Human Mind before. Psychologists don’t even study Philosophy, let alone Physics. And Physicists don’t study Psychology or Philosophy.

The Scholars are not talking to each other. Maybe they should be.

We are Mirrors. We are Batteries. We are Logic.

It’s too late to say, “It’s about time we all start acting like it” but rather, It’s about time we all start becoming aware of this and accepting it because… resisting it will only disrupt the flow of Potential Energy resulting in Cognitive Dissonance.

And I don’t know about you, but there is a lot of Cognitive Dissonance everywhere today, and that laser is bouncing off of every one of us in this 8 Billion Inventory of Mirrors.

And for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Therefore, very soon, we can expect a wave of Positive Energy equal to the current Negative Energy that is blasting through this Hall of Mirrors.

And then, per the Laws of Force that guide the Swinging Pendulum, from Left, to Right, to Integration.

Things are about to get very interesting… very soon.


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