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Consistency is the only confirmation that we have that something works. The moment something is inconsistent, it must be assumed that the answer is either unknown or incorrect. – Anna Imagination

No two words are more poorly defined in our culture than these : Forgiveness and Truth. – Anna Imagination


It took me 30 years to define both of these words. Only one thing seemed to be consistent. No one could agree on a single Definition of Truth, including, quite ironically, Scientists, Law, and Philosophers. In fact, the only ones who insisted they knew the answer to “Truth” were the Religious who, many of whom, have started wars, committed genocide, and are more tainted with acts of violence all in the name of Peace, their god, and “Truth.”

After many conversations with Physicists, Neuroscientists, Philosophers, Attorneys, Judges, and Chemists, one definition very much emerged as unanimous (Religious people exempt from this definition) : Truth is Subjective. Hence our need for a Court System.

According to the Roman Senate and, when taking into account the work of Dr. Graves’ Spiral Dynamics, there are 12, clearly defined Perspectives. I am a firm believer that the reason Christ had 12 Disciples and there are 12 Jurors in a Court of Law is so that Each of the 12 Perspectives are represented.

In the case of Christ, I can greatly appreciate the convenience of having 1 Scholar from every Perspective available at all times to gain a consensus that weighs in the opinions of all Perspectives prior to making a single decision. Christ, in essence, had a jury on hand at all times. I, for the record, am jealous and seek out the same for myself.

Likewise, if ever I am to be judged and must stand before a jury, I dream of being judged by 12 jurors, one each of every Perspective and not 12 Individuals all representing the 4th Perspective as is very much the case today.

Truth is Subjective. Each one of us must determine based on our own Logic Line and Cognitive Core precisely what is reality and what is Truth. It is imperative that an Individual works hard to ensure the preservation of their own Logic Line and Cognitive Core for their Subconscious Health and Sanity depend on it.


In the case of Forgiveness, even less clarity was defined.

Many people provided Acts of Forgiveness as examples, but no one could provide a single clear definition. Furthermore, the word itself perplexed me. Forward Giveness. Or Fore Giving. The only reference provided via the Internet, was Christ.

It was late in my studies of Barter, Trade, and Human Connection that I finally found a Definition that Logically checked out. And only then, in that precise moment, was I able to define “Forgiveness” and also, provide one, single example of it actually being practiced.

Giving is an act of submission. It is the surrendering of one’s own Authority in place of Vulnerability. To give is to decrease a resource in exchange for Gratitude. Resources, as we all know, are valuable. I thought long and hard on Christ’s words. How often he spoke of Forgiving our enemies. In that moment, Victor Hugo’s Bishop and two candlesticks came to mind. Tears swelled up. I remember the scene in Les Miserables so vividly.

Jean Valjean, a convict, impoverished stole silver from the Bishop after the Bishop offered Jean Valjean kindness. An officer of the law apprehended Jean Valjean who lied and said the silver was a gift. The officer arrested Jean Valjean and took him back to the Bishop for confirmation.

And the Bishop said, “That is correct, but Jean Valjean, you forgot these candlesticks. Please take them.”

The officer apologized, released Valjean, and left. Valjean stood stunned. For in his act of theft, Valjean nonconsensual forced vulnerability from the Bishop, and, while submissive despite the forced submission of his vulnerability, The Bishop gave Valjean more vulnerability when he presented the Candlesticks.

Could you do it?

After being forced to submit your vulnerability? Could you, in that state give more vulnerability to your abuser? Giving is a “Before” act. Something we do before the Gratitude and Reception of our gift. Giving is a Consensual Bid for Connection, which allows the space for the Receiver to receive and connect or decline the Connection.

Only when a Connection is forced on us does it become a “Foregoing” of Giving our Vulnerability. Hence Forgiveness. The act of giving your submission and vulnerability to an abuser after they forcefully took your vulnerability from you. Suddenly, Christ’s advice on Forgiving your enemies has a much higher weight to it.

And the fictitious Bishop of Hugo’s imagination is the only example of Forgiveness I have ever seen.

In Conclusion

In my Logical Truth, I believe that Forgiveness is the act of submitting one’s vulnerability to an abuser directly after an act of nonconsensual submission was forced on the abused.

If you wish to learn more on my Perspective on Forgiveness, I recommend reading up on my views on Authority, Power, and Control as well as The Gifting-Gratitude Exchange™

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