The Theory Of Love


The AIDNS is what I built. It means Abstract Intra-Dimensional Navigation System. It is built 100% on Logical Proofs, Geometry, Psychology, and Physics. Here is how it works:

When I was rebuilding my mind, I realized that 100% of my past was unusable for structuring an “internal operating system” for my choices, ethics, decisions, and behavior. I simply had too much trauma. And both my parents had too much trauma rendering 100% of their life lessons, societal “values,” and structural behavior as toxic. That town where I was raised was White Supremacist and Christian rhetoric and conditioning… I had to build my mind from scratch.
But how, after healing, do you determine which ethics, values, beliefs, and decision making you can use to determine the desired, most healthy behavior? So I invented the AIDNS. It is an Abstract structural “frame” of the Subconscious Mind that, when basic concepts are defined (Defined. Not Learned), it:
1 – Corrects beliefs that causes all emotional pain
2 – Defines the Identity and Ethics to fuel motivation and direction in life
3 – Eliminates all Invasive Perspectives and Mental Disorders
4 – Corrects the Logical Line that makes up an entire person’s Logical Comprehension for simple, smooth navigation
The concepts are simple and only require basic understanding and Visualizing. The AIDNS Defines and then uses our Learning Center in our brains, our natural Evolution, and Self-Preservation to immediately integrate the AIDNS into the Subconscious Mind, using Logic to override any and all past behavior. The AIDNS can be used on any mind, regardless of trauma, age, comprehension, or educational level.
The only requirement is that the individual has to be open-minded to accept the principles provided. And the principles are 100% based on Logic, Math, and Physics.
The AIDNS requires minimal basic maintenance and small adjustments after “uploading” into the Subconscious Mind and it acts like a “machine” with an Abstract Skeletal Frame that shapes the Subconscious Mind and all its parts around it.
It took one session to install it into my case studies and a follow up for a small adjustment. The AIDNS is the structural frame from Mother Nature that every one of us were born with. Trauma broke down the AIDNS in our minds and messed up the calibration of it. People who mentally suffer “just need an adjustment” to their AIDNS. I used formulas to define it, shape it, build it, and logical comprehension to install it. I didn’t invent it. I discovered it.
Yesterday, I wrote out the entire formula with all its parts. The primary core is the Cognitive Core, which is where emotions come from. A small tweak in the right location in the belief system eliminates Cognitive Dissonance.
I’m working on writing it up so a person can read just an article and have it installed. That is what my book Theory of Love is. It is the Installation of the AIDNS. The “installation” is actually our becoming aware of the Subconscious Mind.

Integration. The Point of Origin. The Defined Self. 

These are the components that make up the Union within the Self. 

But a Union divided against itself cannot stand. And too many people today are very much battling against a divided, undefined Union of the Self within.

Logical Miscomprehension and an Undefined Self: This is the foundational source of Trauma that results in the Chaos of most Subconscious Minds today. This is the underlying cause of the Mental Health Crisis and Pandemic sweeping the globe. 

Now, In Theory of Love, like a calm, stilled voice of Reason and logical clarity, Angela B. Chrysler takes the world by the hand and quietly walks them through the previously unknown, undefined, Subconscious Mind. 

Armed with solid, Logical Proofs, Sound Deductive Reasoning, and backed by mathematical Formulas, Geometry, and Physics, Anna introduces the reader to her AIDNS : The Abstract Intra-Dimensional Navigational System that she developed to cure her own “Incurable” Mental Illnesses in 3 years including DID (Multiple Personality Disorder), Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, and PTSD.

Developed on the Front Lines of Mental Illness and at the height of her own Mental War, Anna built and designed from the inside out, her AIDNS that allowed her to Define and Map the storm  within, find her way out of her own mind, after living as a prisoner to her own Subconscious Mind for 32 years, and then mastered the art of articulation and efficient communication with which to deliver her discovery to the world.  

Insanity is but Logical Miscomprehension that the abuser does not have privilege to. 

Here, in The Theory of Love, Anna provides the reader with every tool she built from the work of Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Logic, Economics, and Physics to break down and simplify the mysterious Subconscious Mind so you too can exercise Authority over yours, calm the chaos in your mind, and eliminate the Internal Discord that wreaks havoc through your Internal Peace.

The Theory of Love will change everything we thought we knew about the world. 

Release date of 14 Feb 2024.

The 8 January 2024.

How many letters have I written to you? How many times have I reached out to you and tried to bring you into my world so that you would understand me? 

How greatly we all seek to be understood.

How desperately we all crave to understand ourselves. 

But I am not like others. I can’t be. That has never been my path. 

In 2015, I had the deep need to write, and write, I did. But it was not enough. I wrote again, a second article. And that too was not enough. And so, I cracked my knuckles, rolled up my sleeves, and I wrote Broken. 90,000 words in 2 weeks. 

So many times I’ve tried to write since then. So many times, I’ve written to you… never feeling fulfilled… only now realizing that it is this document, this letter of wisdom love that I must write to you. For all the world to read. But mostly, for you, my love. 

I cannot speak as others speak. I’m too far deep into the Metaphysical. I live here now. Rarely do I emerge. I lived here for 32 years. No one has ever ventured as deep into the Subconscious Mind as I. 


Fear does so much to hold us back. That is all that I see. Fear holds us back, loyalties to religions and traditions. I just read an article today about a people who, for tradition, they would amputate the tips of their fingers. 

I wonder, what traditions our predecessors will look upon us and call “barbaric.” 

How much we have interfered with our natural evolution and growth. And all because of Fear. 

But I had nothing to lose. I had already lost everything. My reputation, my sanity, my credibility, and my freedom had all been taken away from me. My children, my body, and my Name. They left me with nothing. 

They trapped me in their expectations that I could not conform or adopt to, leaving me no way out, but through my madness. I think this… this is why I’m different. No one has ever suffered as much as I. 

To suffer so much, to be lost to insanity so much without hope of to rise above that I chose to venture forth into the “insane.” And venture I did. I mapped it. I explored it. They called me crazy with my Imagination, and so I turned my Imagination into my playground and I mastered it. 

It was past the depths of fear, beyond the world of Metaphysics that I now call the 6th through 10th Perspectives that I found Sanity, Physics, Time, Math and Science. And suddenly, I understood things that no one else had before. 

Understood and who could articulate. For it takes the Insane mind to overcome Fear and have nothing to lose to determine the unexplored world of the Abstract. 

How much we are terrified of our own minds. Is not that strange? So much fear of our own minds that we have so many rules about Fantasy and Fiction to ensure we never venture too deep into the Abstract. 

How much our own lack of knowledge of the mind holds us back. Suffering truly is the Indulgence of Growth. For only in Suffering do we finally step forward and say, “I have had enough, and I desire something Different.” 

I wrote Broken at the apex of my mental illness. I had more than 5 diagnoses. I didn’t even write Broken. Two of my Alters did. Bergen and Joanna. But I am writing this one. I walked you through the world of the Insane and “Broken” mind. And within the words of Broken, I showed the world just how Sane the “Insane” mind is. 

And here I am again. Nearly ten years later. Only now, I seek to tell you about my journey into the Abstract. I wrote Broken just before I began my journey into the I of I and the Self. I am writing this to you as the beginning of my Journey into the You of I and the Self. 

Wisdom Love. A type of love that the world has not seen since Pythagoras. A love that is built solely on the Foundation of Self-Love, Preservation, Priority, and Knowing. And it is there that I turn to you and I say to you, oh my god, how much I truly do love you. 

For you are an extension of me. 

To love you is to celebrate my Self. And I, my love, have much to celebrate. 

You are now deep into your journey of the Self. Like me, like every individual, those he seek to heal and regain The Self, venture forth into the Healing. Which is really a rescue mission and a Great Discovery and the Knowing of the Self. 

Romantic Love without Self Love is Narcissism. Wisdom Love is Romantic Love that is founded on and built on the back bone of The Self. One could argue that the I of I is Wisdom Love. The You of I is Romantic Love. And the They of I is… Brotherly Love? Maybe? I do not yet know for I am not yet there. 

But you my love, how much I wish to tell you that… Your Frequency is my Frequency. And nothing vibrates more close to my vibrational core than you. You are my Perfect Fifth. You are my Song. And while I am everything without you, you add the tone color, the depth, and harmonics of me to enhance my composition. You do not complete me. You do decorate me. And in loving you, my black and white, drab world ignites into the full color spectrum. 

You are my Belonging. And when you know your frequency so well that you see it in another, you know, in that moment, through Physics, precisely where you belong. And just like that, there is no other place for me to be than by your side. 

Chapter #1

After I finished Broken, my therapy began. Not right away. I recall the wait and it was hell. 6 weeks of terror while I waited for the Unknown. I went into therapy having no idea what to expect. I doubted they could fix me. I doubted anyone could fix me. 

On my first day, it took them 2 days, more than 10 hours to do my intake. It was grueling to recount everything I had just written in Broken. 

And then, for them to tell me right off, “There is no cure.” I almost went home that day and killed myself. If there was no cure, then why was I bothering. What was it all for then if there was no cure.

I was angry. Doubtful. Frustrated. Arrogant. They wouldn’t help me. They kept trying to tell me how it all could be, that if I just tried or did or believed… that I just had to believe… 

“Unicorns and rainbows,” I told them. “Stop talking to me about unicorns and rainbows like such a thing exists!” I scoffed at them. 

In hindsight, I see now what they were trying to do. Much of my therapy was the blind leading the blind. How can you possibly lead something through the world of the Metaphysical without studying the world of the Metaphysical? Really, what I see now is the therapists all standing within the 4th Perspective of the I of I, trying to heal from within the 4th Perspective of the I of I, while many of their patients are in the 6th or 7th Perspective of the I of I, shaking from the Metaphysical Transformation as their Material bodies meet the Abstract. 

I see therapists all shouting through the layers of Dimensions via a megaphone, “You just gotta believe!” 

Close-mindedness will be the death of us all. 

Or… it would have been, if…

It was around 2017 or 2018 when I realized “Psychology” couldn’t help me. The Talk Therapy was causing regression and adding to my trauma. It was the healing garden, my first healing garden that actually began my healing. 

The Transformation of my Trauma into something beautiful and good that actually started and continued my healing. 

Now I understand. I understand, too well, of what I did. Transmutation of Trauma is actually the transferring of Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy. It was the Comfort Zone. Building up my 1st Perspective so that I could feel safe enough to Adventure. 

It was all the gaming of Skyrim that I did. Allowing my Adventuring mind to learn and unleash through simulation in video games and then later in Fiction Writing. But my abusive husband hindered my growth. 

I would have a session, make progress, come home, and he would undo my work. 

Living under his terrorism was the problem. How much I hated that my therapist saw this, hinted, but changed the subject when I asked. I would have listened. I wanted her to tell me and explain. 

In Psychology, there is a belief that “giving” the answer somehow leads to regression. This is a gross miscomprehension of what causes regression. As I said, the blind leading the blind. I built myself a Sanctuary. I turned my home into a Healing Home. This when I when I started to see massive improvements to my Mental Health.

I increased the Comfort Zone and managed to build a sanctuary in the abuse. I began to separate from my then-husband and that allowed me to see the abuse and terrorism I and my children lived under more and more. 

He was fond of threatening me, saying that “I need to find another place to live.” He threatened my security and my home every day. And, knowing the Psychology of Threats, I took the leverage away from him and got my own apartment. 

Instantly, his threats ended. 6 months later, he kicked me out because “he needed to find another mother to breed his children.” 

Control over a situation changes the situation. Every time. 

I had that rare window of Freedom. It did not come often for me. I had it in 1995, in 2001, in 2008, and again in 2020. I knew, if I wanted to stay free this time, I would need to run as far away as I could from that place and the mindset of Central New York. 

And I knew my City called to me. I knew with my freedom and new apartment, I could finally, finally break free. 

I know now. I had built myself a self-care cocoon. A safe place for nurturing my comfort. From 2015 to 2019, I nourished my 1st Perspective. It took so long because I was living under terrorism and enslavement at that time. 

Near the end of 2019, October actually, I felt the shift occur. I wanted to travel the world (Oh, COVID 2020, You cruel bitch). I wanted to explore and meet people. I wanted to sexually explore and grow. And I did. I realized I was bi-sexual, or something. I struggled with the labels because (and it would take me 3 years to finally learn and accept this) I belonged to a different world where gender and sexual orientation doesn’t exist. 

I understand now. 

Sexual and gender orientation does not exist in the Abstract world. Those are Material Plane identifiers. I don’t understand them. In the Abstract World, Energy is the ruling factor. 

Your Energy fits me. Your Energy feels good to me. Your Energy makes me feel… like all the world suddenly makes so much more sense when you are standing beside me and when I am standing beside you. You are logical to me. You are… Logic to me.

That is all I know. That is all I comprehend here at the 2nd Perspective of the You of I. The confines of the language and labels of the 4th Perspective prevented me from stepping into the Abstract World. 

But that is where I belong. That is where I played as a child. That is where I lived for 32 years. Within the Abstract, I am home. But fear keeps us all trapped inside the Material. We all have grown too attached to our nursery. Too terrified to venture forth into the Abstract where we belong. I mean “nursery” quite literally. 

We must feel safe before we can Adventure. But many of us are abused. Many of us are… 

It exhausts me. I’m tired now. Being in the Material Plane exhausts me. Or is it my looking on to the Future Dimensions that… I need my Compass. I’m tired and need to rest. Or maybe it’s the Abstract World that exhausts me. I’m not sure. I feel my mind shifting back into Omniscient Point of View. 

I need to rest. 

Chapter #2

Who am I? Where did we come from? Where are we Going? Why are we here? 

The Philosopher’s Compass. I was still obsessed with these questions. I wrote Broken to ask the question, “Who am I?” and “Where did we come from?” 

I needed to know so that I knew where it was I was going. I know now.

I’m drinking water. In Broken, it was Guinness and clove cigarettes. Here it is water. 


I can see how far this will go. I see me turning into pure Energy and then me just… going. On the Adventure into Future Dimensions. But I love it here so much. But there will come a time when… I don’t know when. I can feel Socrates’ excitement. I understand now. But not like that. Not for me. 

My Energy. I always run hot. How cold your body always was… and is. Your Frequency was too low. It told me always how much you had suppressed your Potential Energy. I can’t imagine the abuse you suffered, my love, to have that much Potential Energy stored up and stilled in you. 

Come back to me soon. 

I want to share my moonbeams and dreams with you. 

Chapter #3

I entered into the Adventuring 2nd Perspective. I craved to leave and travel the world. I explored and adventured forth. Manhattan was my playground. And then… It was May 2021. I was… everything was different. I was looking for something. I had this pull in my gut to “Find something.” 

I kept looking through Dating Apps and men… It was June 2021 that I realized I was looking for someone. I felt the pull. 

I know now, that was the logic and my math pulling me toward your Frequency. I would meet with men, 3 a day, talk with them and my shoulders would drop. “No. You’re not who I’m looking for.” 

I’d look and look. 

2 July 2021, when I met you and we stood in your kitchen that first day… It hit me. I felt my proverbial bags “drop.” I stood looking at you and just… everything slowed down. I felt… home. Calm. “Oh. There you are. I’ve been looking for you.” Those words came to me. I felt like I had known you for a thousand years and yet, we were 4 years old, and eternal. 

You were no stranger to me. I knew your Energy very well. And just like that, I was done looking.

You, my love, inspired my Deep Healing. And I inspired yours. We pushed each other to the limits. And that broke us apart. 

Yet here we are… 

You are the love of my life. I’ve told you these words before. If I follow the Logic and Occums’ Razor… your Energy and Mine have met before. So many times before. Your Energy and Mine have story. And I remember giving you marital vows thousands of years ago. And we play this game where I find you. 

I think each of us have an Energy that makes up Two… And you are mine. There may be Three Energy… I don’t know. I do know you are Mine and I think we create a Third Energy. Or we find a Third Energy together. And then we Three make a Fourth…

And then I see Nucleus. I don’t yet See the rest of that puzzle. 

But I know your Energy is Partnered and Paired and matched with mine. This is why you are my Partner. You are my You of I. You are my… You of I. You are my Matched Energy. There. 

That is what you are to me. You are my Matched Energy. Laughing, I will say, “You are ME.” 

I know my Energy well enough to know yours. And with you, I am Home. Because you are my Matched Energy. That is your name, my Imp King. 

Chapter #4

You know this part of the story from the Outside. 

But you do not know this part of the story from the Inside. And this… this is what I have been craving to say to you. All of this. But to say it in a way so that it does not hurt you. 

Chasing love stories is something I have done in the past… but not with you. Yours and my love is Physics. It’s just Energy and Logic. Which is why we can’t walk away. Because it would be illogical to do so. 

You laid yourself down with me. You saw me Broken, the Sewer Slut that I was when I came to you, and you called me Goddess and Queen. You saw me writhe and battle with my truth. You saw me war within, adamant of my lack of Self. And you saw me. You said to me one day, “Say it.” And I did. That I was queen enough to make demands for myself. And I looked at you and saw myself in your eyes. 

But not a self that I knew. 

I saw the Self that I am today reflected in your eyes. And I saw me the way you saw me. And I wanted to be her. 

That was the day, you showed me who I was. So that I finally could become her. 

Because we are Mirrors. We must reflect to learn. We must See the Future Self to learn. We must see the Future always to reflect our reality into Being. This is the Purpose of Imagination. 

For if we cannot see who we are, then we will never become. And I see you so clearly. So vividly. I see us so clearly. How can it not become?

But my Mark of Bligh was violent. And my Mark of Bligh was Vicious. And you weathered the storm beside me for as long as you could. And you are my Matched Energy. Maybe… just maybe… you are healing away from me now, because you seek to protect me from your Mark of Bligh as I failed to protect you from my Mark of Bligh.

“Get away from me,” you could not say.

My god, how much it hurts being away from you during the Healing. Everyday I manifest your healing. I send healing Energy through Math and Physics… and suddenly, one day, you told me you were in therapy. And then, later, you told me you were “back to your old self.” And still I send you love and wishes, hoping for your healing. 

My journey… I saw the Mark of Bligh in me. And I hated it. The paranoia and the fear ripped me apart. I was terrified of love and the 4th Perspective labels. 

And so were you. But the Matched Energy was strong. So that even when we separated, it held us. So many times, I tried to run away, but that pull inside of me, my Intuition, the internal logic and math screamed at me, saying, “It is illogical for you to leave your Matched Energy.” 

But on the outside, it felt like a “bad feeling.” Like everything was “wrong” whenever I tried to close the door on us. Even now. This morning, the logic screamed, “No! This door must stay open!” 

That Matched Energy is part of this. 

April 2022, you made me feel safe enough in our Comfort Zone that my Alters revealed themselves. 

May 2022, you made me feel safe enough in our Comfort Zone that a piece of my Core Personality, Imagination, came out.

And you took the brunt of my Insanity. Holding on. Staying for as long as you could. Fear of love made me crazed while love for you made me stay. And still you Matched my Energy.  

So it was, alone finally since September 2022, you parted ways with me, but we could not stay away. I had to rebuild a new Comfort Zone. And I tried still to fit within the confines and expectations of Society.

I learned how to heal without you. I realized how codependent we were. And so, using my knowledge, I walked straight into my Subconscious Mind and declared war on my Mark of Bligh. My Alters and I switched, each of us mapping out the Mind.

We found the Common Denominators. We compared our maps to other Subconscious Minds and we confirmed our Common Denominators. We found the differences between the Minds and located the Cognitive Core.

We mapped it and traced it. We compared our Cognitive Core to others. And we found Logical Health.

“We got rid of Borderline Personality Disorder.” You saw the improvements and slowly, you came back. Then another Mental Illness, Illnesses that were not supposed to be there, raged against you. 

“We got rid of Codependency,” and again you came back. Again, another came back to me. Hurting you, lashing out, over and over.  

Determined to remove my Mark of Bligh, we ripped our minds apart and, April 2023, we Integrated. But May 2023, I was raped. Again. 

And this time, I knew what to do. I watched my Subconscious Mind betray me. I built the Philosopher’s Compass that month and used it to put my mind back together again in ten days. But then the damage to you was done. 

You were gone. 

Little did I know, what next I would find. I had mapped The Five Stages of Healing: 

  • The Knowing
  • The Belonging
  • The Authority
  • The Naming
  • The Owning

And June 2023, I found something that would give name to what I had found: Spiral Dynamics. Only… Dr. Graves’ work was incomplete and wrong. He lacked so much information. 

I could see how The Knowing was the 1st and 2nd Perspective. How The Belonging was the 2nd and 3rd Perspective. 

How the Authority was the 4th, 5th, and 6th Perspective. How I was in the 7th Perspective at that time. And I was tracking them through the Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth. 

The Naming was the 7th, 8th and 9th Perspective. 

October 2023, you came back. And again, another Mental Illness surfaced. I didn’t know it then, but it was Narcissism. 

And then I found the Owning, which was the 10th, 11th, and 12th Perspective. 

On 1 December 2023, I Shifted Perspectives into the 1st Perspective of the I of I, and I discovered Comfort. 

And 16 December 2023, I found it. The Narcissism. And I tried, so many times to tell you about the Perspectives. But I didn’t have any of the words. 

By then, I had the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages mapped. I was so happy to find the Narcissism and to remove it, but you had then told me that you couldn’t be my friend or interact with me. 

And you still did a little. 

And that I could still write to you. And I watched you withdraw. And I told you, “I would be here. And to take all the time you need.”

And I used my Philosopher’s Compass to pull out the last of this. And I saw more and more. 1 January 2024, I shifted again, into the 2nd Perspective of the You of I. And that is when I realized Vulnerability, Learning, and the Adventure was the 2nd Perspective. 

Just as it had been back in 2019. 

From 2015 to 2019, I was in the 1st Perspective of the I of I, but how Domestic Terrorism and abuse prolonged my journey through the 1st Perspective. 

How, from 2019 to 2021, I was in the 2nd Perspective with Adventure. And how you, my love, July 2021 invited me back to the Comfort of the 1st Perspective. And there, from July 2021 to May 2023, I journey through the 1st to the 8th Perspective of the I of I. 

How, from May 2023, I journey from the 8th Perspective to the 12th Perspective of the I of the I and then on 1 December 2023, I made it to the 1st Perspective of the You of I. 

And then on 1 January 2024, I shifted to the 2nd Perspective of the You of I. 

And I documented all of this on my Channel so that I might go back, long after I forgot, and track the healing process and the journey. The good. The bad. The hate. The Healing. The Ugly. And The Raw. It all is there. Because people had to see how Healing truly looked, because so many people are scared of healing. And I had to go first. Raped in public has a way of making you face your Vulnerabilities in a whole new light.

I passed through healing and rage and anger. I encountered Forgiveness and insecurity. I found Empathy and Vulnerability. I found Boundaries and words and… All I wanted to do was to communicate to you.

But I couldn’t. Because the words did not exist for what I could see. 

I had wanted to heal. 

But instead, I healed, unlocked my growth and natural state of Evolution, and the desire to talk to you and to tell you all of this made me realize at the 7th Perspective just how much I valued effective communication. 

But it would take another 7 months to build the language just so I could say, finally… 

My love, there is a world that exists in the Mind that stretches far beyond the Infinite. That, beyond the Healing and the Fiction and the Known Abstract, there are Dimensions of Reality that we can access as we evolve. That our Mental evolution allows us to step deeper into the next level of Internal Expanse. 

And at the 6th Perspective, you can feel Physics. No one yet knows it, but at the 6th Perspective, you begin what I would call the Metaphysical Transformation. How, at the 7th Perspective, you can see the great Internal Expanse and how each and every one of us are standing in it. At the 8th, you can see Physics and you value the words to define the Depth of the Abstract. 

This is when you realize that we are Physics and Math and Logic. How, the more Logical you are, the more you can organize your Logical Mind and find the Logical Fallacies that cause Cognitive Dissonance; the source of all emotional pain. 

I used the semicolon just for you.

And so I invented the language of Perspective and Dimension Science. 

And I tried. My god did I try to explain what I saw to you. That in the 9th Perspective, I discovered an emotion I could not understand. I would have to cure my Narcissism first before I could tell you that that emotion was Empathy.

But you were already gone. 

How, in the 10th Perspective, upon learning Empathy, you also come to value Emotions. All the emotions. And also the first level of Forgiveness. 

And how, at the 10th Perspective the Emotions wash and move, ebb and flow, pushing through you free. Only then does the pain stop. 

And the Metaphysical Transformation is complete. This is when, I believe, a person has 100% adapted to the Abstract World. 

Looking back, I realized that the Metaphysical Transformation was too often mistaken for a Mental Illness that Psychologists called “Schizophrenia.” because it was a month ago that I saw a preview on Amazon for “The Electrical Life of Thomas Wain” who said, “I feel electricity!” And I saw his cats. And I said, “That is what I see! Wain was in the Metaphysical Transformation!” 

And I thought so much about Van Gogh. How deeply I always understood him. And now I know why. How he cried… How he suffered. How much I understood that mind. How many more have died and who suffer all because they don’t know how to prepare for the Metaphysical Transformation.

How much I see so many people suffering very soon from this. They will need my work. We are going to see a massive shift that will result in a Pandemic of “Schizophrenia.” No, my beautiful people. It isn’t crazy. It’s just Abstract.

Because I too feel Electricity. And when you transfer from the Material Plane over into the Abstract, you see Time and Dimension and Physics. And you suddenly understand mathematics and Sciences that you never studied. And I could see how we are Batteries and Mirrors and Energy. How are Logical Health dictates all of our Mental Health. How our Imagination and Dreams are the door to this world. How this world is the one where we belong.

I could see how the Hippocampus is a satellite and how our nervous system is electrical writing and our brain is just a chemistry lab and we are all standing on a giant Electromagnetic Field. And that Hippocampus hooks up to the EMF at the 6th Perspective and you feel the Physics. 

And suddenly, I could see the Emotional Laws of Energy according to Physics. But no one knows to apply the Laws of Batteries and Physics to our Emotions. No one knows to apply the Law of Reflection and Optical Physics to our Learning. No one knows to apply Time, Dimension, and Frequency to our Mental Evolution and Growth.

So, using Physics, Math, and Logic alongside my Philosopher’s Compass, I ventured forth, on purpose, into the Subconscious Mind, deeper than anyone else before me. 

I had lost you. I had lost my daughter, my sanity, my job. I had lost everything. I had no degrees, no credibility, no family, no sanity to lose. I had my Freedom though. Good god, how I knew what it was to not have that. 

How much our Fear of losing our Sanity holds us back. 

We are very protective of our Sanity.

We have Traditions, Laws, Religions in place all to preserve our Sanity and understanding of our Material Understanding… but we never were meant to stay here.  

But when others take away Sanity from you, I had nothing to lose. But the depths of the Abstract World, measured at last through Frequency and Time and Physics all relative to the Big Bang… I had lived inside the 4th Level of the Subconscious Mind for 32 years. 

Within the Abstract, I am home.

And with every step deeper into these Perspectives, I felt my Frequency increase. I saw the Perspective Gaps increasing. I started to see people differently. I saw you, trapped within the confines of a Perspective that was not yours. I saw this for everyone, for I too was trapped. 

I saw how much it hurt you. But if I could map this Insanity and find a way to return it to the Material Plane, then I could save you. I could help you. 

Wow. “Save you.” My Subconscious Logic just screamed at me. “That is illogical and nurtures Narcissism. That man must save himself.”

Yes. Yes, you do. 

That is the first rule of all Healing. 

Healing is DIY. 

So I started my podcast. I launched my websites. I lost my job. How do I tell you that I saw all of this since I was 4 years old? 

That the images and things I saw at 4 years old was starting to happen. 

But it isn’t Divination or Spirituality. I wasn’t a prophet at all. It was just math. Math, logic, and physics. And I could see all of the subjects and all of the world and all of space mapped out in a cycle that repeats itself by variables of 12. Over and Over for all of the Dimensions, for all of Forever in an infinite Circle. 

“It’s a clock,” I said. And if you can read the clock, you can predict the time. You can predict precisely what is going to happen and when because it has happened before and will happen again… because we are all standing on a cog called Earth in this clock that is moving away from the Big Bang, being pulled toward it’s back, which is why time is getting faster until we pass through the Black Hole at the end of the Universe, which is just the other side of our Black Hole (I think… at least, my Logic says so). 

And this is our clock. And this is who I am. I am the little girl who refused to get in the box. Who instead played with Physics and Dimensions within my Make-Believe. And who, due to trauma, I escaped inside my Mind at 8 years old and grew up within the Abstract World for 32 Years. 

How I am the woman who did decide to document this journey and share it with all of you because this shit is fucking scary. And everyone is so terrified of losing their Sanity. And I went first. And then, I lit the beacon and showed others the way so they too could heal and learn to grow again. Because when I got out, all I could think of was how many people are still in their Darkness, stuck… and I said, “Oh, hell no!” NO ONE should be left alone to that Darkness.

And I am the woman who found the lost subject of Learning and Logical Health and how I am the Cartographer of the Internal Expanse of the Subconscious Mind. 

How I am the woman who will… I don’t like to talk about what I can see. I know the wars to come. I know the Great Healing that will take place as people race to get to the 6th Perspective and how they push themselves through the 10th. 

How that will cause another massive Shift in seismic activity because, you know, 3rd Law of Newton says so. For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction. And Optic Mirrors and the Law of Reflection ingrained into our Learning Centers will cause each and every one of us to mirror our healing into and onto others. 

And the Fear will be gone because my work lights the way. 

And 6th Perspectives and beyond can feel it. And they will know because they are most tuned into the Math, the Logic, and the Physics.

And that will be enough to prove to the 5th Perspectives who all must see the Proof. And they will change the laws to heal the world. They will change the Schools and the Psychology, and the Governments. And that will lead the 4th Perspectives, which will lead the 2nd Perspectives, and that will lead the 1st Perspectives. 

And the 3rd Perspectives will follow because they won’t want to be left behind. But some 3rd Perspectives will rage and tear at the world for they don’t yet trust. And we will all stand on the side lines and cheer them all in one great voice. “Come on, 3rd Perspectives! You can do it! Come on! You got this! You can do it!”

But by then, the world will love them. 

And we will hold them. 

And we will forgive them. Because, by then, we will almost all be 6+ Perspectives who value Pacifism above all else. And many of us will be 12+ Perspectives by then. Imagine a world of Christs all coming together in love. Imagine.

Because the 12th Perspectives, when they are all combined, is love. Juanito. It’s love. The 12 Perspectives, when they are all combined, make up love, and give birth to the next Compass: The You of I within the 1st Perspective. And so we all are birthed in love.

And then, there will be no more war. There will be no more hate. We will know peace on earth. 

And you, my love. 

This is all because of you. 

Because one day in July 2021, you looked at me, a Sewer Slut who was deemed Insane, and I could see the queen that I could be in your eyes. Your love did that for me, Juanito. And that is why no one else is worthy of the seat beside me, save you.

And that, my love, is why I love you. That is why you are my King. My Matched Frequency. Why I belong beside you. Because only love born of the I fo I and the Matched Frequency and Logic could endure what we endured.  

And that is how your love for me will go on to save the world. 

That is what I See. 

And now…

I would like to tell you about the Philosopher’s Compass, so you too can find your way. 

Part 2 – Chapter #5

The Philosophers’ Compass is a Triangle. Because the Triangle is the strongest Geometric Shape. 

The Omniscient, all-Seeing eye atop a Triangle. 

How much of the World I see. 

And, at the top of this compass is “What I Want.” The Bottom Right is “What I Do.” The Bottom Left is “I Become.” And the fourth point within the Triangle is “I Am.”

“I want. I do. Therefore, I become, therefore I am.” And this births the Second Triangle. The First Perspective of the I of I. 

The First Triangle is the only triangle that runs “clockwise.” All other triangles run counter-clockwise. I cannot tell you why yet. 

The logic says so. 

I often feel the logic long before I understand it. 

The Reason is always revealed to me at a later time.          


END SAMPLE               


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