The Human Atom

Logical Deduction:

If Humans have their own Electromagnetic Field, which I propose in my Abstract here, and we do omit our own Energy as depicted in my Abstract via Logic, Math, and Physics and Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method, then, we are an Atom. And if we are an Atom, The Human Atom, then the Laws and Rules of Atoms would apply to us.

Which are depicted in the Bohr Model of the Atom.

Thus my Hypothesis: Death and Old Age, Aging is when the Human AIDNS (The Internal Electromagnetic Field) stops vibrating due to our Philosopher’s Compass freezing, and our Electromagnetic Field shuts down because we stop Vibrating, and we, The Human Atom, dies.

In Conclusion based on Logical Deduction, Descending the 12 Ethical Stages will sustain the Electromagnetic Field and Aging would come to an end. We would never die.

Hypothesis: The AIDNS is the key to curing Aging and Old Age.


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