The Healing Engine™

What is wrong with the world today?

How do we fix it?

The Mental Health Crisis is out of control!

We want World Peace, but how?

It seems like everyone today is asking these questions. Many people are sitting around brainstorming for solutions.

To understand and resolve these topics, an individual requires a Mastery in Psychology, Philosophy, History, and Sociology, which I have.

I have an answer. I have an explanation. I have a solution. And it’s already in place.

The videos below explain what is wrong and details my plan on how to fix it, and I provide the Logical Evidence to prove it.

I have created a Healing Engine that, when placed into society, uses our Natural Evolution, Human Behavior, and the Organic Learning Center in our brains to propel Triadic Healing™ through our society to cure Mental Illness, resolve the Environmental Crisis, and get us to World Peace.

World Peace Ambassadors, Healers, Doctors, Psychologists, Billionaires, Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities know about The Healing Engine and my Radical Global Healing Plan, and they have joined my program, Operation : Imagination.

If you are a Teacher, Psychologist, Healer, Lightworker, or Entrepreneur interested in joining Operation : Imagination, contact Anna Imagination and get on board.

Anna has partnered with Neuroscientists to create Triliminals and also is working on creating a Solution Documentary to expedite this process.

The Healing Garden Summit in January 2024 is being organized to release this Healing Engine into the world in a series of events scheduled for 2024. If you want to learn more, join Operation : Imagination, or learn how you can contribute Contact Anna and ask about The Healing Engine and let her know that you want to be a part of this.

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