Welcome to The Healing Garden Newsletter!

We welcome anyone who is or aspires to be an Ethical Leader! Our Newsletter is part of our “Sunshine Rounds” where we share and tap into “The Love-Based Connection Network.” All Connections and Networks move like a river or a stream of Force (often confused with Energy). And when you choose a Network, you are choosing which “Force-Base” you are joining.

The Healing Garden’s Network is 100% Ethically Love-Force Based and we have done so consciously.

Along our Circuit, we nurture and connect with each other with the mission to nurture and help each other grow. Encouragement is provided here along with a respite.

Many people who come to us seek Healing. They seek guidance along their Pilgrimage. They seek a respite from the Unethical Narcissistic World we live in.

Our Mission and Purpose is to nurture our Ethical Love-Force Based Network into a space of its own that provides the long-sought-after deep drink to all who crave to nurture the soul.

Drink. Drink to your heart’s content. Drink until you can drink no more. And Welcome to The Healing Garden.

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