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Anna Imagination and The Healing Garden presents

The 12 Ethics and You


What are the 12 Ethics?

The 12 Ethics are the currently unknown, Psychological patterns that all Human Behavior moves around. Society. Business. Relationships. Families. Human Propagation. Wars. Buying Decisions. 100% of our lives move around the 12 Ethics, which determine our every move.

When added to a Business Frame and Statistical Analysis, the data is mind blowing. Sharpen your Hiring Process. Resolve Conflict. Navigate life. Learn how to coast through life with the 12 Ethics.

Why have I not heard of these before?

The last person to study these was The Buddha. The person before him was Christ. The people before him were Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and Pythagoras. In the 4th Century, The Roman Empire destroyed all the Universities and Educational Systems in the Western Civilization, and we lost the 12 Ethics. The 12 Ethics are so powerful that, 100 years later, we were in The Dark Ages.

My unique Education and research into The Ancient Greek Educational System has allowed me to revive them. In 1970, Dr. Grave’s found Spiral Dynamics which barely begins to scratch the surface of the 12 Ethics. The 12 Ethics are the Iceberg buried under Dr. Grave’s work.


Anna talks on The 12 Ethics and how they affect your Life, Business, and Patrons. How they move and shape society and how you can make better business decisions based on The 12 Ethical Perspectives. Q&A to follow.


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