Operation : Imagination

Anna has a passion for World Peace and Operation : Imagination is Anna’s plan for World Peace.

Anna’s Radical Global Healing Plan with Triadic Healing™

This plan incorporates Triadic Healing™ with the Stages of Growth and utilizes Human Behavior, Neuroscience, and Intent, Deliberation, and Purpose to push Mass Education and Learning while Healing through Society. And it is done with full Transparency.

Operation : Imagination – The Round Table

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Operation : Imagination The Think Tank

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“Some people are aghast at the amount of work I do. Truth is, after organizing an annual global Cyber Convention, writing 4 novels, mastering Psychology and Philosophy, parenting 3 children, all while battling Borderline Personality Disorder and sharing my head with 4 Alters and a Suppressed “Core,” words can’t begin to express how stupidly easy and calm my life is now. It would almost be boring if Bergen would let it.” – Anna Imagination

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