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The Internal Expanse is the many layers of Dimensions within the Abstract that lay beyond Imagination, Mathematics, and Fiction. Beyond that is the Metaphysical Transformation, and then the Abstract opens up to the Internal Expanse. The Depth of the Subconscious Mind. This is my Mastery. How I came to find this world and define it, map it, and explore it was through need. I am a sufferer of severe trauma who fought back with Problem Solving, Education, and Science, which led me to the Science of Internal Expanse, Perspectivology, and Logical Health where I discovered the cure to Mental Illness. All of them. I used to have most of them including DID (Multiple Personality Disorder). I used my Alters to map out my 4 Perspectives of the Subconscious Mind and release my “Mark of Bligh.” When this ended, it was like breaking down the dam to my Growth and Natural Mental Evolution, which opened the door into the Internal Expanse. I passed through the Metaphysical Transformation Stage (What I call Perspectives 6 through 10), and I am now beyond, into the Internal Expanse. Here, my Interdisciplinary Studies merge with “Psychology,” which has given me great, undiscovered insight into the Human Evolution of the Subconscious Mind. My days consist of me Exploring, Mapping, and Communicating my findings and research to others. My Case Studies and research confirm the Consistency of my findings. I see everyone, every Subconscious Mind, and how it follows the Perspective Laws of the Internal Expanse. Without my work and field studies, I simply would not, could not exist. One does not simply “get over” Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, PTSD (44+ Triggers), Bipolar Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Stockholm Syndrome, and Depression 3 years after exiting 40 years of Female Domesticated Slavery. And yet, I did. My story is the story of how I did just that and how my healing led me to the discovery of Perspectivology, Logical Health, and my work and exploration into the Internal Expanse.
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