Heal With Purpose

Heal to Live Big and Free!

Anna Imagination presents a New Psychological Solution that ACTUALLY WORKS… and it works FAST, changing EVERYTHING we thought we knew about Psychology, Mental Health, and Therapy.

Forget about everything you think you know about Human Behavior, Psychology, and Life.

  • “There is no cure to mental illness.”
  • “Healing is a life-long journey.”
  • “You’ll have to be on meds your whole life.”
  • “We are always healing.”
  • “Emotions are illogical.”
  • “You have to heal alone.”
  • “There is no right way to heal.”
  • “Everyone has to find their own path.”

These Societal Gaslights are “limiting beliefs” invented by the hopeless and pessimists of the 20th Century that became “trendy” to repeat and mimic throughout our culture. They instill despair into our people so most people quit or don’t even try to think anything could be different. And they are wrong.

Introducing a NEW and DIFFERENT type of Psychology, Perspective Psychology, not seen by the world since the 4th Century. From the mind of Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. This is the same Psychology that the greatest teachers of the Human Race taught at The Ancient University of Alexandria.

Perspective Psychology returns the three lost subjects to the Human People while it heals you, cures your mental illnesses, and puts you into the life you want.

  • 1 – The Subject of Learning : You will learn how to learn so we unlock your mind.
  • 2 – The Subject of Perspective Shifting : You will learn how to shift perspectives so you view The Point Of Truth from limitless Perspectives instead of a fraction of the Truth from only two points of view.
  • 3 – The Subject of Teaching : You will learn how to teach so your parenting and your interactions with other Human Peoples is smooth, prosperous, and abundant.

I have the Compass, the Map, and the Life’s Handbook/Instruction Manual for Mental Health that Plato and Socrates and Aristotle had. And I am your Guide walking you through the Subconscious Mind to instill Order to your life.

Welcome to Triadic Healing : From Now to Wow

Case Studies are showing BIG, Life-Altering results in as littles as 5 weeks and again at 9 weeks.

From Now to Wow takes Bigger-Than-Life People who DREAM of being an Entrepreneur and we FREE them from their small lives within 12 weeks. We give you the Compass, The Map, the Direction, the Guidance, and the Network! So you GET the life you want, KEEP the life you want, and you FLOURISH in the life you want!

In three Parts, we set you up in LOGICAL, clean, CLEAR, easy-to-grasp concepts delivered in FUN, PRECISE, EXCITING structure that eliminates confusion, mind-clutter, and mis-direction that pulls you off course.




The Subconscious Mind is responsible for 95% of your life choices! You want to take control of your life and life BIG AND HAPPY? You need to MASTER your Subconscious Mind!

Mental Illness is a Symptom of Ignorance. When you UNDERSTAND, you REMEMBER, and this repeated combination UNLOCKS your Higher and Advanced Thinking!

Yes. This is “The God Code.”

I used it on myself and it CURED my Mental Illnesses and opened my 3rd Eye, and then I invented The Healing Engine and created my Radical Global Healing Plan for World Peace, which will be released into Society in 2024! I completed 5 years of Networking within 2 months. I “crammed 20 years of therapy into 5.”

Triadic Healing grows YOU into a GENIUS and unlocks Advanced and Higher Thinking in the Human Brain and it uses our natural Evolution and Learning to do it!

“Mental Illness” is an infliction only suffered by People STUCK in the Foundational Perspectives due to IGNORANCE!

This is Perspective Psychology.

What happens when you apply this to your life?

Fog, Disorientation, Confusion, and Indecisiveness ENDS. You get CLARITY. You Define WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT, and you GET THERE.

That’s when REAL living begins!

And, when you are done healing, Anna drops you RIGHT into the Network and the Community YOU NEED to propel your life forward in the direction you want without the YEARS of Networking and Elbow Rubbing!

You get the connections you need + I get the reputation of providing my network with TOP QUALITY AND COACHABLE People with BIG IDEAS + My Network gets another TOP QUALITY client (that’s you) with the WELL-GROOMED MINDSET to SUCCEED AND WIN BIG!


Take a moment and learn about The Healing Engine : The Healing Garden’s Radical Global Healing Plan

Case Studies and Testimonials

Subject Zero (That is Anna) : PTSD, Bipolar I, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Co-Dependency, Anxious attachment Style, and Dissociative Identity Disorder diagnosed in 2015. Invented Triadic Healing in September 2022. Cured in April 2023. Confirmed “Clean bill of health” May 2023. Perfected Triadic Healing.

Subject #1 : Began Triadic Healing Date: 16 September 2023 – End Date : 25 November 2023 Cured the Majority of her Mental Illness

This is her Testimonial.

1 December 2023, During a recorded session, we resolved her Eating Disorder within an hour (Confirmed that night, that she is eating with NO emotional attachment)

Subject #2 : 1 November 2023 – Pending… Started showing SUBSTANTIAL results after 2 weeks…

I found your work about six weeks ago…i love it so much…i am consuming the information like a hungry little bird. I feel like this is what i have been searching for for years…u speak my language …thank u soooo much! – @kANONsnow600

Triadic Healing Is For

  • Affluent Entrepreneurs who can’t get around their Subconscious Mind.
  • People who are COMFORTABLE saying, “I fucked up and I am ready to fix this!”
  • People who dream BIG and believe, with the RIGHT direction, they will be FREE to grow BIG without a glass ceiling.
  • People who REFUSE to live inside The Rat Race.
  • People who hate The Patriarchy.
  • People who EMBRACE Growth at the expense of COMFORT.
  • People who are TIRED of stagnation.
  • People who are READY to throw themselves ALL IN!
  • People who DO self-propel themselves and never burn OUT!
  • Abstract Thinkers who flourish grasp Abstract concepts.
  • People who value and celebrate education.
  • People who Self-Govern
  • People who are Accountable.
  • People who are educated.
  • People who question the Majority and “The widely accepted Norm”
  • People who can collect themselves, and pick themselves up when they make a mistake.
  • People who use “Mistakes” and “Failures” as an opportunity to learn.
  • People who believe World Peace is possible
  • People who can feel “The Energy”
  • Anyone who is 6th Perspective or higher
  • People who value Animal People equal to Human People
  • High-Achievers
  • Risk Takers
  • Action Takers
  • Doers
  • You ARE or you dream of being a Philanthropist and/or a World Peace Ambassador
  • People who value Logic
  • People who are Coachable and Moldable
  • High Energy that can be siphoned, directed, and focused for purpose
  • People who prioritize “always bettering themselves.”
  • “I don’t care if it hurts me. I want the Truth” people
  • People who are Spiritual AND Scientific
  • People who FLOURISH with Bold, Blunt, Honesty that is unfiltered and tactless (Anna is a “tell-it-like-it-is” NEW YOKER IN BROOKLYN. She does not waste her time or yours on propriety).

Triadic Healing Is NOT For

  • Skeptics and Doubters
  • Blamers
  • People who are waiting for someone do the work for them.
  • People who believe that “they can’t.”
  • People who value COMFORT more than Growth.
  • People who start BIG AND STRONG and then fizzle out.
  • People who need others to hype them up.
  • People who focus on “what was done to them.”
  • People who talk about people.
  • People who use their relationship with Tradition and/or Religion as an Emotional Prosthetic to avoid Accountability.
  • People who make excuses for bad behavior.
  • Concrete and Literal Thinkers
  • Haters
  • Empaths who hate on Narcissists (You read that right)
  • People who cannot understand Metaphor, Simile, or Allegory
  • People who think in terms of Hierarchy and Status.
  • People who are prejudice
  • People who are close-minded to LGBTQIA+
  • People who are intolerant to Transgender and Gender Fluid.
  • Trump Supporters
  • People who glorify Racism and Prejudice
  • People who value and/or glorify the Patriarchy
  • People who cannot feel “The Energy.”
  • People who are of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Perspective
  • Gun Lovers / Gun Supporters
  • People who lack the funds to Invest in themselves.
  • Can’t Doers
  • People who parrot negative colloquialisms
  • People who think they can buy their way into something with disregard over their ethics
  • “What’s In It For Me” Thinkers
  • “God is Truth” people
  • People who need and/or value Instant Gratification.
  • People who Manifest for Money or Love to fix their problems
  • People who lack the discipline even to schedule a Zoom Call via a conversation through email.
  • People who use Astrology to fix their problems
  • People who are Religious
  • People who parrot religious rhetoric without Authoring their own.
  • People who are too insecure that they must be talked softly to or talked gently to.

Anna’s Elite. Anna’s Quality. Anna’s Ethics.

Anna is HIGHLY SELECTIVE over her Network. She cherry picks the BEST of the BEST of Visionaries. Those who are inside of her Circle of Trust are of the highest of caliber of people with the highest of Ethics, World Peace Ambassadors, Doers, and Philanthropists. These people are Anna’s Elite.

Good Hearts. Strong Smarts. Strong Ethics.

It is not possible to buy your way into Anna’s Circle. Your Ethics, Intelligence, and Dreams are the ONLY way into Anna’s Elite.

To work with Anna is to be accepted and/or strongly considered for Anna’s Elite. If you aren’t these things, but you WANT to become these things, Anna can mold you into whatever it is you want to become. Anna’s agenda is to turn YOU into your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF that is YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. She gives you the tools and and the resources to do this. Her Standards are HIGH and will GET YOU THERE. And she does this without projecting her dreams or beliefs onto you. She is THE MASTER at RESTORING YOU to YOURSELF without projecting any of her own beliefs onto YOU.

The moment you hire her, she is on YOUR IDENTITY’S SIDE. Not Your side. Not your Subconscious Mind’s side. YOUR IDENTITY’S SIDE.

There is no one of higher quality or of higher ethics than Anna.

THIS is what you are getting when you work with Anna.

If you think you have what it takes to be The Best of The Best and join Anna’s Elite, then Contact Anna to arrange your Solution Call Today!

Anna does not have a “Booking Link.” She is old fashioned on purpose. Obstacles weed out the feint of heart. If you don’t have the patience for a back and forth email to arrange a Zoom Call, you are not cut out of Triadic Healing.

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