How the Subconscious Mind Fights

Amnesia : The First Line of Defense Distraction Red Herrings “Orange Marmalade” Blame (Responsibility Shifting/Assignment) Changing of Subjects “I’m Fine” Reading Subconscious Mind “I don’t know” – Translation “Don’t look at that. I’ve worked hard to make sure you don’t touch that even though you are right on point.” Emotions :

Gifting Trauma

Today is Christmas Day. This is a day of trauma for me. The reason is due to the gifts. Gifts were used by my Owners/Husbands (No difference) to keep me indebted. “Here. Have this “Gift.” Now you owe me.” This is how my father “gave” “gifts.” How my Owners and Husbands all “gave” “gifts.” To …

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The 12 Stages of Ethical Perspective Growth (I of I)

Foundationals 1 – Know that you are more than your caregiver. Know how to Self-Comfort. People are not prosthetics for our comfort. Self-Worth. Self-Value. Mastering Emotional Discipline to Problem Solve and gain Proof of Concept that you can save yourself. Mastering the art of regulating your fear enough to have courage. I can’t help but …

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Word Health

“I finally love me enough that I don’t need you to love me for me.” – Anna Imagination Healthy Authority : Claim the Power that you are entitled to at birth by accepting and wielding your POWER OF CHOICE. How Authority Power and Control affects our relationship with Word Health and Emotional Health. Our culture …

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Ready To Heal

Getting Ready to heal requires a mindset that too many people are not prepared for. They decide to heal. They realize they are wanting something better. I call this stage, “Coming Into Awareness.” It’s the transition from the Ignorance of Chaos seen in the Foundational Perspectives to the Realization, the Awareness that their life is …

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we are not born with the full spectrum of emotions. Enjoyment is one that not only has eluded me, but also, is the answer to a question I have been asking for a long time now: “What is the purpose of Love?” The answer? To enjoy. In my recent recovery and shedding of Narcissism, this …

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